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First Pokémon Black and White Screens Captured

Posted by James Newton

They're actually in colour

We know that new Pokémon games are coming, but do we know what they're going to look like? Actually, yes we do now, as Nintendo has revealed the first handful of screenshots of the upcoming critter-catching adventure.

Most intriguing is the screenshot showing off the new 3D city, perhaps hinting that no longer will all towns in the world of Pokémon run in strict grid formation with their doors facing South.

Check out the new screenshots and throw some speculation around – it always makes the wait go faster.


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skywake said:

I know its an impossibility and just a damn stupid thought to have but... I just can't help it looking at these screenies. Imagine what this would be like on the 3DS?


Pokemans Grey is going to be freeking awesome...



drdark said:

@skywake: I was wondering along those same lines so tried to view those images stereoscopically (duplicated, side-by-side), but didn't really discern any 3D effect, so either this won't be running on 3DS or they're using some different technique entirely to achieve a 3D effect. I still expected to be able to perceive some kind of depth of field, but didn't.

And of course, it could just be that my eyes are wonky .



Klapaucius said:

Old news
I love this new look. That curved path on the city looks interesting. I can't wait to see this in motion.
Also, its great how the PokeMart and Pokemon Center are finally in the same building.



suburban_sensei said:

Wow, the depth in the city and PokeCenter look fantastic. Still haven't picked up Soul Silver, so I may just hold off and get one of these versions, since it's a totally new adventure (played Gold way back in the day.)



Token_Girl said:


It's already confirmed that these games are for regular DS. I wouldn't be surprised if they were "enhanced" with 3D visuals for the 3DS or if the special third edition (grey?) was designed entirely for the 3DS.



Yosher said:

Well, we'll have to see how these games will turn out. I'm getting one of these no matter what, though. The screenshots certainly look interesting, though.



Objection said:

New camera angles! I better get this day one!
...oh wait. Ha ha, you almost had me, Nintendo.



Rensch said:

There seems to be a bit more variation in perspective but other that that it still does not seem to be the most graphically mind-blowing DS game.



Knux said:

The screens look awesome, but how come there is no Pokemon following the Trainer like in HG/SS? I seriously loved that feature, and it would be dissapointing to see that feature removed in Black and White. Otherwise, Black and White looks amazing. I might buy Black or White depending on what other new features are introduced.



Incognito_D said:

now that you mention it, how much cooler would it be if they made Black and White literally black and white like the 1st gen games. Complete with 8-bit music and weird sprites? I'd love it, anyway...



ueI said:

That would be a good idea. I think these will be DSi exclusives.



Bassman_Q said:

FINALLY a Pokemon game that uses a fully 3D effect! I should've waited for these instead of buying HeartGold out of impulse for the PokeWalker...

Wonder if the battles will finally be in 3D?



hamispink said:

I thought that they should do a runescape style camera where you can scroll down to see a 3D image like this, or scroll up to play top down.
I just want the freedom of choice nintendo. . .



BulbasaurusRex said:

If you're going to speculate over the third version, please spell it right. It would be Pokémon Gray. G-R-A-Y!



LztheQuack said:

@skywake: Unfortunately I think they were too far in development to make it for the 3DS, otherwise they would have to delay it for a few months (look at Twilight Princess )



Klapaucius said:

(and let that be the end of it. Nintendo Life isn't a place for arguing on spelling)



JakobG said:

I can see on the cave that they are starting to have problems implementing the puzzle- and maze-elements into this improved environment.



nojay said:


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