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Mario Jumps Over Flag, Ends Arguments Forever

Posted by James Newton

It's real: see it with your own eyes

Yes he can; no he can't. Yes he can; no he can't. Anyone who grew up with the NES will know this as the sound of the playground's "is it possible to jump over the flag?" argument that ran all over the world. Now those who were on the "yes he can" side should pick up their phones and ring old enemies to rub salt in the wound: Mario, in fact, can jump over the flag.

GameTrailers' second episode of PopFiction shows the portly plumber gracefully leaping over the flag in World 3-3 and landing unscathed. But what happens next? A grim final procession, Mario continues to run but never makes any progress, passing the same landmarks again and again before time steals his life.

Anyway, check out the video and get calling those old opponents. Unless you were on the "no he can't" side of course, in which case consider changing your phone number.


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Bass_X0 said:

I cheated to get over the flagpost using a game genie as a child but was disappointed when there was absolutely nothing on the otherside. Its not "no he can't" but "no he shouldn't".



lifer said:

I wonder if they did this using an original NES or by emulator. There might be differences, just like with using a game genie as Bass said.



GuarinoMatt said:

It happened to me with SUPER MARIO BROS. THE LOST LEVELS playing Luigi, who can jump much higher and longer



Shugo said:

Really? This is a "myth"? I've done this so many times; I thought everyone knew.

This is actually used as part of the level design in The Lost Levels, since Luigi can jump higher. Past most flags are warp zones, though a lot of them are a huge risk to get to; they often go BACKWARDS instead of forwards. For example, I once decided to hop the flag in world 5 and found myself in a warp zone that only lead backward to world 1. My only choice was to take it since I was on my last life.



V8_Ninja said:

It's no surprise that there's nothing over there, but nice to see the rumor get busted.



SepticLemon said:

I've done this once in the past, can't even remember how I did it. But what happens after...?

The Last part of the level loops around, with the steps first, then another flag and castle. There wasn't anything special about it.



Klapaucius said:

Great video

Its a testament to the game that even after all this time it generates this much interest.



warioswoods said:

Like many (and as mentioned by Bass above), I did this using the Game Genie as a kid, so while the question of whether Mario can make the jump without cheats had not been solved, we all knew what was on the other side.



ZarroTsu said:

I vaguely recall doing this on the GBC Mario Deluxe, and I think in that specific version there's a large bottomless pit after the castle. I could be wrong, though.



Kevin said:

I believe this was possible in another version too. Maybe all-stars or GBA versions. I can't remember which one it was.



Yosher said:

Haha, it's always fun to try and get over that flagpole even though you can't make it- except for that one level of course. It was so much easier in The Lost Levels due to Luigi where it was actually Nintendo's intention to have players jump over it.



dangermouseuk78 said:

Its been a while since i had a nes but pretty sure remember jumpin the flag pole once or twice more so on the ones you could pick up a bit of pace on



jer18 said:

I like how the capture doesn't match the video xD.. but that's ok, i believe it.
@tealovertoma how can you tell this is shopped, b/c easy to manipulate a black background?



Marioman64 said:

lol i always thought that if you try to go over it the flagpole kind of reaches out and grabs you. i always thought that elevator on 3-3 could be used for something awesome



GrangeGrover said:

Semi-related: One of my favorite secret exits in "Super Mario World" involved floating under the flag on Yoshi, then jumping off and landing past it. I think it was on the Cheese Bridge level and took me a long time to find because of the temptation to beat the level with Yoshi wings instead.



Big_A2 said:

@5.TeoBarnowl: There are a couple of levels in Lost Levels where you can quite easily jump over the flag pole. One leads to a warp zone that sends you back to the start of the game.

@25.GrangeGrover: I think it's on Star Road. I was playing that level last night, but I wasn't able to get Yoshi far enough into the level before a Koopa jumped out of nowhere and knocked him offf.



Adam said:

Hacked, Game Genied, there's lots of ways they could have done this. He totally can't do it. I asked him.



Hyperstar96 said:

@27.Adam: No you didn't. This is real and it's really old. I thought everyone knew about this already...



ejamer said:

People claiming that it's fake need to brush up on their retro gaming skills. Not only is it possible... it's actually quite easy.

The only "hard" part is that there are only one or (maybe) two levels in the game where you can get enough height to clear the flagpole - so if you miss, it means starting over to try again.

Also, SepticLemon is either lying, mis-remembering, or playing a different version of the game. If you jump over the flagpole then be prepared to die: once the flagpole scrolls offscreen, Mario is stuck in an endless loop with nothing to do until time runs out -- making this "secret" not that different from the minus world I suppose.



LztheQuack said:

@Egg: Only because Waluigi is that lovable son-of-a-gun cheater that everyone should love, but is sadly neglected



k8sMum said:

gads. i thought everyone knew this. i did this so many years ago that i cannot remember which world, but i do know it was without a game genie. it was one of the regular worlds using mario. all that happened was the time ran out. rather a let down, but my kids got a kick out of it.

i have played games since pong. my now 25 yr old son has every older system there is along with the newer ones. i am not the regular demographic player. he is proud of his mom.



THE_AG said:

Well, as long peoples can't see it live I guess not many will see this as possibly... We who has... We know....



J_K said:

Nice, never seen it before but heard it was possible. Love how we got the one denier going on with zero proof of photoshopping a video. Please prove it's shopped, seriously.



StarBoy91 said:

Whoa! I never would've thought it was possible to attempt to jump over the flagpole.
@slapshot - the internet shows how to go to the Minus World, but I could never be able to do it.



Klapaucius said:

Everyone should check out the Zelda video there, too. Gives us something to attempt in Link to the Past.



dizzy_boy said:

yep, this is possible on the nes version without the genie, i`ve done it myself. and it`s also possible on level 4-3 too, the one with the rising platform just before the flag.
the only thing i`ve be unable to achieve is the endless one ups with the turtles at the end of 3-2.



xAlias said:

That's great. I'm relieved, and I will definitely try it out if I ever get this game. I should download it, but #3 is a lot better and I will pull that one out of the dusty cabinet and play it because of this article. Maybe it works on #3 too...



Splat said:

"By warioswoods - I did this using the Game Genie as a kid."

I had forgot all about the Game Genie haha that takes me back.



rodoubleb said:

. I've never possessed the reflexes to pull it off, but I've seen it done many times back in 1986-87, on an original NES and SMB cart.

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