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Fan-Made Fighter Video Shows Classic Characters' Violent Sides

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo, Hudson Namco and Konami all get in on the act

A good fan-made video brightens up the dullest of days, but one that sees Kirby digest a monkey, Link fire a bazooka and Michael Jackson appear as the ultimate end boss? It's like your birthday and Christmas all at once.

That's The King of Famicom for you, a fan video showing classic characters squaring off with some rather unusual powers to settle on who's the greatest fighter. The biggest surprise? Those muscles MegaMan hides under his suit. Who knew?

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SmaMan said:

Man, I thought this was another cool fan crossover game... ah well, the video is great, too!



GumbyX84 said:

OK that video was AMAZING! Wish that games existed in flash form. Would be fun to play.



StarBoy91 said:

That was an interesting video.
I recognize Gonbe from the Japan-only arcade/FamiCom game Ikki (at least, iirc, it is called that) [I played it on the Power Joy when I was little], and the karate guy is from Irem's FamiCom port of Karateka (which was done by Brøderbund). Lee was from the FamiCom port of Yie~Ar Kung Fu. Poor Spelunker, I had looked up that if the character falls from a few inches (or feet), he loses a life.
Still, that was an interesting video.
I like how the title mimics that of The King of Fighters '94.



WaveBoy said:

lol that made my day.
I love it at 2:46 when he karate kicks the bomb lol



CanisWolfred said:

That was delicious. I love it! I even go most of the references, and the KOF'94 intro brought on some welcome nostalgia. Someone should make that, even though it would be the most broken fighting game ever! XD

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