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Get Fired Up Over Jett Rocket's New Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Trevor Chan

World 1 of the planet Yoroppa

It's rare to see a WiiWare game push the graphical boundaries of the format to an extent where you forget it's a download title, so when a game does exactly that, it's enough to turn heads. That's the kind of impact Jett Rocket has created and the latest trailer shows the game in action, centred in the Atoll Region.

The trailer shows some of the gameplay mechanics that players will have to master if levels are to be competed, such as flinging yourself from flexible bars to gain extra height and maximise the jet pack's capabilities.

To find out more about the development process of Jett Rocket, be sure to read our interview with the CEO at Shin'en Multimedia and if you want to know more about the intricacies behind the character modelling and more, you can check the first of three development blogs.

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Stargazer said:

Yes, the graphics look nice, but Shin'En's problem has never been graphics.

It's that their games feel like watered-down versions of better games. And this one will likely be Ratchet & Clank, only worse.



LittleIrves said:

I saw a ground-pound, fake star bits, and triumphant end-level animation. We clearly know Shin'En's inspiration... now if they can accomplish 1/10th the gameplay of Galaxy, I'll be shocked and amazed. And excited. Looks pretty cool.



accc said:

"And this one will likely be Ratchet & Clank, only worse."

WTF?!?!?! How does this look even remotely like Ratchet & Clank?



naut said:

Obviously, Galaxy has become the standard for platforming, so every 3D platformer here-on-out is going to have some similarities to it. This one looks good. A nice, solid looking 3D platformer for WiiWare.



Slapshot said:

@Nintendo-Naut...actually Galaxy was inspired by a previous Ratchet and Clank game believe it or not. Galaxy wasnt the first to do the whole round planet gameplay. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time very well set the bar right up there with Galaxy as well.

Im glad other were thinking Ratchet/Galaxy mix as I was too. As I love both games and got Galaxy 2 today as well, this looks like a promising future play as well. Will definately wait to see some reviews of course



EdEN said:

Well, Miyamoto said he'd never heard of Ratchet and Clank. He thought it was a PC game.

Now back on topic: this game looks very very good graphics wise and the gameplay seems to be of the "Mario 64" mold which is always great. Still waiting for a price point and release date.



jbrodack said:

The graphics style looks very similar to super mario galaxy but the gameplay looks like it stands on its own and actually reminds me a bit of beyond good and evil with the variety and water stuff. Anyway looks quite good so far.



pnutz said:

No, the gameplay looks almost exactly like SMG. That's a fine thing to mimic, but SMG2 has set the bar so high that this will feel pretty simplistic in comparison.



Spoony_Tech said:

Im not just liking the visuals but the graphic style. The worlds look fun and interesting. Not dark and gloomy.



iAmThetot said:

I'm still super excited for this one. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my only concern is that all this hype and all this effort is going to end up amounting to just a few hours of gameplay. Ideally, I'd really like to be able to punch out 5+ hours of challenging, interesting gameplay.



MrMartinLee said:

Looking fantastic! The similarity to SMG(2) will likely work to this game's advantage for my gaming dollar. As brilliant as SMG2 is, and as inevitable that I'll buy and play it eventually, I don't have the time or money to invest in a huge platforming game in the near future. However, a bite-sized (and priced) bit of goodness will fit the bill and keep me satisfied for a good while... barring any horrible reviews, I'm sold!



Bassman_Q said:

This looks like pure epic pwnsauce! How the hell is this a download title!? Looks like Mario with jetpacks. Epic.



komicturtle said:

And then one moron at Tell Tale Games was commenting that the reason Tales of Monkey Island didn't look great was because of WiiWare and the Wii itself. Yet, explain to me how this game looks better than alot of the Wii games in retail? But with great looking graphics comes the sacrifice of how lengthy it is and the gameplay. I hope this won't be a let down. Looks like a game you can just hop in from time to time- a miniature Mario Galaxy- per se....

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