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Final Fantasy V and VI Technical Problems Prevent DS Conversions

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Fantasy not quite final

Those of you who have enjoyed Final Fantasy's previous reinventions on the DS may be dismayed to read a recent Twitter tweet from Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto regarding the (hopefully) upcoming remakes of the fifth and sixth outings:

For FF5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are also undecided.

We're not sure exactly what technical issues these could be, but hopefully they're nothing that Square Enix can't handle: the possibility of playing these gems anywhere on the go is too mouthwatering to resist.


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vherub said:

bizarre, maybe they need to enlist help from the illegal mod/emulation community



BlueFlameBat said:

For porting the games or for doing remakes? I already got Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on my GBA and PS1. I want 3D remakes that will kick, baby!



Objection said:

Technical issues sounds like BS. They're probably delaying the games so that they can be released on the 3DS at a higher price point. As much as I like Sqeenix, it sounds like exactly the kind of thing they'd do.



EdEN said:

Well, they COULD use bigger carts and thus the "technical issues" argument goes away but maybe they'll do remakes of V and VI for consoles?



Radbot42 said:

no, they will do what they did with the gba, and wait until the ds is about to die before they rerelease 5 and 6, and then they will start all over again and rerelease them onto the 3ds



Ravage said:

Yeah, I'm calling BS on that one. How many technical issues can you have when you already have the game on the GBA? Either BS or they really screwed up somewhere.



pixelman said:

Technical issues = space, I'm betting. 5 and 6 were pretty long, weren't they?

Hopefully this'll make it more likely for them to release them on the VC. :3



Aronos said:

How can there be "technical" issues for games that are re-made? lol. They have full control over the entire game since they are practically remaking everything. I can understand if they are ports, but all the other ones were completely redone and updated.
Just curious.



Hardy83 said:

"Hmm, strange. What sort of "technical issues" could there possibly be?"

The technical issues is, should we devlop this game for the DS when the 3DS is right around the corner?

Imagine a beautiful looking 3D Final Fantasy VI....drool if that came out at launch I would get the system for that game alone.



Kevin said:

I'd rather play them on the VC. I'm more of a TV game player nowadays than when the GBA was originally out.



WolfRamHeart said:

I too would love to see these games remade for the 3DS. If that happens it would be a guaranteed day one purchase for me.



The_Fox said:

Aww.....Final Fantasy 6 is one of the few JRPGs I enjoy. I have the SNES cart, but it's slowly dying.



Crystalking18 said:

They said technical delays, but all I want is FF6, whether its for GBA or DS, or even 3DS, I just want to play that game!



TingLz said:

Aren't the GBA games ports? If so, those are not remakes.

@Pixel: That is impossible unless they plan to include both games in one cart. So far a DS card is able to hold up to 512 Mb of data, far more than the SNES can.



Digiki said:

the possibility of playing these gems anywhere on the go is too mouthwatering to resist.

...then get the GBA enhanced ports, as seen with IV the GBA one's are better.



CanisWolfred said:

Nooooo...oh wait, I have the GBA versions anyways.<_< I would've loved to see a DS version of Final Fantasy 5, but the GBA version added all I could've ever wanted.



Wolfcoyote said:

If the issue is space, then couldn't Square Enix order cartridges containing more space? This has been done with a few other titles (I forgot which ones). Then again, why are they even bothering with FFVI when they just released it for GBA? FFV I can understand, but VI again?

And aren't they busy enough with a FF Gaiden and Blood of the Bahamut? Can't they concentrate on those and save the FF rereleases for the 3DS?



Bakajin said:

Huh, I just ordered a copy of FF6Advance, didn't even realize this was in the works. Can't say I care that they're not doing this anymore; Amano doesn't translate into 3D. The game looks fine as it is. (I just really only ordered the GBA version to check out the new translation. I love my SNES FFIII cart and snuggle with it at night like it's a teddy bear, but I so wish I read Japanese so I could read the original game.)



Tsuchinoko said:

@Bakajin never too late to learn, its a fun language, even for things OTHER than video games.

Either way, i was never a fan of FFV, the story was so flat.



Token_Girl said:


The illegal emulation community would have probably done a better job than Sega did on Sonic Classic Collection. (The iTouch Sonics run pretty well if you can get used to the virtual D-pad...)



LinktotheFuture said:

Too bad, Final Fantasy VI on DS would be amazing, but so would it coming to the VC. At least give us one of these, please!



x10power said:

The only true issue that would make it impossible is getting the entire game onto 1 cart since FF IV is like a 20 hour RPG (I beat it on the GBA in less than 20 hours), With a few sidequests here and there. Now lets look at Final Fantasy V which has multiple over worlds with a lot more detail than FFIV and more places to visit in each one than FFIII anf FFIV combine I bet. The other problem would be redoing every cutscene multiple times to consist of your party members clothing (for FFV the class they are) and FFVI for who is in your party. Now looking at it from a mathematical way lets pick FFV so for the first cutscene after the first crystal it would be

Guessing on the classes at the beginning
5*5*5*5 = 525 different possibilities and growing as the game continue on for each cutscene



retro_player_22 said:

Technical issues, Square Enix better not be talking about adding more CG-I movies in there, FFIII and FFIV were great games and they could had been better if all that wasn't wasted in creating CG-I scenes for the games.



theblackdragon said:

@Token Girl: iirc, sega totally drew in some dude straight from the emulation community in order to help them out... that's what i was referencing :3



DarkEdi said:

I hope some day they can do more FF than I to VI parts in portable. Do VII, IX, etc. (the ps1 and psp has nes FF, we can have PS1/2 FF).



Knux said:

The technical issues are BS. I bet Square Enix was developing remakes of FFV and FFVI for the DS until the 3DS was announced. Which means that Square Enix will remake FFV and FFVI for the 3DS. While I am not sure if I would buy a 3DS remake of FFV, I would so buy a 3DS remake of FFVI. Out of all the Final Fantasy games I have played, FFVI is one of my favorites (along with FFXIII). I have been playing the Advance version, but a 3DS remake of FFVI with Gamecube 3D style graphics would be awesome. I rather not see a FFVI remake on the DS, because the high-quality 2D graphics would be replaced by somewhat ugly 3D graphics, and FFVI deserves better than that.

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