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Don't Get Too Attached to 3DS Name, says Iwata

Posted by James Newton

Real name still under wraps

Even though the name seems to fit the upcoming console like a snug glove, apparently 3DS isn't the formal name for Nintendo's next handheld. No, it seems Iwata and company have an official title all lined-up, presumably waiting to unleash it at E3 in just over one month's time.

As we can't think of anything that would suit the machine more than 3DS, let's hear some of your suggestions. Do you think there's anything wrong with the name 3DS in the first place?


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Bensei said:

Not really. 3DS is also hard to spell, less catchy like Wii ord The S.
3D Screen would be easier to spell, however.



sykotek said:

Nintendo Super Ultra Viirtual Boy, Pocket Color Advance, SP... MicroCube64DDi XLite&Watch!



lifer said:

Sean Aaron: Are you still calling the Wii "Revolution" or the Gamecube "Dolphin"?

Code names are often quite creative with a nice ring to them, aren't they!



maka said:

I think 3DS sounds too much like DS so to the general public it could seem to be just another iteration of the DS.



Despair1087 said:

i hope its a cool name... i remember when i hated the name "wii" but i got used to it... now i love it.



CrazyOtto said:

Maybe they'll call it the....

to show it still has all the DSi features! (I'm kidding BTW)



sillygostly said:

Thank God. I've hated the name right from the get-go. For one, it doesn't roll off your tongue like the other console names. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's just something about the name that doesn't sound very marketable.

Good names are hard to come by, and while "3DS" would sound fitting for a 3D version of an existing console, it simply doesn't leave the impression that it's the next generation powerhouse that we'd all better be hoping that it'll be.



Machu said:

Hhmm, I actually thought the name '3DS' was pretty good. :/ Oh well, I shall trust in their knowledge and experience. After all, I'm the idiot who thought 'Revolution' was good.

Silly me! >.<



Kimiko said:

Wasn't the DS codenamed 'Nitro' at first? Hence the 'NTR' on all the cartridges. I wonder what the next gen handheld's codename is.



LoopyLuigi said:

Here's some awesome codenames:
Project Reality = Nintendo Ultra 64 = N64
Katana = Dreamcast
Atlantis = GBA
Xenon = Xbox 360
MARZ = Xbox



Token_Girl said:

Yeah, in all the announcements 3DS has pretty much been denoted as a working title.

I too hope the name will denote that it IS a next gen handheld and not an upgrade, just to shut up the people on this site who think it's just DSi 2.0 who should have read the article that announced the 3DS and known better.



SilverBaretta said:

I think the reason that 3DS is not the real name is because it's the DS' successor. Nintendo has always been original with their console names, but not with handheld (normally), and I'm sure they to start doing that, so they don't want to just take the title of the old console and add a digit to it.



pinta_vodki said:

I'd like it to be called "That 3D handheld console from Nintendo". or T3DHCFN, that'd be a name!



Mark_M said:

My bet's on:
The Wopoga

Short for WopogacsVib
(Worst Portable Game Console Since Virtual Boy)

I am just kidding.



Caliko said:

They might drop the "DS" altogether.
Whatever the name, better believe it will be a good one. Even better than 3DS.



MeloMan said:

LOL @ mariofanatic128

I gotta break my thoughts into "silly" and "actually trying to think of a name", here we go:

1. Nintendo "i"
2. Nintendo Yuu
3. Nintendo Vision
4. Nintendo Iz (pronounced "eyes")
5. Nintendo Cii or Nintendo Sii
6. Nintendo 3Dii


1. Nintendo DTS (3D or not, this is a feature I think we need... Dual Touch Screens)
2. Nintendo DS2 (keeps it in the universe of DS, but let's everyone know this is an ALL NEW system directly)
3. Nintendo Vision (It sounds silly, but I had to consider this one an actual possibility too. Considering Dual Screens and 3D capability, how you "see and play" it seems to be important enough to warrant a name like this)



Aronos said:

It might end up like the Wii, where it was called the Revolution as a code name and sounded much cooler at the time. But then they changed it to Wii and now it has stuck. I'm sure no one would have thought of that name, so maybe its a name no one would have thought of.



99er said:

The Nintendo 3DS version 1.0 because you know in 4 months time they will release a "better version".



EdEN said:

Nah, the DS part of the game HAS to be included. DS has made so mcuh for Nintendo that they can't risk changing the brand. Still, that's what I said about the Gameboy brand and look at that one....



JustaGerm said:

Is there even any evidence that the console has 2 screens? Maybe it isn't a DS at all.



Kimiko said:

Hmm.. StereoVision or something like that? Not very snappy though :/
Nah, I can't think of any good names. It'll probably be something unpredictable.
Don't trademarks have to be registered in advance though? Or is that only necessary for software ratings?



Anotheralex_x said:

I agree with JustaGerm, what if Nintendo drops the double screens and goes for a sleeker design that is more compact so only one large screen would be required like the iphone. Has nintendo even said that the new product would resemble that of the old ds models in the first place?



20thPaul said:


I don't think Nintendo has explicitly stated that the "3DS" will have 2 screens, but as it is supposed to be backwards compatible with the current ds software, 2 screens will be necessary.



MrPanic said:

3DS would seem like a new version of a ds, while it probably is a totally new console. A name change is pretty much necessary to not confuse the crowds.



zionich said:

3DS was a clever name, and its going to be hard to see them trump themself. As long as the new name doesnt include "virtual boy" we should be ok.



Vinsanity said:

3DS will be the final name. They said that the DS wasn't the final name for THAT handheld - they even trademarked the name "Nitro" and sent out dev kits for the "Nintendo Nitro" back in '04 - but then kept its "codename". Now the DS brand is too strong. Their next handheld will be called 3DS. It's too clever, and the DS brand just can't be stopped. They'd be foolish to change it...



SwerdMurd said:

in keeping with the Wii phallic branding, I think the 3Denis would be appropriate.



JimLad said:

I'm with Raylax, it's going to be Puu.

They're probably going to rebrand it something simple and weird like with their console. I don't mind what they call it so long as it's not another bodily excretion.



mushroomer said:

DS, DS Lite, DSi
here's my few guesses:
Nintendo Life (cause its gonna be the way of life)
Nintendo DZ (pronounced dizzy)
Nintendo DDD
Nintendo DO
Nintendo Look
Nintendo Sii or Cii (as in 'see')

Also, 3DS is already taken by Autodesk. It's one of their major 3D software. S stands for Studio. 3D Studio Max . I always called it 3DS as did all my comrades.



GuarinoMatt said:

@Sean Aaron: I heard someone saying "It's too late now, to me the new Nintendo console will always be Revolution".
Now everybody calls it Wii



timp29 said:

Perhaps they should just call it 'the shiz' if it is as cool as everyone thinks it will be.

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