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Build Your Own BIT.TRIP RUNNER Papercraft

Posted by Trevor Chan

Print, cut, fold and tape

With the official soundtracks to the first three titles in the BIT.TRIP series already rolled out, Gaijin Games has another treat for fans in spirit of the upcoming release of BIT.TRIP RUNNER on WiiWare. Gamers now have another reason to be excited about the game's European release this Friday because the developers have a papercraft diorama that everyone can try out.


The model measures about 12cm across and 5cm wide, standing at 8.5cm tall — it's a neat little papercraft that's very simple to make. As long as you can tell the scissors and the glue apart, you should be fine.

When the game launches next Monday in North America, Gaijin Games is hinting at a possible MP3 giveaway to coincide with the game's release. Don't you just love free stuff?


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Philip_J_Reed said:

This will be my first papercraft ever.

EDIT: Not a firstie, I promise! It really will be...and Gaijin should take that as a compliment!



Adam said:

Finally, I can give Commander Video the hug he deserves.

I'll have to put it next to my papercraft of Balrog from Cave Story.



Xkhaoz said:

Man, I love to make papercraft!!! But I'll have to wait for my printer to start working again.



BrazCanaMan said:

Cool, I got a Mario, Luigi, Question mark box and now this. My collection is growing!! I can't wait for monday!!!!



LittleIrves said:

I was lucky enough to be at PAX East and I sought out the Gaijin Games table... RUNNER was smoking fiends left and right. It was entertaining to watch people "arg!" out loud every time their dude would get whisked back to the beginning... only to give it "one last try" about ten more times. I somehow beat the demo and got to the <<spoiler!>> Pitfall bonus level. Beginner's luck I guess. I'm sure the real game will put me in my place.

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