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Zombie Panic in Wonderland Rising Soon in Europe

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Make 'em dead again this Friday

It's not unusual for a WiiWare game to be eternally delayed, and Spanish developer Akaoni Studio's Zombie Panic in Wonderland has fallen into that trap. Once set for a worldwide December 2009 release, it then slipped into March 2010, but here we are in April and most of us still don't have our hands on it. It looks like that's about to change soon, though.

According to Revogamers, Zombie Panic is set to shamble all over Europe this Friday, April 9, for a reported 1000 points.

Zombie Panic features a host of characters pulled from fairy tales and mythology doing battle with the "amorous" undead in what looks like a Sin and Punishment-inspired shooter.

We caught up with the developers a little while ago, who revealed that the extra time in the oven has allowed them to implement new characters and content, so the wait wasn't for naught it seems.

There's so far no word on a North American release date, but with the game already out in Japan and now soon Europe we can only guess it isn't too far away.


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Sneaker13 said:

Looks fun and I love zombies and survival horror games. Might get it. But I have to many games to play and next week we get that gladiator game with WiiMotion Plus. What to do, what to do?



Oregano said:

Noooo! I want this and Ogre Battle 64 and Art of Balance and Chronos Twin and Rage of Gladiator and I don't have any money!

Why must Wiiware rock so hard!?



RichieTheSignPainter said:

looks cool but, are you always in one screen per level or does the stage scroll? all the footage I've seen has it stay on one screen.



BlueFlameBat said:

I feel like a dog on a leash and this is a juicy steak just out of reach. The pain of waiting for this is like the collar burns on my neck. I hope this steak is as tasty as it looks because I plan to tear into it when I'm finally freed.



Scottie said:

I need a review as well, i think the stage does not scroll and that is putting me off a bit.



BlueFlameBat said:

I can't wait for Monday! I feel like I have waited 200 years ... and 39 seconds!! And when you say "Monday", are you sure it's this Monday? It could be several Mondays. It could even be a Monday next year or the year after!!
It's like there's a knife in my eye, and everyone is twisting it, turtlelink!
Stop! twisting!! the knife!!!

BTW, whoever is in charge of editing the pages should probably change the listed price from 800 to 1,000 points or have at least two price points.



turtlelink said:

Turtlelink removes master sword from blue flame bats eye. As in monday april 12. Your not the only one who is hyped is on this game too you know



BlueFlameBat said:

Hey, why did you change your avatar? I kinda liked that one. What was it anyway? It looked sort of like a toonish Link with the minish cap, but it was hard to tell because it was so small and blurry. Are these the three fairies who created the Zelda universe?

@Chibi Link
I thought games hit Australia when they hit Europe. Isn't Australia a UK territory?



Omega said:

Looks like a very mediocre shooting range game. When I first saw the game I thought it is great because you can run around in the levels and explore the environments. But in the videos it looks like you are always standing in the same spot and can only sidestep and use the pointer to shoot. Then I rather buy Space Harrier II for the money, as one can at least run forward.



Aviator said:

It will probs be denied classification for us. Unless they change the guns to water pistols.



BlueFlameBat said:

If I recall correctly, you can't not run forward in Space Harrier 2. Zombie Panic in Wonderland isn't for everyone though.

Are the video game policies there that dense?



Mange said:

I´m with Omega but, I wouldn´t buy Space Harrier. Had my radar on this but looking at videos it looks terrible. I think NL will give it a six.



BlueFlameBat said:

From what I've seen, it's basically an arcade shooter with a character on the screen that you can move to keep from getting hit rather than just trying to shoot everyone before they have a chance to shoot you.
This is why I wish they'd release the SNES game Wild Guns (not to be confused with Wild West Guns) on the Wii with optional controls that take advantage of the remote and nunchuk.



Omega said:

@BlueFlameBat: In Space Harrier II you run/fly forward like the devil himself is behind you. Okay, I admit: Bad example. I wouldn't recommend that either.



Scottie said:

So this in game you cannot run around the levels shooting, is this correct?



BlueFlameBat said:

If this game doesn't get the equivalent of the U.S.'s Teen rating, I'll eat my hat. I think you'll get it.

Actually, you might be onto something. If SEGA made a new Space Harriers game for Wii that let you move with the nunchuk's control stick, aim with the Wii remote, fire with the B button, and still somehow not be too similar to Sin & Punishment 2 (even though S&P2 is probably partially inspired by Space Harrier), my interest would be peaked (or is it *piqued?) indeed.
I'm aware of Counter Force, but I don't find the idea of using the nunchuks tilt function for movement appealing and I haven't had a chance to actually test the game to know for sure.



BlueFlameBat said:

Dammit! I was just about to provide This link here as a surprise to cheer the Australian hopefuls up and then this happens! How can they make time to pass silly laws like that one that compares exposed adult females' small breasts to kiddie porn but not rate a few games?! Australia needs a revolution!
And no, I'm not encouraging a violent uprising in which the officials are captured and killed, but Australia's book of laws needs some serious re-editing.



Scottie said:

Will this game be worth getting? Perhaps people that download this tonight can let us know there views tomorrow. I am waiting for the review from NL as i trust them. I wonder who is reviewing the game? The graphics do look great, i hope the game is as good.

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