With the HD consoles getting the main series in the Final Fantasy franchise and the with the Wii having its own Crystal Chronicles series to tuck into, DS owners might be getting a bit tired of getting old ports and updated versions of past Final Fantasy games. Well, now you can stop cursing at the skies because Square Enix has announced an entirely new game in the franchise, developed exclusively for the DS.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is a traditional RPG with a classic story of four young heroes on an adventure that wouldn't be an adventure if it didn't include witches, kings, princesses, and dragons. The approachable battle system should be enough to engage new fans as well as keeping old ones. The familiar turn-based battles make a return as players will choose which commands to perform with the help of the DS's touchscreen.

Up to four players can band together and embark on an adventure that sees them conquering various dungeons as a team. There are over 20 classes to choose from; including the traditional White Mage, Black Mage, and Ranger, and thanks to the new job change "Crown System", players will be able to switch the characters' class simply by changing the hat that they are wearing.

Straight from the press release, here's a rundown of the narrative and some of the features you can find in the game:


In the small kingdom of Horne, Brandt awakes on the morning of his fourteenth birthday.

Today is the day he becomes an adult, and the custom of the realm says that he must go to the castle to present himself to the king.

Yet when he arrives at the castle he finds the kind distraught and the youngest princess missing, abducted by the Witch of the North. With no one else to turn to, the king makes a shocking request: will Brandt save the princess?

And thus Brandt’s adventure begins…

Eventually he is joined by three other brave young souls. Together they will experience a journey full of joyous meetings and sad partings.

Though at first they don’t always see eye-to-eye, these four Heroes of Light will build bonds of trust and affection so strong that, in the end, they may even save the world.

This is the tale of their legendary fantasy.


  • A Brand-New FINAL FANTASY For Nintendo DS
    Experience an original story set in an all-new world created by the team behind the Nintendo DS versions of FINAL FANTASY III and FINAL FANTASY IV.
  • Beautiful Picture-Book Visuals
    Akihiko Yoshida (FINAL FANTASY III DS, FINAL FANTASY XII) provides world-class art direction, lending the game’s cast and environments a charming picture-book style.
  • User-Friendly Controls
    A simple Touchscreen interface offers easy access to the game’s extensive arsenal of physical, magical and summoning abilities, meaning that players can forget about the controls and focus on the enemy.
  • Near Limitless Customisation
    Thanks to the game’s Crown System, characters can now switch their class at the drop of a hat or, more accurately, the change of a hat. Simply by changing the crown a character is wearing, players can assign them different abilities, and with over 20 crowns to discover (including Black Mage, White Mage and Ranger crowns), the strategic options are practically limitless.
  • Share the Fun with Friends!
    Using DS Wireless Play, up to four friends can team up to tackle challenging dungeons. Apart from being a lot of fun, multiplayer mode allows players to collect Battle Points which can be exchanged for rare items, and these can then be used in single-player mode.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is currently scheduled for release this Autumn and for more information, be sure to check out the official game website.