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Australia, Only You Can Own this Awesome Travis Touchdown T-Shirt

Posted by James Newton

The rest of the world will stare on enviously

Suda51's No More Heroes 2 is hands-down one of the most stylish titles on any format, and our lucky antipodean readers can clothe themselves in a little bit of that style with this awesome t-shirt.

Preorder Travis Touchdown's new adventure over at GAME and you can grab this Bizarre Jelly t-shirt as worn by Travis in-game. It doesn't get much cooler than that, does it?

Whilst you're at it, try to wangle about another forty of this shirts to sell on eBay to make an absolute killing: these are exclusive to Australia. That noise you hear is just our teeth grinding to a fine powder.


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DAaaMan64 said:

I'd be a little embarrassed to wear that around any one but NMH fans. I mean, I wouldn't want people to think I would watch an anime like that. But maybe I'm too sensitive.




V8_Ninja said:

I'm actually fine with not owning that. It's kinda creepy when you look at it from close-up...



Shugo said:

Why didn't they do this for the US? That would've gotten ME to get up for a an early pre-order.



Chunky_Droid said:

So if I were to go and pre-order this with the shirt, which of you Europeans that would be able to play the game in their console too be willing to pay me for it?



HipsterDashie said:

I'd normally post a complaint about how everyone else always gets the better stuff, but if there's one region that's treated even worse than Europe, it's Australia.

Then again, since GAME UK and GAME Australia are the same company, I'm surprised they didn't do something similar here. Never mind.



Noire said:


...It's sad because I don't even know who those girls are or what relationship they have to NMH. ^ _ ^;



JonWahlgren said:

^They're the stars of Travis' favorite anime, and in his apartment in NMH2 you can play a Bizarre Jelly 5 shmup.



EdEN said:

That's a great t-shirt and the fact that you get it just from pre-ordering is even better. Too bad we didn't get anything like that over here.



The_Fox said:

Few things say "I have no shot with any woman ever" better than that shirt.



timp29 said:

Unfortunately, the combination of pink, and the distinct lack of boob drawing skillz prohibits me from owning such wardrobe items.



JakobG said:

Just how old are those kids? S
Shame on you, Japan.
Shame on you, Australia.
How does one wonder to not like Manga?



JimLad said:

In the world of manga, all girls are legal.

Not sure about that pink though, isn't it meant for boys?



Mqblank said:

I said I would never wear a tshirt with lots of pink on it until this moment. Australian Wii Owners I envy you!



Incognito_D said:

I'd feel a bit weird wearing it, but it would have made for a very cool collectable nonetheless



Bass_X0 said:

Few things say "I have no shot with any woman ever" better than that shirt.

Just like Travis.



TheNewestBooM said:

how bizzare, how bizzare. ooooh baby! (oooh baby!) ure makin me crazy! (makin me crazy!) every time i look around, every time i look around, its in my face!

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