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Transformers: War for Cybertron Deemed Too Aggressive for Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

Forthcoming robot title gets a more kiddie-friendly name change for Nintendo's platform

It almost goes without saying that the Wii is a family-friendly console, offering a wide selection of experiences which are suitable for all ages. However, this latest piece of news makes us wonder if this perception of the platform has possibly gone a little too far.

Activision's upcoming Transformers title War for Cybertron is to be rechristened Transformers: Cybertron Adventures when it's launched on the Wii, even though the contents of the game will be almost identical to the 360 and PS3 editions.

Now we're all for toning down needlessly gratuitous violence in games but we fail to see how such a name change is going to soften the blow of battle-hungry robots blowing each other up, but maybe that's just us.


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Aronos said:

Maybe this is why so many people hate Activision lol.
Cybertron Adventures sounds like it was made from a Nick Jr. show.



BleachFan said:

That still sounds like a pretty extreme name.
They should have made it "Cybertron and Friends."



Croz said:

This will most likely be 100% total rubbish. They need to do a cel-shaded cartoon 80's style transformers game then i'd be interested.



Slapshot said:

And people wonder why some older gamers have abandoned the Wii. Anyone that's walked down the Wii isle at Best Buy lately will know, it doesn't look much different than a isle at Babies R Us.



accc said:

If you want a good Transformers game pick up the Armada-based version (simply titled "Transformers") that was developed exclusively for the PS2 by Melbourne House in 2004. It beats the tar out of the recent movie-based versions in every imaginable way.



Bass_X0 said:

I could never beat Starscream in the Armada game. I couldn't tell whether I was hitting him or not so I just got bored after a while and never touched it again. I eventually sold it.



Deviant_Mugen said:

So now the word 'war' is too scathing for the kids? Give me a break; like kids nowadays don't know about war...



M00se said:

well this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. its like if you named mario galaxy a different name becuase galaxy is too extreme and change it to mario space adventures???? like seriously WTF!?!?!??!?! and the name sounds like a stupid TV show for little kids!



AVahne said:

well looks like Activision loves to insult the Wii and the gaming industry. too aggressive? forget that, this name is just a complete turn-off from the Wii version.



Kaeobais said:

I totally agree with slapshot82. Walk down the ps3 or 360 isle, you'll see a bunch of "mature" games, some of which are crap, sure, but most of them are very fun. Walk down the Wii isle, and you'll see tons of "Family" this, and "My first" that, almost all of which are crap. It seems that anything with family friendly attributes is allowed on the console, no matter how terrible of a game it is. And a lot of the blame goes to Nintendo. Why is there such a lack of quality control when it comes to Wii games? And when a game tries to break this trend, it's almost entirely ignored. Now, don't think I'm just an angry fanboy or whatever, I'd be the first one to defend the Wii against a comment just like this, but it's getting a little out of control. If Nintendo keeps this up, it'll get to the point where even Metroid has you raising a kitten.

Anyways, it doesn't matter what the name of the game is, it'll probably be terrible.



XCWarrior said:

"even though the contents of the game will be almost identical to the 360 and PS3 editions."

I lol'd this. Yeah right. I'm sure there will be more gimped than just the name. Boo-urns this.



JakobG said:

@Shadx: The Wii is the most casual and popular console there is, and a big fragment of the mass are families with toddlers.
If you make a game you can expect to fail, you should produce it on a platform with A) a lot of owners and B) unexperienced owners.
That's why recent Sonic games are so successful yet bad.
For a kid: Popular videogame character + Any popular topic = Instant wish.



PopeReal said:

might as well name it "Cybertron and friends dance in happy land"

keep it family friendly yo



TKOWL said:

Somewhat related news: When there was a the Hotel Bombing in the USA around 1994, they had to pull off all the Bomb Man figures from store shelves, making it the rarest Mega Man action figure ever.



MrMartinLee said:

"Activision's upcoming Transformers title... the contents of the game will be almost identical to the 360 and PS3 editions."

Clearly this is a late entry into the April Fool's article category.



Kaeobais said:

@JakobG: Well, sure it's selling like mad and ninendo's making butloads of money, which is I guess the point, but as long as it continues to work, the Wii will get more and more, to be blunt, terrible.



ToneDeath said:

A bit strange considering Activision's biggest moneymakers recently have the word 'Warfare' in their title.



ejamer said:

If the game wasn't going to be abysmal Activision crap then I might find this newworthy... but I'm pretty sure that it will be crap, and that I won't care what they call it.



Kaeobais said:

@42: No, it's not that they changed the name, it's that they thought it was necessary to change the name. It's retarded.



SilverBaretta said:

@Shadx: If I really cared about the necessity of this name change, I would probably print out a cover of the 360 version and Photoshop it when the game game out. There's an idea if you need one.



Slapshot said:

@Shadx..... oh, dont get me wrong with my earlier comment, Im not bashing the Wii, its just the marketing by retailers is ridicilous. They will put shovelware that is so obscure that it doesnt even get a magazine article in front of lets say.... Nights Journey into Dreams, Zak and Wiki, Blast Works, Klonoa, etc. All of wich sold so poorly they had nearly immediate price drops just to move copies of the games and they are some of the best on the system and my personal favorites on the Wii.

