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Nintendo's 3D Motion Game Tracks its Way Onto U.S. DSiWare

Posted by Trevor Chan

A closer look at Looksley's Line Up (or Rittai Kakushie Attakoreda, in Japan)

Following on last week's announcement of Looksley's Line Up's impending arrival on the American DSi Shop, we at Nintendo Life want to give you a bit more insight into the Japanese game known as Rittai Kakushie Attakoreda that's added a whole new dimension to portable gaming.

Looksley's Line Up is a hidden objects game that utilises the built-in camera to perform 'head-tracking'; allowing the player to perceive the game in a 3D environment by tilting and turning the DSi. Players will move the DSi and use the d-pad to select items once they are visible in your line of sight. It is certainly a good example of a game making good use of the DSi's capabilities, and as a result, one of the most intriguing games on the platform.

Last month, our very own Sean Aaron gave an overview of what the game is all about and you can even watch an informative video of the game in action. It really is one of those games that needs to be seen in order to be appreciated and understood more.

Rittai Kakushie Attakoreda will be renamed Looksley's Line Up to be launched in the U.S. on 17th May.

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dcast1 said:

I've seen the videos for this and I will be more than happy to pay whatever they want for it. Looks awesome!



Donatello said:

Argh, the only real reason for me to own a DSi, along with the new Shante. Looks like I'll still be sticking to mee' DSLite, yargh!

Boasting about piracy is neither cool nor clever - Moderating team



MARl0 said:

This game is honestly terrible. I have it on my import DSi, and I wanted to like it as much as everyone else here, but the camera is extremely laggy, jumps around WAY too much, and has an extremely narrow field of vision. It doesn't give even slightest feeling of head tracking. It just feels like you're controlling the camera by tilting your DS, and it does a terrible job of it. It's more frustrating to play than anything.



Sean_Aaron said:

Of the three camera-tilting games I've played on the DSi this one is the best, however the requirement for bright ambient light and maintaining the same orientation with the DSi does make it a difficult game to play (not to mention some of the letters and shapes are really hard to find).

I'll be curious to see how our reviewer gets on with it.



lifer said:

I can understand MARI0's comment, but like to disagree. I played it as well and friends had a go as well. It showed that enjoying the game is really all about the correct setup. While I didn't have any problems and the game felt natural, the others found it to be awkward and unresponsive. We sat together, but the difference was that I had a window behind me. This made us play around with the set upsome more and it seems the initial calibration isn't even that important, as long as you have a bright room/background and don't extent your arms completely (=camera sees face as huge blob).

Once the controls work the game is incredibly addictive. Really one of a kind.



Tethers said:

If "Looksley's Line Up" will have the same heavy camera problem like WarioWare, I will not buy it.



EdEN said:

For 500 pints and the tech previewed in the game it will be a sure purchase on May 17. Since it's camera based it does have it's limitations but we're talking about 5 bucks here.



28greg said:

Hey! this isn't the only DSiWare that uses head tracking. You should all give more attention to Move Your Brain: Rollway puzzle. It's one of those classic 3D 'roll a ball' games and you tilt to play! Totally awesome IMO. And no one even knows about it.



28greg said:

Also its only 500 points and has been out in N.A. since Feb. 1 and works a lot better than warioware snapped

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