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Time Travellers Webpage Up, Debut Artwork

Posted by Trevor Chan

Level-5 updates website with its new "suspense themed time-travel" game

Following on from Akihiro Hino and Jiro Ishii's rather mysterious announcement of Level-5's new video game with a time-travel theme, we have the first piece of artwork of Time Travellers (via AndriaSang). The company has also updated its website with the game page although further details seem to be lacking, for now at least.

Mirroring what Ishii said in his Famitsu interview, the mood that the artwork sets seems to reflect his memories of the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake that he describes as "a theme of calamity" that's deep within him. What we see is a female standing on top of a clock tower, looking out onto the devastated city landscape around her. What caused all this destruction? Is the time 6:57 significant at all? Until we get more information, such as the platform(s) this title will be available for, we can only imagine.

When Hino described the game as "centered on hardware that's not yet in this world...", that was understandably the fuel needed to burn the 3DS fire. Hopefully at E3 2010, Nintendo will announce some solid details on the 3D handheld with a juicy Time Travellers teaser trailer. That would be nice, wouldn't it?


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citizenerased said:

I've heard some rumours that the 3DS will actually allow you to travel in time. It also has a built-in microwave.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I hope the game doesn't involve any bad time travel paradoxes. Personally, I prefer time travel stories to use a stable time loop (impossible to change the past; everything done by time travel has already affected later time periods before the time travel is ever used) like in the 90s cartoon Gaygoyles, but I understand how difficult that is to do in a video game.

By the way, would a 3D game that involves time travel technically be a 4D game?



Klapaucius said:

They might like to advertise it as 4D, but seeing as its not actually travelling through time (in the real world) then its not 4D.
Otherwise, Ocarina of Time is 4D.
I wonder if the time travel and interactions between past and future will work similar to Ocarine of Time.



EdEN said:

Well, what more proof do we need of this game being developed for the 3DS?



winter123 said:

No it's 4D. Your DS travels through time, so you have to coordinate your daily activities with when and where your DS will appear next. On a hobos lap in the subway at 4am? You got to be there to win.



grenworthshero said:

Dippin Dots must be WAY ahead of their time then, considering they've been around almost a quarter-century

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