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Jett Rocket Trailer Melts Your Face with Graphical Afterburners

Posted by James Newton

Shinen boldly goes where WiiWare has never been

We know that some WiiWare games look good. Some might even look really good, but so far there hasn't been a game that looks quite as eye-popping as Shin'en Multimedia's Jett Rocket. Until now, that is.

You've already seen screenshots and the first teaser, and like us you were probably wondering exactly how all the shiny reflections and cutesy characters would look in motion. The answer is: pretty damn good. Don't believe us? All the blasting, platforming, collecting and snowboarding action is in motion before your very eyes, right below this final word.

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Big_A2 said:

The graphics look pretty good, but I've seen almost everything in that video before in Super Mario Galaxy...



Tannman42 said:

It's nice to see a developer / publisher make the most of their game when it comes to the graphics. It's Super Mario Galaxy on WiiWare.



odd69 said:

They have raised the bar graphic wise for Wiiware. I really didn't think Wiiware could handle graphics on par with Mario Galaxy or even Ratchet and Clank, but the proof is here. I'll buy this and support Shin'en Multimedia.



jorenmartijn said:

I'd really buy this! Glad to know that there's still devs that want and know how to make fun games that look great.
Fun!Fun!Minigolf was also pretty well done, control-wise and graphically.



Zyzzybalubah said:

This game looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Mario Galaxy. The graphics are probably the best I've seen for WiiWare though.



Tizoc said:

Complaining, complaining, complaining. The only thing you guys can do! Of course it looks like SMG but it seems to be the first WiiWare game to show what is possible graphic wise and the if the game play is similar to SMG than it will appeal to a lot of people because than you a knack on the controls form the beginning and don't have to get used to if for hours before enjoining the game. Some people should start to appreciate the effort of companies to release such titles as WiiWare!!!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Very impressive visuals for a WiiWare game...actually, they're pretty dang good for Wii in general. I'm sure it can't compare to Galaxy, but guess what: neither will the PRICE! For probably around 1000 points (MAYBE upwards to 1500 if they try to push it), this looks very promising!



WiiLovePeace said:

HECK YES! How in tarnation is this WiiWare & not a disc based game?!?! That's an awesome video! I wanna play this game right now, I can't wait!



Sean_Aaron said:

That's pretty impressive. I have to think the levels are smaller than in Galaxy, but man I really wouldn't have thought that was possible in WiiWare.



JimLad said:

I enjoy games more when I know I'm getting value for money.
This looks to be a case in point.



Jampony said:

Haha, looks fantastic, but along with Flips: Twisted World, this looks like it is the Wii's Gianna Sisters.



imapterodactyl said:

I wonder how long the game is... I would imagine it must be pretty short, and that the trailer must show off just about every texture in the entire game... if not, then I'm having trouble fathoming how it all fits into 40MB.

Definitely looking forward to this one.



Percentful said:

Sure, it's like SMG, but isn't that a good thing? I would want SMG wiiware version, if it was possible...



ODOGG618 said:

Has everyone completely forgotten the 8 bit NES days? EVERYTHING IS A SMB RIPOFF! Who cares! This game looks excellent and will cost a fraction of the price. I don't care if I'm controlling the most famous plumber of all time or a no name with a jet pack as I long as I'm getting my platform on. I've played with worse. What's your favorite SMB ripoff? Yo Noid? The Blues Brothers? Sonic....ooops I said it.



pixelman said:

I've already watched this about five times. Looks spectacular. I'm a bit worried about the length, too, but still.



fade1 said:

i can assure all of you, that this will be no minigame collection, but a full game. Of course some speedrun fans will find a way to finish the game pretty fast, but the regular player will have hours of fun. Plus we have added some features for replay value.
We tried to put as much in the game as possible and hope you support our efforts to raise bars for wiiware games. We would love to keep on going in this direction.



FonistofCruxis said:

This looks awesome but those graphics are great for wiiware but the character and enemy design could be better.



