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JV Games Announces Frat Party Games: Pong Toss Pro

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Not just for amateurs anymore

You may remember Frat Party Games: Pong Toss, released on WiiWare over a year ago. We gave the game a pretty unfavourable review, but instead of giving up, its developer has gone back to reassess, tweak and fix what went wrong with its debut release. The new WiiWare game, Frat Party Games: Pong Toss Pro, will be released this Spring. Read the full press release below:

Las Vegas, Nevada—April 21, 2010—JV Games, a unique and leading developer of frat party styled interactive video games, announced today that Pong Toss Pro - Frat Party Games® is headed to the Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service near you this Spring! Following in the success of JV Games’ Pong Toss, Pong Toss Pro will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo’s Wii™ system!

“Pong Toss Pro delivers a challenging and fun game packed with tons of competition,” said Jag Jager, project and design director of JV Games. “This is the ultimate all-around game for the Wii – you can play with your parents, grandparents, and going during a house or dorm party, get all your friends to join in!”

Pong Toss Pro-Frat Party Games game features include:

  • Traditional bracket style tournament play
  • Completely redesigned pixel accurate throwing system
  • Brand new audio engine
  • Completely redesigned graphics
  • One to four players in local hot-seat mode
  • Multiple gameplay modes including practice mode, free mode and tournament mode
  • Speed Pong mode- two or three players compete at the same time
  • Multiple environments to choose from
  • Select one of several tables to play on.

Pong Toss Pro- Frat Party Games is rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB. For more information regarding Pong Toss Pro- Frat Party Games and JV Games, please visit: or

That's a lot of awesomeness, bro.

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y2josh said:

Zach sure is a busy beaver today. Don't think I've welcomed you, so welcome to the nintendolife stable. And BOO pong toss 2.



Raylax said:

"a unique and leading developer of frat party styled interactive video games"

Oh lol. Basically a marketing way of saying "we make really awful crap that everyone else has the good sense not to."



Token_Girl said:

The original was fun for like one play through. Though, we did at least drink when we made a cup. These would all be good features, if the game wasn't pretty much just as easy to set up in your house to play in real life. Plus when you get tired of pong, in real life it's easier to convert to flip cup or slap cup and keep going. I guess the one benefit is it might not be as messy, but when a tarp probably costs about the same price....(yes, we are serious "pong toss" players).



brandonbwii said:

You'd think that a "sequel" of this nature would include online play. From the description I don't see what's so new about Pro.



jer18 said:

Maybe there will be awesome new characters with better one-liners.. hm this ought to be at least '100' Wii Points!



Knux said:

HAHAHA, this is the best laugh I had in a long time. I can see the sequels now:Incoming 2, Sexy Poker 2, and Superman 64:Golden Ring Edition.



Raylax said:

^^ Golden Ring sounds like the sort of condition Superman 64 already suffered from.

I'm trying to turn it into a bum disorder joke but I don't think it's working. SUPERMAN 64 WAS BUM. There, better.



BlueFlameBat said:

Why don't they just drop "Frat Party" from the title, add "Beer" to the title, and have a disclaimer saying that this game is not meant to advocate alcohol use by people under the age of 21?



MarkyVigoroth said:

Mamma mia... p=(_)

BlueFlameBat-san, that would make the game almost NEVER leave the Top 20. (Then
again, I was wrong about the Poker game...)



JimLad said:

Their only selling point was that it used to have 'beer' in the title, and it got taken away.
wauw wauw WAUWWWWWW



Bigby said:

Being the only person to ever like this game, I think I'll give the new one a shot.
When ever I throw a party, the game still gets played.



StarDust4Ever said:

Hmmm, the original game was made up on a stupid premise. It doesn't matter how much polish the developers add to the game, if it is based on a stupid concept, it will surely fail. Notice I said stupid, not ridiculous. There are a lot of great games that are ridiculous. Take Conker's Bad Fur Day, for instance.

Some people will never learn. Also, this game should come free (or with a refund) for those people who bought the first title.

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