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Manga to Release Professor Layton Film in the UK

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Perhaps the Professor can crack the code for a good game movie

The only thing worse than a video game based on a movie is a movie based on a video game, right? Sure, some are so bad they're good, but in our opinion, there really hasn't been a true high-quality game-to-film adaptation to date.

Perhaps, though, just perhaps, someone may have solved the cinematic adaptation puzzle. Professor Layton, the lovable and highly acclaimed DS series, is set to make its straight to video film debut in the UK this September via Manga Entertainment in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. As we gather from the trailer, which you can watch below, it uses the same aesthetic as the DS series and tells the story of the titular professor and his apprentice, Luke, deciphering the mysterious puzzle of eternal life. The film apparently features many tantalizing, cryptic quotes from little girls such as "I've gotten a hold of the eternal life!" and fearfully mysterious songs to boot.

British fans can look forward to watching the movie this September while Americans can sigh and hope that a U.S. distributor sees its potential. It's done well enough in its native Japan, wherein Oriental Light & Magic, who produced the recent Pokémon films, released it last December. Already in motion are production plans for a sequel and even a live-action adaptation.

If the involvement of a franchise's original creator means quality to you then you'll be happy to learn that the film was co-written by Akihiro Hino, the games' designer. Co-writer Aya Matsui also penned Dragon Ball: The Path to Power and the Japan-only film adaptation of the Animal Crossing series (and, apparently, something called Eat-Man), while this is director Masakazu Hashimoto's first film. Do these credits not impress you? Just watch that preview! She's gotten a hold of the eternal life!

Tantalizing trailer aside, only time will tell whether this is the first amazing marriage of video game and cinema or just another Pokémon movie.

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User Comments (29)



Swiket said:

This could turn out nice. The Animal Crossing movie was pretty good.



TKOWL said:

I swear, all anime in Japan has the same-sounding voice actors...



V8_Ninja said:

Has the look of spirited away (which already peaks my interest by %50). Hopefully this will come stateside.



Percentful said:

It's taken people long enough to figure out that you should make animated games into animated movies, not live ones.



Kid_A said:

YES! The Japanese ones have been out for awhile as I understand it, and they've always looked fantastic (then again, Professor Layton is currently my favorite series). If the UK gets it, that means I can probably find it online somewhere



Mayhem said:

Rather amazing... and in this country of all places. I suspect some exporting from the UK might happen come September



Deviant_Mugen said:

Apparently you didn't catch the animated Street Fighter II movie, Zach, because it was glorious. You should change "there really hasn't been a true high-quality game-to-film adaptation to date." to "there really hasn't been a true high-quality game-to-film live-action adaptation to date."...



Zach said:

You're right, Metroid Fan, I haven't seen it. But to qualify that sentence with the adjective "live-action" would be confusing as this itself is not live action. In the end, it's a matter of opinion, so I was sure that someone would disagree. I certainly didn't mean to libel a movie that you enjoy. On that note, I hope you enjoy my future articles! Thanks for reading.



Deviant_Mugen said:

@zkaplan: Fair enough, and nice article. I haven't had a chance to play any of the Professor Layton games, unfortunately, so I can't really feel excited about a movie based on the series...



PhillaLoup said:

they should release this film on a ds cartridge or on dsiware ... that would be awesome!!!



Objection said:

Hope this comes out in NA. "Eternal Diva" probably sounds a lot better in Japanese

Also, what's with those ticket prices? 800 yen is pretty fair but 2,000? That's like IMAX 3D price equivalent!



Axoloth said:

This is great, but the film is more or less a direct sequel to the fourth game....
If you ignore the fact that it might contain some spoilers, it'll still most likely include some elements we here in the west haven't been introduced to yet, and that might end up being confusing.



Tri4ceHolder said:

Me and my friend have been freaking out about how much we want a TV series!!!! Now a Movie!!! OH YES!!!!! I am So seeing this!!!



komicturtle said:

If only the Animal Crossing movie did come out in the US. I really enjoyed it. Thought it was well put together. Now, Professor Layton? This is getting interesting hehe

Looks like the Nintendo franchises are capable of being adapted into films. Heck, even Halo Legends was great. I guess they only work out when it isn't... Live-Action.. :/

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