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Kid Adventures: Sky Captain Has Lift-Off

Posted by James Newton

Jude Law nowhere to be seen

It seems that flying games for Wii are going to hit us pretty thick and fast in the coming months, with Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 just announced and now the decidedly more kid-friendly Kid Adventures: Sky Captain heading to Wii this Summer.

Doesn't the titular Capitan look pretty happy in his plane? That's because he's in:

An action flight game designed for both children and families that enables players to soar across the skies in 40 exciting missions that include sky racing, stunt flying, target shooting, treasure hunting and unlocking flying machines such as a jet plane and UFO.

According to the official press release from D3Publisher, anyway. Not only that, players are also able to take on pirate ships and dinosaurs – yes, in the same game. What could be better? Well, probably the price: $19.95.

Although the cynics among us fully expect this to drop like a stone when released this Summer, those of you with kids who dream of becoming pilots may want to keep their eyes on this one.

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grenworthshero said:

Wii Sports Resort, anyone?
Still, it looks like it could turn out to be a fairly good game, with a lot of options, besides the obvious WSR ripoff.



JimLad said:

What I want to know is why did they close off potential sales by calling it 'Kid Adventures'
Parents can tell just by looking at the box it is safe for their kids, and any kids old enough to be out buying it themselves don't like to be thought of as kids.



Sneaker13 said:

This actually looks pretty awesome. Too bad there is no WM+ needed. That would make it even more awesome.




Looks great but devs are being a bit lazy wrt WM+. After the WM+ airplane games in WiiSR, its difficult to want to control a plane another way tbh. Hopefully MySims SkyHeroes uses it (but I somehow doubt it)...

I'd still download this if this was wiiware...



Klapaucius said:

Hey, that looks like fun. Shame its a retail release... if it was WiiWare then I'd probably give it a go.



Hardy83 said:

@JimLad You'd be surprised how clueless some parents are.
Also this would probably help sales if anything, since they would see the ocean of games not labeled for kids and see this one that specifically says kids.

@opeter Yeah there are too many, but that's what you get for buying a system where the majority of the owners are mothers and kids. I bet the kid game to "core" game on the DS is massively in favour of the kids games too.



brandonbwii said:

Looks good. Yes that Kid Adventures moniker is sort of off-putting for any "core" gamers that want to give it a shot.

I'm betting that HAWX 2 will look exactly the same on Wii.



Zach said:

I hope that they change "Time for Fire" to something catchier by the time this is released.

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