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Kick Back and Relax with Some Super Mario Kart Jazz

Posted by James Newton

The OneUps take guitars, organs, flute to classic soundtrack

Since Super Mario Kart launched on the European Virtual Console just a few weeks ago we've had those catchy ditties stuck in our heads all over again. Imagine our joy, then, when we stumbled upon a fully re-recorded and rather lovely-sounding soundtrack from The OneUps.

Taking ten classic tracks and giving them a pleasingly laidback, jazzy style, they've done a pretty good job of making the music listenable outside of the heat of battle. In fact, we might just have them dimly in the background at our next cocktail party.

You can buy the album on CD or download them in mp3 format from the band's official page. Five points for correctly identifying the course layout on the CD cover.


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Jonny said:

It'd a lot easier saying that Bowsers Castle 3 was on the wii version



jer18 said:

Good tunes and absolutely one of the top 5 snes games for me ^^



_mikero_ said:

I think it's Bowser Castle from the Flower Cup (Bowser Castle #2 I think).

The Vanilla Lake tune sounds like it was made for jazz.



BlueFlameBat said:

Organs and flutes?
I always associated jazz with saxophones and pianos.
Color me confused, but this looks like it's worth checking out.
**Checks it out.***
Oh yeah, this is definitely jazz. It reminds me of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and certain parts of Sonic Adventure. I don't recall any organs or flutes though.



she_gamer said:

I have the Super Mario Bros. theme music on cd done by a full orchestra... i love it



Adam said:

I always liked these guys. One of the few video game cover bands I think are worth listening to. Great game to cover, too. Very nice soundtrack.



Incognito_D said:

very cool. although video game cover soundtracks are the sort of thing that I'm used to downloading free. I don't think I'd part with money for it.



LittleIrves said:

Gotta say, that's pretty nice. An excellent choice for jazz. Really showcases the quality of Nintendo's music arrangements. But, like Incognito says, I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on putting cold-hard cash down on this. I know, support the artist and all that. We'll see... either way, awesome work.

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