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Fear the REAPER

Posted by Sean Aaron

Creator says new project is going to be "one of the best-looking 2D games ever made"

Luc Bernard, designer of Mecho Wars and Eternity's Child, has revealed to Nintendo Life that his latest project, iPhone title SteamPirates, is finishing up this week and it's therefore time to start talking about other things. One of these "other things" is a project codenamed Reaper, a home console game he believes will be too big for a download service.

Though not ready to reveal any gameplay or story details until the first proper screenshots are ready (the ones shown here are concept art), Luc told Nintendo Life that it's going to be an "epic action/platforming sidescroller with 4 player multiplayer" and "maybe [his] first 2D AAA title with an experienced team in every category."

Sean Beeson, who composed the score for Eternity's Child, will be returning for Reaper and will be joined by a bevy of music industry producers and songwriters. Below is an exclusive sample track from the upcoming game.

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Mr Bernard also noted that a game we haven't heard mention of since 2008, Imagination is the Only Escape, an adventure game set during the holocaust, is planned for a 2011 release and was waiting for the right team to come together.

We'll be bringing you more news on Luc's newest creations as it becomes available.

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Yasume said:

Lol, another article about Luc Bernard. Are you also planning on releasing your games? We are all still waiting for Eternity's Child.



motang said:

So where the heck is Eternity's Child? I had forgotten about it till I read this article...I want my Eternity's Child!



shake_zula said:

Man that picture is awesome, I love that art style. Very much interested in a AAA side-scroller, though I guess from the comments so far I'll be waiting a while.



Digiki said:

All bark, no bite.

I wonder if he'll ever get a WW game released...



brandonbwii said:

Luc said there is little chance of Eternity's Child coming to Wii as that game is out of his hands. The only officially confirmed game from his is Mecho Wars.

Geez where have you guys been all these months?

Really that's one of the main things I like about the guy. His art has a definite, edgy Tim Burton vibe. It's like when he releases a game, you'll know it's from him.



AVahne said:

well I don't think it'll look better than Muramasa in the 2d graphics field, but it might be close



Digiki said:

Really that's one of the main things I like about the guy. His art has a definite, edgy Tim Burton vibe. It's like when he releases a game, you'll know it's from him.

Or if you see a game hyped for a while here but never released, you'll know it's from him.



moomoo said:

I've never looked forward to his games. Never liked the art style, or the actual developer himself. Cursing in interviews, egotistical, totally unaware that the general population would have some issues with him; the list goes on. Unless his never-to-be-released games get perfect scores everywhere, I'll continue to refuse to support this man.



Oregano said:

Has Mecho Wars been released on Wiiware/DSiware anywhere yet? It's been released on iphone and PSP(I think!)... what happened?



ECM said:

Wow, saw this headline in my feed reader and then I click through and it's about...Luc Bernard--talk about buzzkill.



V8_Ninja said:

Why doesn't the music work? I've been trying for an hour, but I'm still getting nothing. Anyone know the fix to the problem?



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I'm still excited for Mecho Wars myself - which is confirmed as existing on iPhone and has been well-received. Imagination sounds quite ambitious, I'll be interested to see how that turns out as well.



odd69 said:

I'm gonna buy this and Eternity's Child if either come to Wiiware (or maybe retail in this case) day one. If it's a platformer (2D and 3D don't hate), it's a guaranteed purchase from me.



BlueFlameBat said:

If any of Luc Bernard's games make it to Wii, that'll be a miracle in itself. I'm still waiting for Rose Princess.



jbrodack said:

Eternity child was released for PC a while back and was a disaster. The wiiware version was supposed to be the good version of that game but I guess trying to make something out of the flawed PC release has been a bit much for the developers of that version. Though it seems luc has been making out those devs to be bad.
That leaves one fairly well received iphone game for us to go on. And maybe the iphone game he just finished up. So we know he can put out iphone games.
Seems it might be best to just stick with the iphone games for him. Instead he's trying a really ambitious console game and a "controversial" game. He really should try to get something together with the current developers of wiiware eternity child so they can get done as a team effort instead of being "out of his hands" In any case a well brought together wiiware release should be his first order of concern just so games know he can get (hopefully) good games out there.

Anyway this little press release did nothing good for him as pretty much everyone has trouble getting excited about somethign from someone whos games often either don't get released or do horribly. Now people are having an even more negative opinion of the guy and his games.



Omega said:

As a child I always dreamed of working in the game industry, create my own games and earn much money. Well, yes. That's quite a long time ago. Meanwhile, I have resigned myself that this is not so easy going.



Zork2 said:

But will it be "the best looking 2d game ever shipped" ? That really is the question.



Vinsanity said:

The concept art looks pretty compelling. Sorta reminds me of Vanillaware's stuff, but with creepy automaton/robot face mermaid things. Though I will say, he seems better suited to digital services.

Lets see what this looks like though. Bring it on!

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