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Wii Gets its Price Slashed in Australia & New Zealand

Posted by Trevor Chan

The first time the Wii has had a drop in price in those regions

It was only two months ago that Nintendo announced that the black Wii console would be available to Australian gamers after many envious glares at their Japanese and European counterparts. Now it seems that gamers down under not only have a choice of what colour they want their console to be, they'll also be paying less for it.

Nintendo recently announced that the DSi would be getting a price-cut, and now the Wii is following in its little handheld brother's footsteps. This marks the first time the console has had a reduction in price in Australia and New Zealand, with the new SRP set at $299.95 and $399.95, respectively, saving antipodean gamers a whole chunk of change.

According to sales data collected by Nintendo and retailers, the Wii has sold over 1.79 million units since launch, and we're sure this price-cut will add to those figures.


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Big_A2 said:

$277.7315 USD for Australia and $287.6303 USD for New Zealand. Keep in mind New Zealand has a different currency than Australia.



Chunky_Droid said:

In saying that this is excellent news and this has been long overdue for our region, it is now officially 3/4 of the original price



zemulii said:

Hmm I always thought I paid around $400 NZD for my Wii closer to launch... maybe not :S. It still could be a lot cheaper. It's not exactly cutting edge hardware...



sillygostly said:

It's about time. Perhaps the DS Lite could follow suit as well. I think it's ridiculous for a piece of technology that's nearing its 6th anniversary to be selling at its launch price. .

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