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Classic Controller Pro Now On Sale in North America

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Finally, a controller for the classic professional

The new and improved controller, previously sold only in Japan and Europe, is now available for sale in North America at a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD. It comes in both white and black and features two rows of shoulder buttons and ergonomically designed grips. You can pick these controllers up separately or pacakged with Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~).

We went hands-on with an imported one a while back and found it to be a nice improvement over the original, if a bit smudge-prone. Read the full press release below.

Today Nintendo of America launches a new game controller for its popular Wii™ system. Previously sold only in Japan, the Classic Controller Pro™ accessory is now available in the United States. It offers a fun new way for all kinds of Wii users to experience their favorite games. The Classic Controller Pro is available in black or white and carries a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Featuring two rows of shoulder buttons and ergonomically designed grips, the Classic Controller Pro is compatible with more than 460 Wii, WiiWare™ and Virtual Console™ games. It plugs directly into the Wii Remote™ controller to provide a unique control option for veteran gamers and newcomers alike.

Consumers also have the option of purchasing a limited-edition product bundle that includes a black Classic Controller Pro and a copy of Capcom® Entertainment’s action-filled Monster Hunter™ Tri game, which also makes its North American debut today. The bundle is offered at a suggested retail price of $59.99.

For more information about the Classic Controller Pro, please visit

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SepticLemon said:

Wow, an American Nintendo accesory that's not in that horrible plastic blister packaging! About time!

Remembers destroying his Wave Bird box when he imported it but in the day to open it...



Chucko said:

Got one bundled with MH3. Works great with other games too like SSBB.



Pastry said:

I can't wait for this! I will totally get this next time I go to the store!



Yosher said:

Previously only sold in Japan? I could've sworn I saw these in shops here too, those who don't even do importing usually. The boxes were the normal language too. (I'm in the Netherlands, by the way.)



MasterGraveheart said:

I got mine with Monster Hunter 3 Tri today. It works famously and am happy to use it as a regular controller with most games.



JayArr said:

Light years better than the old CC. I won't even touch the old version again.



Kid_A said:

Monster Hunter Tri is looking more and more appealing, and if the multiplayer is as good as everyone says it is, it looks like I might need to pick up an extra one.



irken004 said:

I bought mine separately from MH Tri (no bundles were in stock). The box for this thing is TOUGH TO OPEN!



DavidRY said:

The Boxes Nintendo are using for their accessories are solid! I was pretty shocked at how flimsy the Monster Hunter Tri Bundle box felt. Maybe that's why Nintendo gets poor scores on environmental reports! Worth it!



cheetahman91 said:

I'll be getting one. I still need to get a Classic Controller and this looks even better than the old one.



RowdyRodimus said:

This contoller is a Godsend for me, or others who have a problem of some type in their hands. With me it was that my right hand was affected by my stroke that keeps it numb and my fingers curled up a bit (like holding a ball up in a way) and the original was too small and the R button was hard to feel at all making it useless. The grips make it more comfortable to hold and the new L and R buttons are a lot easier to get to.

I love that they put the cord on the top (or at least to wire in not downside! Sorry, had to do it ) but if there is one drawback it's that they still barely give you any cord, so the Wiimote has to balance on my leg (I sit in a recliner to play and it won't even reach the table next to me), but that's a small price to pay for the greatness that is the Classic Controller Pro.



miketh2005 said:

60 bucks? not worth it. why is this better than the classic controller? there's not even more buttons on it :/



Percentful said:

@miketh2005 if you think that the number of buttons is what makes a controller better, you need some help. It's a better design, it's more comfortable, the cord is placed better, so for the same price, it's a much better deal.



Donatello said:

If only you could remove the damn handles. Because that aside, this controller is better than the original CC because of the L and R button placement and because they're 'clickly' instead of squishy which I've probably mentioned a million times by now. It's also nice how the Analog sticks are spaced out a bit further for those who get their thumbs crammed together.

Ugh, if it had handles i would so buy them and get rid of my other Classic controllers.



AVahne said:

already got the black one with the Monster Hunter tri bundle. but damnit i forgot to get my 500 points card



jorenmartijn said:

I like the design, reminds of the Cube controller's fine grip.
Those fit perfectly in the hand.



millarrp said:

I just picked 2 today,and I will never go back to their "old school" classic controllers...I'm actually planning to ditch my 2 classic controllers so I can get a 3rd one of these.



Omega said:

@grenworthshero (24): Haha. Yes, this is what I thought too.

First they made a controller without handles so it is reminiscent of the SNES, MD and PC-Engine and other classic controllers. This makes sense for many VC games and deserves the word "classic". And then they add the handles again? Why not just take a Gamecube controller then?



Junkface said:

Does this controler plug into the wii or the wand? like the other classic controller?



MmBuddha said:

It may be out already in the UK, but have we got the white one over hear? I haven't seen it anywhere. I've got a white Wii, white Wiimotes, nunchucks, a white DSlite, why would I want a black controller?



Tails said:

I have a white one have had it since my Game-Stop opened. I was the first in line and the first on Youtube to do an unboxing of it. Sweet device i'll be sending my sister my old CC. Might just in-case later get the black one though since my store carries them now.



Inigo_Montoyia said:

I'll be getting mine Thursday with my copy of Monster Hunter Tri; since my GameStop were out of stock on Monster Hunter bundles! Plus I can't wait to play the game with it's sleek new design... because I prefered my origonal when trying out the demo disc of Monster Hunter! And it'll be much better to play my favorite VC games; & I'll have my origonal when someone in my family wishes to play!



Highlar said:

@ Koto:
Yeah, I had to ask for my points card, too. The sales clerk at GS hadn't even OPENED any of the Tri points cards. They are a pretty reflective card, too. lol... As for the controller, I never picked up a regular CC. I got one when I picked up my Tri bundle yesterday. After trying them both, I have to agee...the CCP is a better controller because of how its reconfigured.



Yosher said:

@Prosody: Ah, so I was right after all! =P
I'll be getting this with Monster Hunter Tri when it comes out here later this week. Can't wait to try it out and see if it really feels any better than the old Classic controller.



Crunc said:

Mine is set to arrive tomorrow. MHTri hopefully not too long after.



Yanagi said:

Like half the people here, I got mine with Montser Hunter Tri. This thing is dead sexy and feels a lot better than the old Classic Controller.

I love how the shoulder buttons are not only arranged better, but they also don't have that annoying "squishy" feel when you press down on them. I remember damn near killing my trigger finger from rapidly pushing down the R button on the old CC while playing Heavy Barrel on Data East Arcade Classics.



James said:

I used a white CCPro at Eurogamer back in October, but I've not seen them for sale anywhere in Europe. I'd almost forgotten about them!



MrMystery said:

I'm in the UK and I got a black one with Monster Hunter Tri.
I've never seen a white one for sale over here.
I think I might have to buy a black Wii now for the sake of my sanity.



Wolfcoyote said:

I'd purchase a black Wii console - number one reason being that it'll replace my three-year-old original console. It'll stink to have to download some of the games again, but for the black Wii I would purchase the "best of" content.

OT: It's only $20.00 USD and doesn't look as cheap as the original CC that I purchased in order to play Geometry Wars: Galaxies and VC titles so I'll definitely pick one up in May. My only problem is that it must be powered by the Wiimote. If it hadn't been for the splurge on rechargeable Duracells then I would be out of luck.



99er said:

It appears from the picture that the D-pad's center is pushed inwards. This would be a benefit for playing fighting games (Guilty Gear, KOF, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom). Can anyone confirm if that's the case because that would be definite reason for me to purchase one. Thank you.

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