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Lucky Australians, You Get Mega Man Zero Collection Before Europe

Posted by James Newton

Only a day earlier, though

The great Gods of Australian game releases are a picky bunch: with one hand they taketh away Bejeweled 2, with the other they giveth Mega Man Zero Collection on June 10th.

Yep, Capcom is bringing the Z-busting compendium over just two short days after the North American release and one day before its European launch, far from the typical waiting period of weeks or even months. It seems the Gods are pleased with you... this time.


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outrun2sp said:

Hopefully with this out I can pick up the old cartridge version of the zero series as I 100% prefer the GBA to any DS. The carts will hopefully start popping up on ebay.



Sneaker13 said:

I'm glad for you Australians. You guys miss out on a lot on Wii, WiiWare and VC. So good for you.

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