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DJ Shadow Sheds a Little Light on DJ Hero 2

Posted by Trevor Chan

A preemptive strike

For a sequel that hasn't been officially announced yet, DJ Shadow sure has no issues talking about DJ Hero 2, effectively beating Activision to the punch. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, DJ Shadow talks about the appearance of his in-game avatar, and the work going into producing content for the game.

Having produced tracks for the first game in the series and made an appearance as an in-game playable character, DJ Shadow talks about the reasoning behind his avatar's unique presentation and offers this explanation:

With a lot of this computer-generated stuff, as soon as people see your eyes, that's where it feels weird. So I said "just take out my eyes, just have them be clear", that helps a lot because then people aren't looking into this synthetic person.

When asked what he thought of the whole DJ Hero experience, Shadow replies with:

It was interesting, it was a... I'm actually working on the next one as well. But yeah, it was a trip. I mean, I never thought I'd be in a game, let alone, you know, doing what I was doing on the back-end to put the mixes together. So, it was interesting, it was fun.

So there you have it, we can expect to see more mash-ups and remixes from the 'king of samples' when DJ Hero 2 finally drops. If you're still unsure whether DJ Hero is a game for you or not, be sure to check back with us when we update the site with a review of it very soon.


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grenworthshero said:

Ugh. Just stop with these type of music games. We already have 538,000 guitar simulation games, rock band and its clones, and singing games. In this age, just come out with one and release DLC updates. They're cluttering the shelves at game stores.



irken004 said:

OBJECTION! I like DH Hero more than the other music games. It has the best collection of remixed songs that I ever heard!

Bring on DJ Hero 2! I want more Daft Punk!!!



V8_Ninja said:

I'm personally fine with just my one DJ Hero game. I'm not going to fall to the sequel-madness that was the Guitar Hero franchise all over again.



Zach said:

@greensworthshero This is far from a guitar simulation clone, it's actually quite interesting and unique, both in its method and catalogue of songs - all remixed for this game. A game based around music does not equal unoriginal.

Unless you're talking about DJ Hero 2, not DJ Hero itself. In that case, I see your point.



SmaMan said:

Yeah, DJ Hero is soooo much better than the Guitar Hero. (Even though the game is almost a clone of BeatMania) I'm all for a sequel, of course I am a little biased being a DJ myself.

That being said I hope this won't get out of hand as Guitar Hero is getting. Once we get DJ Hero: Soulja Boy Mix, that's when I'll start complaining.



plankton88 said:

I am a DJ and I have loved DJ Shadow for years now, but this DJ Hero game is just a disgrace to real DJ's. It is nothing like the real thing. Rock Band is much closer to really playing a guitar than this is to DJ'ing.



rwq said:

Whats with the hate? I tried DJ Hero in a store recently and liked it a lot more than i expected. Nice to have a game like this for those of us who don't like rock all that much.

Bring it on I say. What's next, clarinet hero? drummachine hero? g-g-guess who's coming..



Nintendude92 said:

Why the hate for DJ hero? It took me by surprise when I got it in December, its very good and its recieved high scores and praise so cut it some slack. Its really good.

I agree though, I don't want to see like 12 different spin-offs (no pun intended) of it.



Solarpolitiks said:

@plankton88 As a real guitarist I can say that Rock band and Guitar Hero are nothing like the real thing, which in all honesty they are not, yet I still play them and enjoy them.



grenworthshero said:

@zkaplan I'm not saying they should just stop making music games entirely, but I'm tired of seeing so many versions of the same game. Activision is infamous for sucking as much money out of people as they can for this reason. They come up with one game, and make a million sequels.



TrevorTheChan said:

@grenworthshero It's in the gamers' interest that there should be more games that utilise the mixer-turntable controller; since the whole package isn't exactly cheap. I also don't see why games like DJ Hero can't enjoy both DLC updates, and on-disc sequels. Why must it be one or the other? Are you saying that you'd prefer to download tracks to be played from your SD card, over a disc that can possibly contain 100 tracks?



SmaMan said:

DJ Hero has DLC, but last I checked there were only about 5 songs... c'mon, take a lesson from Rock Band and only release a sequel when you have a significant update to the engine or something like that.



grenworthshero said:

Yes, I would prefer that. Definitely. I don't want to buy another game, just so I have the same game with different songs. That also makes it annoying when you want to play a certain song; you have to keep switching game discs. If you're not going to make any significant changes, what's the point in releasing a new game? And I'm not talking pointless changes like making the menus more accessible, or adding some "crowd-pleaser" gimmick or something.



Smashbro99 said:

I really enjoyed DJ Hero. It was a new experience and something besides guitar or drums. It made me not want to play those games. Definetly my favorite music game (besides EBA).



jbrodack said:

If dj hero came out a while ago people would have been more excited about it. However, a lot of people are just tired of these types of music games now. I like the more creative music games like parappa, bit.trip, otocky, lets tap, rez, rhythm tengoku, and stuff like that.



vakama94 said:

well, since i won a contest by playing dj hero, i´m more than agree that they bring dj shadow again for another round, i love playing dj hero since i want to become a dj

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