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Noitu Love 2's 'Devolution' Path on the WiiWare Service

Posted by Trevor Chan

Golgoth Studio shows their love of 2D gaming

When the WiiWare service was launched, the remit was to make it easier for independent developers to bring their creations to the Nintendo platform and thus, making it possible for more people to enjoy their games. In keeping with that philosophy, Golgoth Studio is proud to announce that it is working in collaboration with Konjak to develop and publish Noitu Love 2 for WiiWare.

Noitu Love 2: Devolution is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up that has been available for the PC for almost two years now, and it seems likely that the mouse-controlled reticule will be converted to a Wii Remote pointer system when it's ported over. So if you like your side-scrollers frantic and action-packed, this should one for you to look out for.

It is not yet known whether the game will drop the 'Devolution' suffix when it is released later this year, if it is a straight port or an 'updated version', or how many points it will cost - but if you want to see this game in action, check out the trailer for the original Noitu Love 2 at the end of this article.

On a side note, the game will run on the Golgoth Engine and will be powered by the Golgoth World Editor. The 2D technology will become available to independent game studios and communities from September onwards, and it is this kind of openness that is a direct reflection of their love of the 2D genre so why not show them some support in building a strong 2D community?

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irken004 said:

Now this looks awesome!

EDIT: There is a demo for the PC version for those interested



V8_Ninja said:

I heard about this game a while ago and heard that it was one of the better indie PC games. Looks like it'll be a good match for the Wii.



Porky said:

This looks like Gunstar Heros in a way. Hope this wiiware is awesome! Too bad I can't play the demo.



jbrodack said:

Nice. I'm always excited for true indie studios to get their games out there especially when its something good like this.



Linkuini said:

Whoa! Has anyone played this? Looks pretty awesome from the trailer, and I was ready to dismiss it for the cutesy anime characters and the title that seems to have nothing to do with the game!

Also, the name of this studio reminds me of the Grolgoth from Rayman 2. Weird.



Maxsh said:

Am I the only person who's actually bought and played the PC one here? xD
It's an amazing game. Infact, I saw this, and I'm fairly sure I can now die happy knowing that Wiiware is in good indie hands.



CanisWolfred said:

Sweet. And hopefully this one won't be buggy as hell like Legend of Princess(the only other Konjak game I played). I guess I gotta get around to the first Noitu Love sooner than later.



Azaris said:

wow the first one looks cool too i really hope the put it on wiiware too(even if it's 1500 i still want it) because i can't play it otherwise(wii browser)



RadioShadow said:

Looks like they combined Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug togther but made it more cutesy!

I look forward to this one!



Sean_Aaron said:

Very nice. 2D wins over 3D for me every time, primarily because in the right hands it can look so much better.



ThreadShadow said:

Please Golgoth/Konjak, please bring Chalk to DSiware or Wiiware! That game is perfect for stylus and pointer! I'm glad to see that all the talented indie creators are getting onto consoles; be it XBLA, PSN, or a "Nintendo"-ware servive.



PALgamer said:

Yes! Another one joins the club, Noitu Love! I concur with 21, Chalk is the other good game these guys have and it's also welcomed with open arms.

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