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New Gifts for Club Nintendo Australia

Posted by Brad Long

And about time too!

You may remember a while ago we ran a story about Nintendo Australia's inability to control its Club Nintendo prizes. Well, it seems it's finally been able to give the service a breath of fresh air, as the first update for the country since its inception last March has finally come to fruition.

That's right, Australians now have an actual reason to start registering products again. Club Nintendo Australia has added a total of five new gifts, with Mario Party cards, a Mario pencil case and three sets of folders and bookmarks, including a Bowser, Toad and Mario set. There's still no sign of any exclusive WiiWare titles like in North America or Japan, but at least Australia is getting something, even if other Clubs have had this stuff for ages.

In any case, if you've saved a tonne of star points since you got all the items last time around, you can rummage through the catalogue to see if anything strikes your fancy.


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Maxsh said:

@Roo: A really, really, really, really small body bag? Makes sense. x3
Eh, I'm British, and I don't really use CN, so congratulations to you over in Australia.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Where's my Hanafuda cards.
Hanafuda is Nintendo heratage.
Come on give un Hanafuda cards please.



Starwolf_UK said:

Europe got a new item too. Some sort of plastic cuboid mood light with the DSi logo on. We also lost a few items; The Zelda statue (was 15,000 stars), the Pikmin plushes (well that is what play-asia is for) and the Garita Origin DS Lite (was 30,000 stars...and someone bought it).

I didn't particularly like the Zelda statue but it gave me something to aim for. Now the catalogue is void of anything I want and my account has 5400 stars (would be about 13,000 if I registered the rest of my slips but there is no point since all that does is start the 24 month countdown on them).

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