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Classic Controller Support Comes to Android Wii Remote App

Posted by Damien McFerran

Finally, SNES games play like a dream

We few days ago we covered the release of Ryan Frawley's excellent Wii Controller IME app for Google's Android mobile platform.

The app allows Android users to connect a Wii Remote to their phone via Bluetooth and play games on with it.

Frawley hinted at Classic Controller support when he launched the first version and it hasn't taken him long to fulfil his promise; a new version released last night allows you to connect the additional pad to your Wii Remote and use all those lovely extra buttons.

Not only is this is a big step up from using the Wii Remote but it also means that SNES games are now playable with all the buttons.

At present only the original Classic Controller is supported - compatibility with the Pro version is on the horizon.

You can check out the app by searching for "Wii Controller IME" on the Android Market.

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ToastyYogurt said:

What's with letting the pro owners out of the deal? The Pro is AWESOME. Then it again, it probably is because of compatibility issues, so I might as well shut up...



sykotek said:

I just got my Nexus One and I love it, but what's Pro support!? I didn't even know that the CC & CC Pro were any different internally, I thought it was just a casing change. It's okay though, it'll give my CC something to do except gather dust now.



sykotek said:

JebbyDeringer: I read there aren't any extra buttons, just repositioned top buttons. In regards to the chipset, I looked it up and the CCPro no longer has analog shoulders.
Token Girl: Demo mentioned TV out was coming, so you could play it on a TV. Plus for a phone like the Nexus One, there isn't a DPad or buttons and that would go a long way for playing games if you don't miind propping up your phone or hovering over it.



warioswoods said:

Hm, I thought the public stance of this site was generally anti-emulation / piracy. When this gets to the level of hooking up a Wii controller to play emulated SNES games (and eventually even on a TV, as noted above), it doesn't seem any different from installing the Homebrew Channel to bypass the Virtual Console. (Note that I personally use the HBC to play certain old games which are not available on the VC, like Earthbound, but I took the position of this site to be a bit different concerning coverage of that side of things.)



bestbuck said:

Yeah what's the deal? Nintendo don't make any money from these games I taught we'd all be against this sort of thing? I personally don't think its that big of a deal because I've been playing ZSNES with the classic controller on my laptop for ages with Glovepie



Kaizerdbc said:

Can somebody please help me? I know this is an old post but i need help on connecting the classic controller to the Wii wireless controller so i can play on my droid. I plugged the classic one into the wireless one and only the wireless one works. Sorry for sounding like such a newbie but it's important for my travel that i get this going.


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