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Lifting the Bonnet on TrackMania's Track Editor

Posted by Trevor Chan

Wii racer that lets you create as well as race

When a game allows you to edit and create your own levels, it's perhaps its most enticing selling point. A feature that is more commonly found on PC games, the number of console titles that offer this level of customisation is understandably lower in comparison. Firebrand Games' upcoming racing game will offer gamers that very feature and it's looking quite impressive.

The TrackMania series – which debuted on the PC – has generally received favourable reviews, and a TrackMania DS was even created for Nintendo handheld gamers to enjoy. Now, it's time for the Wii to get a taste of what the franchise has to offer and Focus Home Interactive has unveiled a new trailer to show off the track editing aspect of the game.

Long-time fans of the series should be familiar with the track editor and the Wii version doesn't look like it will disappoint. Featuring over 1,000 building blocks, players can create their own tracks, share them, race friends and challenge them in real-time via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game also supports a number of control methods, ranging from the Remote and Nunchuk setup to the Classic Controller, and even the tilt-tastic Wii Wheel.

Race on more than 200 tracks divided into six environments (for as many types of gameplay), and numerous game modes: Race, Platform, or Puzzle! Of course, multiplayer modes are also included: Hotseat mode, 4 players split-screen, and especially online play using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Compete against your friends and join online players from all around the world!

This is exactly the type of racing game that could potentially do well on a console like the Wii as there aren't many comparable alternatives. Many games that have originated from the desktop have found a welcoming home on Nintendo's premier system and we think TrackMania could certainly be another candidate. We previously reported on the first screenshots and the teaser trailer but now, let's take a deeper look into the track editor.

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TrackMania is scheduled for release on the Wii very soon, so if it seems like a game you're interested in, make sure you check back with us when we have more concrete details to share with you.


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User Comments (29)



V8_Ninja said:

I wish I could get this, but I have a bit of a budget for the next two months, and there's going quite a few big-name releases in that time-frame. V8 Ninja is sad.



Chrono_Cross said:

This reminds me of big Micro Machines. Anyway, I hope the controls are good, even though judging from the game play video they seem to work well.

I'll be sure to pick this up as soon as it releases.



pixelman said:

This game looks so nice. Can't wait! <3 Amazon says it is ESRB rated (Everyone), and that it'll be out May 25. Huzzah! :3



jangonov said:

Bonnet....Oh wait. A bonnet is a hat in America, over there it is the hood. Looks cool, somehow I forgot this was coming



Chozo85 said:

I'm very interested in this. Level editors of any kind are a rare breed in console games, which is a shame as they really do add to the longevity of a game. The track editor looks particularly elaborate and detailed. I just hope the racing itself lives up to the games undoubted promise.



bro2dragons said:

awesome. definitely buying this. hopefully Ninty will take note with their next Mario Kart and introduce a track editor/creator. preferably one that's a lot more versatile than the editor in Smash Bros. Brawl.



jbrodack said:

Trackmania is cool and this version looks fun but I never liked that you can't actually interact with the other racers.



Pegasus said:

I've got TMNU on my Windows partition on my Mac, and I love it. Sadly, it hasn't seen much play lately, since rebooting a lot can be quite the hassle. Editing tracks should be easy as pie with the Wiimote.

I'm actually surprised there's no PS3/Xbox360 release as they're definitely better as far as online communities go. Still, it looks very enticing and I may just nab it because I love Trackmania so much - I have the DS game, too.

4-player splitscreen is definitely a completely new feature in the franchise and could be quite fun. I hope the online experience isn't too gimped and that it'll let you share tracks fairly easily without having to resort to the mess that is Wii/friend codes.



astarisborn94 said:

@Pegasus: Until Trackmania Nations United, all games were free, so they were probably short in budget. However, I'm hoping this is at least Double A effort.



Wolfcoyote said:

I was a serious TM nut back in 2007 when I purchased my first 64-bit Windows PC, and even more when I installed Steam and several TrackMania games on my laptop. The music was sublime, the graphics were gorgeous and the gameplay kept me at the screen until I had a headache. I haven't been able to play since I switched to Mac (I haven't purchased Crossover or Windows 7 yet), and TrackMania DS was rather lacking because of the lack of online and crippled multiplayer modes. Seeing as how TM Wii will deliver a more well-rounded experience, I'm really looking forward to it.

Regarding the release date: one site says May 7th, another site says May 25th. I'm going to pre-order the game this week. What's going on? I have Trauma Team and SMG2 o worry about as well...



Pegasus said:

@Wolfcoyote I've checked a few sites myself, and they all said May 25, so I figure it's more likely to be released on or around that date.

At 40 bucks it's even more enticing... though ModNation Racers comes out on the same day (already pre-ordered). Hmmm.



Wolfcoyote said:

@Pegasus That's exactly what I thought. I was keen on purchasing ModNation Racers but not being able to play TrackMania for a while really makes me want to purchase this game as a birthday gift to myself.



Knux said:

This, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sin & Punishment 2, and Metroid:Other M are the main games I am looking forward to on the Wii so far this year.



Link-Hero said:

This looks really good. Nothing looks like it was watered down, even the graphics still have that similar quality that is on the PC. Though the only thing I'm worried about is that can you download cars or not? That was some of the best features for TrackMania on the PC. I have some really nice cars and I would be sad if I can't add them to this game.

Besides that, it looks awesome!



JimLad said:

God bless you Firebrand games.
Rush 2049 reminiscent indeed, it gives me chills.



mikejonesuk said:

The online game would greatly benefit from Wii Speak.

This looks like a great game to play with my grand-kids, but Wii Speak would make it much better to play online with them.

If it had online play AND Wii Speak, I would buy three copies! (Me and two grand-kids.),



Retro-Commando said:

Trackmania DS was great but without an wifi mode to allow you to download and play other players tracks (like mario vs donkey kong march of the minis did) was just a let down and I can't see the wii one having one either but still it is Trackmania so I will be getting this anyway.



Awesome5 said:

Looks sweet, but I'm not sure if it will be worth fifty bucks. I might pick it up if the price drops, though.



Ian_Daemon said:

TrackMania was really cool on the PC. I never played the DS outing, but the Wii version looks like spectacular fun!

(and Rush 2049 was one of the best racing games of all time)



99er said:

If anyone hasn't tried a Trackmania title out or is interested as to what the Wii version might be grab Steam and download it. It's a freeware title and it's a heck of a lot of fun.

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