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Go 8-bit Over the Official BIT.TRIP CORE Soundtrack

Posted by Trevor Chan

Retro gamers get your wallets out

Fans of the BIT.TRIP series not only enjoy the retro gameplay courtesy of Gaijin Games, but the audio design is some of the best the genre has to offer. Following on from the release of the BIT.TRIP BEAT soundtrack, the BIT.TRIP CORE soundtrack is also now available to purchase.

The BIT.TRIP CORE soundtrack features 10 tracks, with two separate appearances from New York Electronica artist Bubblyfish. Each track can be bought for $0.99 each, or the entire album can be purchased for a measly $5.99. Here's the tracklisting in its entirety:

1. Translucent (feat. Bubblyfish)
2. Discovery
3. Exploration
4. Control
5. Ah! (feat. Bubblyfish)
6. Trepidation
7. Nurture
8. Determination
9. Accomplishment
10. Realization

Gamers can buy the soundtrack on the CD Baby Web site and have the 8-bit goodness blaring out of car stereos as the trucker's arm gets redder, or have its soothing melodies relax you as you take a well-earned bath. Or whatever else that suits you.

In the lead-up to the release of BIT.TRIP RUNNER on WiiWare, the official game Web page is now up and has various game features, screenshots and a video on display. Not long now, BIT.TRIP junkies.


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grenworthshero said:

I always thought the Bit.Trip series had pretty good music, but it's not great to listen to out of context. I might be in the minority on this, but it's meant to be a "music/rhythm game". Taking it out of the game kind of negates its purpose.



Sean_Aaron said:

I hope it's on iTunes as well; not that keen on registering an account with a 3rd online music provider...



Philip_J_Reed said:

DEFINITELY getting this and the Beat soundtrack...but not yet. I'll wait til another title or two has its music released and get them all at once.



Fuzzy said:

Pretty good. Still need to play CORE. I reckon I will play that and VOID to pump me up for RUNNER.



theblackdragon said:

I've already got 'em. the only bad part about them is that they don't include the sound of the bits hitting the paddle/glowing line as well; it's just the background music. i really wish there was someplace i could get a copy of the entire songs, bit accompaniment and all.



moroboshi said:

The Bit Trip Runner soundtrack is the one I want. It's composed by the amazing chip band Anamanaguchi.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@moroboshi: I don't think that's true. The game music is composed by Gaijin, just like the others. Each game has a guest band who contributes a song to the titles/credits, though. That's where Anamanaguchi is.

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