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Google Teams Up with Nintendo to Release Search Engine-Based Game

Posted by Zach Kaplan

The world furrows its collective brow

Google is the type of company that makes people feel like their best friends are in charge. They even joke around with their users, playing a creative April Fool's joke on them annually.

Lately, though, it seems that Google's gone a little screwy (Buzz, anyone?). And their big April Fool's prank this year was to remove all of the vowels from their GMail homepage. Clever! Of course, not every idea can turn out amazing. They probably still have their heads screwed on, right?

Let us introduce Google's next big idea: a game collaboration with Nintendo called Ando Kensaku. As far as we can tell, this is a full retail release scheduled to hit Japanese store shelves on April 29. There has been no announcement for a Western release.

Here's the premise: let's say that you search for "chairs" on Google. Then, maybe you search for "shoes." Which of these do you think would get more results? Can you imagine the fun of competing with your friends to guess which is more popular? (By the way, it's "shoes" by a landslide.) Of course, it's not all chairs and shoes, but you get the idea. It's not all strictly Google Fight, though; the game will have various statistics-based modes and the ability to track real-time Google trends. There will be offline functionality that pulls from around 10,000 preloaded words and phrases, and alternate modes include the use of special items, statistics, and things like collapsing stairs and fizzing booms.

Admittedly, this sounds like it would be a fun WiiWare time waster, worth about 500 points. It's not far in premise from the "Everybody Votes" channel, which is mildly entertaining. Google and Nintendo, however, are pricing this retail release at about $52 USD.

Whether Google are completely insane or the most innovative geniuses in modern gaming, we'll have to wait until April 29 to see. Until then, you and your friends can play a free demo of the game by typing words into Google and then looking at how many results you get.


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Klapaucius said:

"Until then, you and your friends can play a free demo of the game by typing words into Google and then looking at how many results you get."



Flandy said:

"Admittedly, this sounds like it would be a fun WiiWare time waster, worth about 500 points"
YA when I clicked the article I thought this would be a WW game.
Sounds like an intresting game but I wouldn't get it. Unless it was for WW



theblackdragon said:

if the source hadn't been released today, i would'a' sworn this'd'a been the best April Fools' joke this year... o_O;;



donx998 said:

"$52 USD."!!!! this definitely needs to be a wiiware game its not even worth 52 bucks XD



Mik said:

I'd like to point out that they had four pranks this year, not just the GMail one. They also had Google Animal Translate, Google WiFI Commode and something which has escaped my mind...



RowdyRodimus said:

@Mik @wiiplayer26 Yeah, the Topeka thing with Topeka changing their name to Google.

This "game" has to be one of the worst ideas Nintendo has ever had and more embarrassing than the Love Hotels".



Adam said:

Rebecca, if you're reading this, we need to play this online.



WiiLovePeace said:

This got put up on the IGN website over a week ago on April 1st so I am still curious to whether or not this is real but oh man... If this comes over to PAL regions...




miketh2005 said:

@feloniouspunk: don't hate 'till your see the trailer. It might actually be fun. But I really don't see how this could be sold for 52 bucks. Maybe 20 / 30 for the MOST if they come up with some really creative ideas. We will see.

At the core. The core game, seems like a WW title. But I guess they will add alot more stuff to it. The core game sounds like a REALLY fun idea with friends. But I'm worried about single player options...



Token_Girl said:

The most fun thing to do is time in random words or phrases, such as "How to" or "I like" and see what things come up in the popular searches list. It's always a pretty ridiculous collection"

I can already do that for free though.

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