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Conduit 2 to Big Up Offline Multiplayer with Four-Player Splitscreen

Posted by James Newton

Also includes free arm-punching ability for screen-peekers

In the clamour to get as many titles online as possible, the simple pleasures of sitting down with a few friends to blast each other to smithereens has been lost on Wii somewhat. Josh Olson, senior producer of shooter sequel Conduit 2, wants to bring those days back by promising offline support for every online play mode.

Everything you can do online, you can do via splitscreen to include all competitive modes and the cooperative Team Invasion mode. We’ve spent a lot of time on a sweet splitscreen exclusive as well, namely the ability to lean over and punch your buddy in the arm if he looks at your screen.

Olson also confirmed split-screen for two players will be horizontal or vertical split, so you can pick the one you like most – or your opponent likes least.

The amount of content crammed into Conduit 2 sounds as though it's going to make up for the disappointing original, as last month's exclusive interview with High Voltage Software should convince you. We'll be watching this one very closely in the run-up to its projected late 2010 release, warming up our punching arms for those offline deathmatches.


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WiiPS2Guy said:

I just hope they include bot support if one person wants to go through the offline multiplayer like you can in games like Timesplitters.



kevohki said:

A game releasing in 2010 with all the bells and whistles of a game that was released back in 1999. High Voltage needs to get the memo that playing lackluster multi-player offline doesn't make it better than when it's played online.



Adam said:

I used to just unplug the controller, but I guess punching will have to suffice in these dark wireless times. Hopefully the game doesn't suck as much as the original purportedly did. The split-screen is all that's putting it on my radar.



Ian_Daemon said:

I thought the The Conduit was pretty good. Generic and simple, but controlled well. I was looking forward to the sequel as soon as I heard about it.



The_Fox said:

Wait, four player split screen all relying on motion controls?

I smell crap.



Ravage said:

Finally! Now I must find someone who will play with me
Actually, I don't have to look hard



KiroX777 said:

the main problem with the conduit was the horrible controls imo. the game thats supposed to give you "full customization" doesnt even let it feel like call of duty (the game with the best controls by far) i cant even set the reload to nunchuck shake :/ the reason why the conduits controls feel so off is because its too loose/slippery. the cursor needs to be more tight as in not take a half a second to reach the area where i pointed. i just cant play that game, ill just stick to call of duty.

and @TheFox what they need to do is add classic controller support, that way it would be easier to pull off. the wiiware game WaterWarfare did a pretty good job of giving a choice of CC or nunchuck to a fps. and you never played games like mario party 8 or wiiplay that puts 4 cursors on the screen at the same time, like hitting the targets as they appear on screen? i think this could work



turtlelink said:

I agree. WW had great Control options and i wish other FPS games would let you be able to do that (i like FPS with Control sticks)



AVahne said:

I personally HATE FPS with control sticks, but it would be a very nice idea since there are still tons of people who are so used to playing FPS with the sticks.
Of course I'm not a big fan of FPS, but playing them with friends locally (splitscreen or LAN) is fun once in a while. Online just feels kinda soul-less for me.



naut said:

I truly wonder why it took so long to do this on Wii. It baffled me when I found out splitscreen had been taken out of CoD: Reflex.



Chozo85 said:

I'd just like to see a long and engaging single player experience. That was where the first game fell down in my opinion.



Marvelousmoo said:

@3 I hope this game is as good, if not better than TS3. That game is amazing, because of its multiplayer.



SilverBaretta said:

"We’ve spent a lot of time on a sweet splitscreen exclusive as well, namely the ability to lean over and punch your buddy in the arm if he looks at your screen."

I love you, High Voltage.



irken004 said:

I'm looking forward to this. All it needs is a better online system (akin to MH Tri's) to become a must-have.



nothankyou said:

It was frustrating that this wasn't in the fist one. I actually envited my friend over assuming it had split-screen multiplayer!



Viper6391 said:

Split-screen is a nice addition, but what I really want is for High Voltage to fix the online play. Online play is so buggy and full of glitches and I hate being spawned into a wall every first online match. Also, include destructive environments and improve on the story and the single player.



MeloMan said:

Ok, so I'm not the only person that would start off 1st matches frozen in place.. I was starting to think this didnt happen to anyone else. Yes HS, PLEASE fix this bug.



Token_Girl said:

Sweet! Local Multiplayer! I can shoot my friends! Yay!

Plus, if you prefer dual analog for shooters, why are you even bothering with Wii FPS games?



JimLad said:

Josh Olson, I don't know you, but I want your babies.
I can't believe someone is actually focusing on splitscreen, I honestly thought those days were over and that gaming would never be the same.
Thank you High Voltage.

As for stick aiming, sure put in. Just more fresh meat for those who use the pointer.



Arcanum said:

@kiro. It looks as though u didn't even try to customize your controls because the conduit let you change pretty much anything you wanted to although some controls can't be asigned to certain controls(ie. Shooting to punching).so first go try to change your freakin controls before you start rippin on games that you "think" (and I say this because your wrong)have bad controls when it's more customizeable than COD. They even said it on G4tv. So if you ever try play conduit again atleast freakin try to change your controls.



Iggy said:

Sweet i just got the first one a few weeks ago and i thought it was pretty good. I'll have my eye on this game.

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