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Man Who Sold Modded Wiis Was In It for the Money

Posted by James Newton

Not a story from The Onion, we promise

It may not be a huge deal but Japanese police have arrested a 52-year old man for selling modified Wii consoles and copied games after he made over £20,000 (about $28,000) selling the units over a two-year period.

Selling the consoles for around ¥32,000 – ¥12,000 more than a standard Wii – the man reportedly made over ¥3,000,000 through the sale of consoles and DVD-R copies of games. Police seized a further six modified machines, 300 DVD-Rs and the PC used to do the copying.

Just another day in the war against piracy, right? Wait until the best part: the man, who was self-employed, told police he was selling the products because he was "hoping to make some extra money." Stay tuned to see if that watertight defence gets him off the hook.


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kevohki said:

Shocking. I thought he did it for the joy of piracy. The criminal mind is complicated.



paulcmnt said:

I wonder: were the consoles soft-modded, or hard-modded? Also, I guess the thing that got him arrested was the copied games, not the modified consoles.



Don said:

If he wanted to sell modified Wiis, just fly a few hundred miles west to China, where piracy is pretty much a standard practice and his business would grow ten fold.



AVahne said:

Huh, another pirate. No way would Nintendo let that guy get off the hook with all he did.



Ski_Deuce said:

Selling modified consoles I can understand, but games are something people can do on their own. I bought a pre-modded Saturn. Well worth it and not worth going to jail for. I bought it just a couple of years ago, so I highly doubt it's harming anyone. Modding opens up the world of imports and allows you to not have to buy copies of games over again. This guy definitely overstepped the boundary though.



jbrodack said:

At least he was honest about it. Though this is the one kind of case where pirates really deserve to be punished. Just copying games for yourself or friends is one thing but trying to make money of of others work is pretty low.



RallyFTW said:

2 words....... you're screwed.
"Oh, I did it for the money!"
Policeman randomly says, "That's what she said"



jhuhn said:

If he did it for money, he'll get life for his copyright infringment.



Millie said:

wow, what a loser! i hope they lock him up for a loooooooooooooooong time >:[



Sprace_Bot said:

What an idiot. I mean, sure, the money is good, but any one stupid enough to think they wont get caught is obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree.

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