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MadWorld Director's Tango Appointment Has Nothing to Do with Dancing

Posted by Trevor Chan

The Capcom vein runs deep

It's always sad when a developer leaves a company responsible for giving us one of the more original and much-needed shake-ups in the Wii's library of games, but it's also interesting to see where they end up going. Shigenori Nishikawa, director of MadWorld, is to leave Platinum Games for a position at Tango, Shiji Mikami's Tokyo-based development studio. Mikami was one of the founding members of Platinum Games when it was set up in 2006.

Nishikawa made his directorial debut with MadWorld, but was also part of the creative team that developed Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4. The Platinum Games company page was updated with this announcement via a tweet that Hideki Kamiya had posted on his Twitter account. Nishikawa and Kamiya had worked together at Clover Studio (as part of Capcom that brought us the various Viewtiful Joe games) with the former also the director of Okami.

What will the future hold for Mr Nishikawa and the rest of the team? Only time will tell.


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Slapshot said:

So where did the Tango Appointment come into play.... Did I miss something?



BlueFlameBat said:

I don't trust him, especially if he's associated with CAPCOM.
In fact, I don't trust any of you.



smithers said:

MADWORLD2...please the first was quite good and if you expand on it it could be amazing

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