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DSi Gets Price Drop in Australia

Posted by Brad Long

Now cheaper than the XL

If you recall a couple of weeks back, we shared the news that Australia will be getting the DSi XL at $299.95 at launch. As the regular DSi was the exact same price at the time of the announcement, it makes sense that Nintendo of Australia have just made the announcement that the original DSi will be getting a price drop of $50 AUD, effective immediately, bringing it down to $249.95.

Nintendo Australia announces that Nintendo DSi will now retail for $249.95.

Previously priced at $299.95, Nintendo DSi has something for everyone, containing more functions to bring you more fun! Keep a photo diary via your Nintendo DSi Camera, store and play music with Nintendo DSi Sound, browse the web, or visit the Nintendo DSi Shop to download software.

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Aviator said:

Sweet Deal. This might make me wanna get one. That pic of John Howard is a classic though.



skywake said:

That pic of John Howard never gets old.

I'd totally get a DSi now.... if the 3DS wasn't so close around the corner....



skywake said:

@zranoll whats even more crazy is that the USD is almost on parity with AUD currently. When someone says $250AU they almost mean $250US.... although its probably closer to $230US.

The Wii launched here at $400AU and has stayed at that price but back then $400AU was probably about $300US. Fairly close to the US launch price of $250US. The interesting thing is that since then our dollar has strengthened. If you convert to USD the Wii costs more here now (~$360USD) than when it launched.



Aviator said:

But Nintendo haven't needed to drop the price, its selling well and is alot cheaper than both 360 and PS3 models (except the arcade Xboxs).



Chunky_Droid said:

I got my Wii, DS, and DSi cheaper from the US (including postage) and saved a lot of money that way.

But 250 makes it cheaper than the PSP-3002 model now, which is good



ToastyYogurt said:

Since I live in the US, I'm just glad that I don't have to pay as much for Nintendo's stuff (taking conversion into account even). I just wanted to say how awesome that pic is



DarkEdi said:

I think it´s very expensive, how many u.s.a. dollars is the equivalent? and i get mad by mexican expensive prices



WiiLovePeace said:

@Chunky, but if you did that (for the Wii at least) doesn't it mean you now are forced to buy US Wii games as opposed to being able to go to down to the store & buy a PAL Wii game? Also wouldn't you have to have a NTSC TV for that Wii?

It's a bit late for me now as I already have a Wii, just curious as I find it far more convienient being able to go to the shops & buy a Wii game than waiting for the post to arrive. I know the prices would be better but still...

But importing a DSi sounds good because the DS games are region free correct? Chunky, do you know what the best price for a DSi or XL from US (+ post to Aus) is?



cheese said:

Yes games over here are ridiculously expensive. For example the Recommended Retail Price for New Super Mario Bros. Wii over here is AU$99.95. This converts to USD$93.21



StarDust4Ever said:

Dang, and I thought European gamers were getting screwed over

A US $50 game costs less than an EU 50 Euro game. But nearly US $100 for a Wii game, etc is highway robbery - That is completely unfair and unacceptable!

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