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Laying Down the Commandments with Gods Vs Humans

Posted by Trevor Chan

From the makers of The Boarding School Black Lagoon

Following on from initial tidbits revealed last month, the symbiotic relationship between the created and the creator is about to be explored by gamers as Zallag teases with further game details and a trailer for its upcoming WiiWare title, Gods vs. Humans.

Spanning 80 levels, players will take on the roles of 16 different Gods from four mythologies: Norse, Greco-Roman, Egyptian and Japanese. The aim of the game is to prevent the humans from reaching you as they build their tower in an attempt to challenge you. As a God, you'll naturally be in possession of many powers but you must remember not to hurt them, because what is a God if It has no followers?

Each human will have their own duty to be carried out, such as building, carrying, supervising and being good or bad priests. Be on the lookout for the humans' mood gauge because if you keep targeting the same characters, they will work much faster to reach you as a result of their frustration.

Being Zeus, Odin, Osiris, and even Amaterasu the player will evolve and use various powers. Different depending on the Gods and on the mythologies, these powers will help the player to slowly destroy the tower's floors. For the tower to finally collapse, it's important to target strategic parts of the tower with lightning, fire and tornadoes for example.

We're guessing that it must be pretty standard for an almighty God to be able to master elemental forces like that, but the player will be able to cast more unconventional 'distractions' too. For example, when casting the Pinup Girl, the rate of the humans' construction progress will slow down as their attention is momentarily focused on the beautiful girl passing by.

There's no concrete release date or pricing set for Gods vs Humans yet, but from the sounds of it this strategy game should be quite quirky and fun. Below, you will find the official teaser trailer:

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odd69 said:

I like the artstyle, but the video shows nothing of the gameplay.



Aronos said:

Probably a compression issue, or wierd flash update.
Same thing happened to me.



Oregano said:

Yer video was terrible but I like the sound of the game. They mentioned My Life as a Darklord when they first announced it which is good for two reasons.

Darklord is an awesome game and it shows that they actually understand Wiiware and/or have played Wiiware games.



Kirk said:

So, is this basically like Plants vs Zombies...

I also wasn't sure if the video was actually meant to be like that or not.



StarDust4Ever said:

Not sure what to make of this yet. With Nintendo's longstanding policy of banning religious themed games, yet games based on polytheistic mythology are okay I guess

While I don't actually agree with the ideology, this could be quite the charmer if executed properly (or a bomber if not). Too many good good game concepts have been killed by poor execution, let us hope that this is not another one of those.



EdEN said:

Mmm, it will either be tower defense or something alike to Swords & Soldiers... and if that is the case then I'm buying it.

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