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Make Beautiful Music, Win Nintendo Points with this Rytmik Contest

Posted by James Newton

Get those toes tapping, Europe

After a lot of tinkering with Cinemax's Rytmik we came away with a pocket full of awesome songs and gave the game a deserved 9/10 rating. Hopefully those of you who've used it agree it's something pretty special, but the time has come to put your money where your mouth is with Cinemax's competition.

With a total prize fund of 30,000 Nintendo Points there's a lot up for grabs, so if you reckon you've got the musical skills then check out the video below telling you how to enter. The contest deadline is Sunday, June 13th so there's plenty of time to perfect your audio masterpiece.

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HanuKwanzMasBif said:

@pixelman I know... rgh. $300 of Nintendo Points. Okay, maybe Nintendo Points are priced on a bit of a different scale in Europe than in North America, but still, that'salottapoints.



Kimiko said:

I wish I could be cool and make music like that, but I've never even played an instrument

Also, 300NP is the total. Only half of it goes to the 1st place.



maka said:

so you get votes via the "like" button on youtube... doesn't give me a lot of confidence... what's stopping people from making multiple youtube accounts to cheat?

Anyway... in the end this is the typical contest where the person that manages to mobilize more "friends" will win...



winter123 said:

Not cool Nintendo. This is exactly the kind of thing I'd buy just to enter the contest, and I can't cause im in NA.



GammaGames said:

yay! NA release, with another contest! is there a release date for Rytmik in NA yet? Hopefully soon!



Freeon-Leon said:

When will you make another contest? D:!! I just get it and it's a wonderful music editor. Not very interested for the prizes but for the music itself. Hope your answer guys

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