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Ryu, Ken and Sagat May Get Street Fitter on Wii

Posted by James Newton

Capcom producer hints at Balance Board title

Since its release with Wii Fit a few years ago, the Balance Board has had all manner of applications: boxing, balls and, of course, the Department of Homeland Security in the US. All those titles are swamped, however, by the number of fitness titles available, and now Capcom may want a sweaty slice of that action.

In a recent interview with VideoGamer, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono said in response to a question about opening up the famous fighting franchise to a wider audience:

I've been interested in motion-sensing for a while, ever since Wii was launched. But I don't think it fits the way Street Fighter is played at the moment. Now, there is a possibility of doing something called Street Fighter Fit, or Street Fighter Exercise, that is more suited for motion-sensing games, but that would obviously be a slightly different-themed game.

Just slightly different. Coming a few weeks after April Fools Day, we can only assume Ono is serious in his musings, however odd they may sound. That said, a Balance Board minigame where you have to stamp on Dan Hibiki’s gurning face would help us lose an unbelievable amount of weight. Make it so!


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Sean_Aaron said:

Actually that could be pretty good. If the boxing hit detection was better in Wii Fit I'd enjoy that more. I'm imagining dual remote with optional motion plus and balance board support for a combination of step aerobics and boxing - could be fun!



Caliko said:

I say this is the last straw. I'm done with this company.

Why can't they just give us Street Fighter 4 Wii?? And still no real Resident Evil for us? I'm just waiting for the "graphical capabilities" excuse from this company.

What's next Devil May Cry Sports for Wii??



siavm said:

That is lame. They can make street fighter 4 on the iphone with no buttons but the best they can do on the wii is a street fighter fitness game, bull. They might have TVC but that is a different fighter than street fighter 4. Just when I think capcom is really going foward on wii they that a big jump back.



EdEN said:

Well, a Wii Fit Clone with the Street Fighter franchise were you train under each character and work out at the same time isn't THAT crazy...



So we can't have a normal SF4 port for gods knows how many excuses but the waaaaaay inferior iphone does?! and instead we have a birdman game that will bomb?!



Adam said:

I'm not getting a balance board until they release Sweating to the Oldies Wii.



BlueFlameBat said:

Most XBox 360 and PS3 fanatics say TvC is more than a fair trade for Wii not having SF4, while some complain that TvC should be on XB360 and PS3 anyway. Well, XB360 and PS3 have a ****-load of fighting games that the Wii doesn't so I think it would be fair to have Super Street Fighter 4 on the Wii!



brandonbwii said:

Unlike most of the comments here, I for one encourage experimentation instead of "they should just bring a crappy port of Street Fighter 4 to
Wii." I'm not sure if this would be the right direction, but it's cool that he's thinking about a more Wii-centric fighting game.

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