Just my opinion but its this kind of thing that will continue to drive the Wii into the land of deeper shovelware aimed at kids. To have such great games and a great system its also holds the Lowest Rated Average of ALL games of all the consoles on the market. Its a dang shame on the developers..... but that is just my opinion.



Kaeobais said:

@46: No, I don't care that they changed it. I don't intend on buying this as it is, I just think that if they honestly feel that "War for Cybertron" is to intense for Wii, they have some serious issues.



Kid_A said:

That's f***ing ridiculous. This is why Wii owners are constantly ridiculed, and why Nintendo gets such a bad rep.



Viper6391 said:

Just wow! Are they actually serious? Changing the name is not going to make it any more kid friendly unless you change the content of the game. If you don't do this then what's the ******* point!



Sylverstone said:

Dang! This is like going back to pre-ESRB days where Nintendo censored things in-game (an example: the "sweat" on the SNES version of Mortal Kombat II).



BrainBoxLtd said:

Ironic from the same publisher who released "World at War" and "Modern Warfare" on the Wii. =P



Burn said:

Oh yeah, I'm sure the content will be the same except that online play will be ignored and local multiplayer will dumbed down for the most part. I'm pretty upset :/



Rhansley64 said:

I personally have no problem with the name change since at least it's coming to the Wii, i mean Nintendo themselves doesn't want violent product on their system plus to prevent "Insane politics" and activist groups to further bash the whole video game culture, i approve this decision.



miketh2005 said:

This makes me wonder if "Damien McFerran" is drunk / retarded or not when he wrote the last few sentences of this article. Are you serious? Anyone with a fair bit of IQ could understand that they changed the name so that it would sell more for the Wii! Common Sense: Would a parent rather buy a game titled "War for Cybertron" or "Transformers: Cybertron Adventures"??? The answer is so obvious! Doh!

@dimlylitmonkey: Sure, it had "Warfare" in it. It had a popular cartoon's name in the title, too, right? Call of Duty is meant to be a game for mature gamers, hence the rating. I'm sure this game will get an E or T rating so parents will buy it for their kids. It's simple logic.

To the people saying the content will be changed: Maybe. If they want a lower ESRB rating for the Wii, then yes. But otherwise, no. Once the game is bought, their job is done. Their goal is to make their wallets happy, not make parents happy. Money, money, money.



Bankai said:

Wow, terrible journlism here. Everyone's assuming the sole reason for the name change is to make it family friendly, with no comment whatsoever from Activision.

Nevermind it might be marketing or positioning, so the game isn't immediately compared to the PS3 or Xbox versions when people see it on the game shelf. No. Let's just make assumptions.



BabylonSith said:

LoL at the people blaming nintendo, how is this nintendo's fault??
This is nothing new see COD:Modern Warefare...REFLEX??



JimLad said:

"Let's start a ***!
start a nuclear ***!
at the gay bar gay bar gay bar!"

remember that song?
I always lol at the censoring of the word 'war', when parents are also trying to explain to their children why their daddys or mummys are in the middle east.

Also: Reflex = cool name, 'Adventures' is generic and kind of defys the idea of war completely.



Amorous_Badger said:

Doesn't matter what it's called, if it's like the last two Transformers games it'll still be rubbish.



Amorous_Badger said:

I like how the abundance of shovelware is the fault of Nintendo.

The fact is, the biggest selling consoles will attract the more opportunistic developers, there was as much, if not more, shovelware, lazy ports and and half-arsed re-hashes on the PS2 as there is on the wii..



Hero_of_legend said:

Did anyone actually stop to consider that the name change could also be because the Wii version is custom-made for it?

Oh, and it's by a developer loved by many a Wii-owner; Next Level Games.

It's still got the same style, but they're using a different render of Prime to show that it's not quite going to be the same game as the PS360 version, it's going to be comparable, but it's not going to be a port down or anything from what I can assume.

Plus, it's not that bad a name, hell I never had any bad thoughts about the change from Beast Wars to Beasties!

Oh, and that show was ****ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Klapaucius said:

Looks like an April Fools to me... but its them who are the fools. (see what I did there? )



ShadowFlame76 said:

well at least New Super Mario Bros Wii and the HBC is available for the Wii.. I seem to just use it now for playing old console games, and watching movies.. pretty much abandoned it for "real games" in favour of the 360. Ah well. hopefully their next console will be better.. /opinion



brandonbwii said:

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the content is supposed to be mostly the same, leaving the toned down name a bit pointless. It could also lead you to believe it's a different game than the others.

I actually wouldn't mind a bit of a family friendly slant to Transformers if that were the case. Maybe say, if Cybertron Adventures were based on the cartoon series, it'd be cool sorta like having Brave and the Bold on one system and Arkahm Asylum on the other. Unfortunately I don't think that's the situation here.

I hope it's not another toned down affair of Wolverine proportions though. It doesn't make since for Activision of all companies to dumb down a game considering how many people loved CoD, violence, profanity and all.



mnementh said:

only because of the name I won't buy the Wii version. I might buy the PS3 version, but I wanted the Wii version. not anymore.

and the DS version is still war. WTF.

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