MasterGraveheart said:

Graphics do not great games make. If I hear good things about the gameplay, I'll pick it up, but if it's clunky and awkward, may have to take a pass. Still have high hopes.



cyrus_zuo said:

Looks very well-made, I'm excited to see it released.
It's pretty stunning how some games "have to go to XBLA" b/c they can't fit everything into WiiWare, and then this game, which looks WORLDS better is able to make into WiiWare just fine. Some companies are just more capable than others. Shin'en has outdone themselves here, and that's saying something!



argus said:

I'm tired of the Mario universe, and I'm tired of paying $50 for games. So, this might be just right for me. And even though I'm approaching 30, there's something about a rocket-powered snowboard that really appeals to the kid in me. It looks rad!

There has to be some very smart compression going on here, and maybe some textures are being generated when the level starts up... so, I hope the load times aren't too bad. When the game is out, I'd be interested to read the developer's comments on how they pulled this off. Maybe a post mortem would be good.

I'll wait for some reviews to see how everything holds up. If the game is too easy, I'll pass. If there's some challenge and replay value, then I'll go for it.



Ren said:

sweet. this looks like great fun. and at a great price. Why is being a SM knockoff a bad thing? On my budget this is exactly the fix I need. Long live WW.



Machu said:

That looks just as good in motion as it did in stills. Very impressive.

My SD Card awaits.



Xkhaoz said:

Wow, that looks great. This got me wondering if Nintendo secretly raised the file size limit.



iAmThetot said:

That. Game. Looks. Fantastic. No doubt, I will be buying this one just to support the developers. I may gift it to a few people, if it's not 1500. I seriously hope gameplay length did not take a beating to make room for those graphics though. I would pay 1500 for a ten hour game with graphics like that on Wiiware.



Klapaucius said:

Looks like a good alternative to SMG2, either while we wait for after we've finished it. Really does look great. Not just the graphics, but the gameplay too. I'd want to know how long it is and weigh that against the price before I got it, though.



Useless_Account said:

Getting this for sure... Hoping all devs do this to their games as well. But i would like to see a "different" style of graphics with just as good as visuals and possibly audio except in a differnt category. This looks alot like SMG2 which is what visual style I'm putting this under.



EdEN said:

If any game justifies pricing of 1,500 Nintendo Points and up THIS game is the one. It isn't just the best looking Wiiware game, it's better looking than several RETAIl Wii games. They've got my purchase.

Anyone else thinking that maybe Nintendo will announce the size restriction on Wiiware games to be doubled (since the SD card patch took care of the storage problem) and this game will be one of the firsts to do so?



naut said:

True, there are some SMG similarities but this one looks like it could definitely be a must buy.



BulbasaurusRex said:

This looks better than SMG, because you don't have to move sideways or upside-down in comparison to the camera angle.



Linkuini said:

I don't think it'll be the same as SMG just because it's part of the same genre, has good graphics, and also looks fun. For starters, it seems to be more vehicle-based. It certainly seems to show how much of a shock it is when a third-party developer starts making something this promising, though.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

All this is done even WITH the 40MB restorations which makes the game that much more incredible!

Give credit where credit is due. I applaud the makers of Jett Rocket. Nintendo itself does not even have a first party WiiWare game that looks this good. I also remember the makers of Monkey Island saying their games could not operate as smoothly on WiiWare as the iPhone because of the WiiWare restrictions. I wonder if they are saying the same thing after seeing this game in motion.

Simply put, Shinen is doing things that have never been seen or even thought possible on the WiiWare Service. I too am getting this on Day 1, provided the game play holds up! It is definitely my radar.

Now lets hope Nintendo of America does a better job of getting more NA Wii owners online so more people can enjoy games like this and game developers like Shinen can be rewarded by their efforts.



LittleIrves said:

Whoa #1: Looks pretty darn tasty.
Whoa #2: Should they expect a letter from NCL saying, um, stop copying Super Mario Galaxy?
Whoa #3: Who cares? Why shouldn't more people take great ideas (SMG) and make good games out of them? I'm shocked we haven't seen more Galaxy "flatteries" (read: imitations). After Mario 64, the 3D platformer was everywhere. Sure, they often paled in comparison. But if Rocket can be 1/5th the game Galaxy is, I'd rather it be that than some Wacky Fishing game. Now let's just see how it plays...

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