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Frogger Takes a Trip to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

Carry something slimy and green in your pocket

Despite his precarious position on the food chain, Konami's Frogger refuses to die, as last year's WiiWare release Frogger Returns proves. It seems his return is returning again, as it's been announced for a conversion to DSiWare later this year.

Judging from the few details released so far, it looks like being a pretty faithful port of the big-screen version, though sadly the local multiplayer mode won't make it across to the handheld. Still, Frogger fans will no doubt be pleased at another opportunity to cross the road, and we'll have pricing and release details for those amphibian fans as soon as we get them. In the meantime you might wish to re-read our Frogger Returns review for an idea of what to expect.

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Sean_Aaron said:

I liked the WiiWare version (apparently one of the few sigh), so this will be appreciated if they do a good job of the conversion (hard to see how that could be messed up).



Xkhaoz said:

Yeah, I felt like this was more suited for DSiWare. good thing I waited. Oh, and I heard it's 500 points.



TheBaconator said:

Good move by Konami. Frogger's only home now a days should be DSiWare. Portable Froggers are good and they are better when they are $5.



Sean_Aaron said:

Frogs aren't slimy? Last time I checked they're covered with an outer layer of mucous - how do you define "slimy?"



IAmNotWill said:

Hopefully it'll come soon for 200 points, because thats all I have left right now.



Boman said:

I was tempted to get this for the wii.
But now I think I'll wait for this DS ware version instead.
Small, simple games are more suited for portable gaming!
although I would prefer the original arcade version on the DS,
displayed on both screens, the road on the bottom screen and the river on the top screen.



MERG said:

@ Sean Aaron...I really like the Wiiware version too. I was a child of the original and I like this too. I have many fond memories of playing this on my Atari 2600 and now I can play it on the Wii. And if I had a DSi I'd get it for that too.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, mucous is pretty slimy, so frogs are slimy!

Although I do enjoy this game on the Wii I would very much also like to see the original arcade game in some kind of compilation or download release. Konami is usually pretty stingy with their arcade classics on consoles. You can get Frogger on the Konami Arcade Classics release for GBA, but it's been left off the DS version for some reason...



Boman said:

I have both the games you mentioned,Konami Arcade Classics DS&GBA.
frogger runs smooth and the emulation is perfect on the GBA.
yes it's a shame they left it out the DS collection.
I've lost any hope of seeing frogger (arcade) for DSiware
since the DS virtual console April Fool's joke.



EdEN said:

I'll be getting the PSN version since it's the same price and I'll get some extra trophies as well. Still, a portable rendition could be fun on trips.




I used to have a curmet soft toy as a child.

I thought Frogger Wiiware was prety competent. I don'tthink many revwrs other than Sean-ito liked it unfortunately. Not sure I'd download the dsiware version unless it is 200 points!

Shame, as I'd've gone for Spaceball, Heron on this on dsiware ahead of wiiware every time; but the dsiware versions come out a lot later.....dang......

Then again there's no storage solution on th dsi yet, so....



Birdman said:

I might pick this up, but I'm hoping the game has a D-Pad option, as I've seen screenshots buttons on the touch screen ...



Moco_Loco said:

@110percentful: Your joke went right over a lot of heads. I guess nobody has little ones around. My 4-year-old is Tiana's biggest fan!

As for the game, I keep hesitating on the Wiiware version. Without a demo, I would hate to spend the money and end up hating it. I loved the original Frogger, and played the Apple IIe version to death as a child. I'm sure it'll be great as DSiWare...somehow I never expect quite as much out of handheld games.



Morpheel said:

@Moco Loco;
i dont have little ones but i can say i enjoyed that movie a lot.

Will this be my first version of frogger? only the reviewers from the future know.



TheNewestBooM said:

i usually call the slimy, green things in my pockets buggers. yeah, thats right; i carry buggers in my pocket, wanna fight about it?



Sean_Aaron said:

@Birdman13: I'd be surprised if that were so, but the WiiWare version used the slightly-awkward vertical remote orientation, so who knows?

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