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First Details of de Blob: The Underground Revealed

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo Power gets first look at sparkly sequel

De Blob was pretty special: smart design, a great atmosphere and a huge amount of fun mark it out as one of the Wii's finest titles. When THQ announced it would be bringing the title back for a release in 2011 we all had a smile on our collective faces, and now the first small details have surfaced we're even happier.

In development for Wii as well as DS, de Blob: The Underground is set on a tropical island, its beauty ruined by pollution caused by its tyrannical leader Comrade Black (yes, he returns!) under the name Papa Blanco. It's up to you, of course, to restore the resort to its rightful, colourful glory with all-new moves and even some 2D sections too.

With these first details out the door thanks to Nintendo Power, it won't be long before the first screenshots and videos start to drip from THQ, so stay tuned as we bring you more details on de Blob: The Underground.


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noblo601 said:

This would be a first day purchase if it was like the first but with a bit more variety. That was fantastically fun platforming, and some of the funniest cutscenes I have ever seen.

So keen!



JimLad said:

Just map jump to a button instead of having to flick over and over and it would be a great start.



Machu said:

Fantastic! Just fix the tiny problems from the first and this could be perfect. I guess I need to knuckle down and finish De Blob's ridiculously large final level now.



Corbs said:

Yeah, a few tweaks and this sequel could be amazing. I still enjoyed the original. A lot of charm and personality in the game.



citizenerased said:

Like Rabbids Go Home, enjoyed it but needs more variety and got a little stale. 2D sounds like a good start.



Oregano said:

Well when it was first announced the guy from THQ said he prefers it on a normal controller so the PS3/360 version will be using normal controls by the looks of it which hopefully means it will be CC-compatible.



Popyman said:

Is there a way to save mid-level in the first? That's the main reason I don't like it, 40+ minute levels that you HAVE to beat or do it all over again...



Philip_J_Reed said:

Hahaha Papa Blanco.

I'll definitely be getting this. Popyman raised my main concern about the first game, and I too hope that's addressed in some way, but I adored the first game and will happily pick up a sequel.



Collinhall said:

Wait, I hope this isn't the "huge new title" they said they were announcing in the nexy isssue starring one of gamings most memorable characters, right? have my hopes of a new Kirby or animal crossing game been dashed? AGAIN!



Collinhall said:

I guess I was just dreaming when I thought, SUNSHINE 2! Sunshine needs a sequel, being one of the best game of all time!



mnementh said:

@Oregano - I think they decided to keep it Wii exclusive with a DS version. Good idea and makes sense. Can't wait for it.



Link-Hero said:

I never really cared for de Blob. I just lost complete interest in the game after the first few levels. Could never get back into the repetitive gameplay. I later traded it back to Gamestop shortly after not playing it for a month or so. I wonder how much they are going to improve the sequal? If not much, then forget it.



Rensch said:

If it's not as horribly repetitive as the first one I might check it out.



EdEN said:

Loved the first one. Only change I need is for checkpoints in levels because getting 100% on the usually took 1-2 hours of constant playing (with the odd 3 hour level).



Boonehams said:

@Colinhall: I think the game they were talking about is Sonic Colors. It fits the bill with what they were talking about: takes place in space, they have exclusive details and the game stars an icon among gaming mascots (which is debatable given his more recent games).

Things the 'de Blob' sequel needs to do to get me interested:
1) Shorter levels and/or save points.
2) A jump button.
3) More variety in mission types.
4) More variety in enemies/hazards.
If those are fulfilled, count me in as first in line.



she_gamer said:

Just addressing 1) and 2) are good enough for me. That seems to be most people's complaints, so if they don't fix those... boo.



JebbyDeringer said:

This is good news. de Blob is one of the few games I played right the way through. I didn't complete all the goals but I did try.

I agree though the levels were too long with no saving. I had to play levels over a bunch of times because I didn't want to leave my Wii on for a day or so.



Kelvin said:

The first game almost took away the sting of there not being a Katamari Wii, so I'm keen to see the sequel!



brandonbwii said:

I know the game is coming to other platforms so the jump will definitely be mapped to a button on them. I hope they at least give you the option on the Wii platform.

@egg miester
You must not own many 3rd party Wii games then. You're really missing out.



KrazyKain said:

silly question but... did you have to finsih a level in the first game in one sitting? or could you save mid level? cos i never wanted to quit and find out.... and playing the levels in one sitting got a bit tiresom



Paperclip said:

Awesome! The first one was one of my favorite games ever. A map, more bosses, and more shorter levels would be great additions. And 2-D sections? Even better



NiC said:

This looks cool.. I liked the first one for being really creative (well, the idea behind the game anyways. But the missions... Ok, lets just say it got really boring if you played the game for too long. You had to take breaks at playing this for some weeks or so, because otherwise you would have been found sleeping in front of your TV...), so if they just make the missions a bit more different than just "bash that, go there, color this", I'll definitely pick that one up.

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