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DSiWare to get Hacked and Slashed by Zenonia

Posted by James Newton

New OFLC rating reveals iPhone RPG on the way

It may not be a rare occurrence these days, but a recent rating reveals that an iPhone title is heading over to DSiWare in the near future.

Action RPG Zenonia, a blend between Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, is a pretty decent romp that features the classic elements of swords, oddly-named characters and evil slimes. Oh and there's some scantily glad women and huge dragons in there as well.

Zenonia may have just appeared on your radar but this trailer (featuring the iPhone version) might convince you to put it on your watchlist long term. We'll bring you more details and screenshots as soon as we have them.

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Djrr-ific said:

Yes finally a better RPG for DSiWare than Legends of Exidia

I'm hoping this will be very good Me likes RPG's...



V8_Ninja said:

Why does it look like Vicious has no top on? I'm having one really weird morning from Shadx's Backloggery to this video.



Homer_Simpson said:

I actually think the iPhone version is overrated. It's repetitive, slow, badly translated and has a pretty poor inventory system. I haven't played the sequel but I hear it's better...I wonder if that will come to DsiWare?



Raylax said:

"And there's some scantily glad women"
Hey, if you want happy women, you want them to be scantily happy.



Bones00 said:

I might have to pick this up since I find the iPhone version awkward to control.



MrWout said:

I also think the iPhone version is overrated. At first you get really anoyed by really awkward controls, which will probably be better since the DS has buttons, and when you overcome these it is just boring repetitive etc.
It is by far one of the best RPGs on the iPhone, which makes it look like a better game than it really is. On the DS which is home to more full featured RPGs than any other portable system, this game is going to be what it really is a mediocre traditional RPG.



EdEN said:

More variety to the DSiware releases (i.e.: not a puzzle game) is always welcomed.



nintendogamerftw said:

Yes, I've wanted this game ever since I played the demo on the Iphone. I'll finally have a reason to buy a Points card for my DSi.



AVahne said:

hmm another port but at least this one is a whole lot better than that Exidia thing. played this a little on my friend's iphone and its a good thing that it's coming to DSiWare. if you're an RPG fan THIS is the dsiware RPG to get, far better than that other one. now if Gamevil will port their other iphone RPGs



cheapogamer4life said:

Looks like Gamelofts hack and slash game after next release(Hero of Sparta) will have some comp. when this game makes it onto the DSiware shop.



Angaran said:

My brother just got this for free on his ipod touch and he hated it, he said it was like Zelda so iasked him if I could see it but just as I said that he deleted it! (My bother doesn't like Zelda)



postmanX3 said:

This is funny... I was just playing this on my Touch the other day, and thinking, "This game would fit really well on DSiWare."

For those of you without iPhones, you're in for a treat. Despite a bad translation, Zenonia's gameplay is tons and tons of fun. Think... Zelda, but with stats and skills. There's a lot of grinding involved, yes, but leveling up is fast and satisfying.

I wonder if DSiWare will get Zenonia 2... it's even better than the first. But with a translation even worse. :V



Tigus said:

Yeah this looks like a good RPG, Legends of Exidia was not very good this looks way better!

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