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BIT.TRIP RUNNER to Race Across Europe on May 14th

Posted by James Newton

Out in the US three days later

Each of Gaijin Games' previous releases in the BIT.TRIP series have taken at least a month to make it across the pond, with the last release, BIT.TRIP VOID, taking three months. Seemingly stricken with deep regret, Gaijin's making amends by bringing BIT.TRIP RUNNER to Europe first, even if only by a few days.

In just one week on Friday you'll be able to blip, bloop and bleep your way through Commander Video's latest adventure, with a US release following on Monday 17th May, giving you just enough time to warm up your sense of rhythm and get training those fingers.


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timp29 said:

Woohoo! Europe will be FIRST!

I can't wait to see how this reviews. Bit trip beat is still too hardcore for me, I wonder if this will be equally intense?



JakobG said:

I'll get this, since this BIT.TRIP game looks the most interesting to me.
Still have to beat BIT.TRIP Beat first, though.



Aviator said:

Oh my god! Do I save up and buy MH3, or get this, and Showcase, and wait for DIY. Oh woe is me.



Sean_Aaron said:

As tempted as I am I'd prefer to have all my Bit.Trip games on the same Wii, so I guess I'm going to have to wait for Japan. I'll be curious to see if it's still cheaper than in other territories...



siavm said:

I still have to beat the first one and the second one. And I have to buy the third. But thanks to monster hunter I may not get this game to next year.

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