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Earthworm Jim Creator Says Fourth Adventure Wii-Bound

Posted by Zach Kaplan

New 2D game coming at some point

This is the age of retro sequels. With Sonic 4 on the horizon and Mega Man 9 and 10 nestled snugly on our hard drives, we're beginning to dream of which of our favorite games from the past might see the light of day again after all.

That's why we're hoping that Earthworm Jim 4, recently confirmed to The 34th Dimension at the Calgary Entertainment Expo by series creator Doug TenNapel for release on Wii, will be more like Jim's classic 2D predecessors and not his decent but less fondly remembered Nintendo 64 outing, Earthworm Jim 3D.

As the age of 3D adaptations of classic games has passed, it seems to us that anything but a proper old-style sequel is out of the question. We'll let you know when we hear more. Until then, speculate away!


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Roo said:

It better be a proper 2D-style sequel. I wouldn't be up for anthing else!



Lurch said:

for pete's sake, a new earthworm jim game for me? consider me hyped by the great worm spirit that protects us all



Crunc said:

I am so happy that 2D has made a resurgence. I've never really liked 3D platformers much due to fighting the camera not being any fun, and which seems to be the main activity in any 3D platformer, even the best of them.



motang said:

Alright! Bring it on man, bring it on!

Oh I hope you read this, make is a retail copy and make is one the best looking 2D games, ok me out!



naut said:

I've never played an EJ game for more than 20 seconds. I'll have to seriously play one sometime.

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