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Bowser's Inside Story Gets a DSi Bundle

Posted by James Newton

Pick up a white DSi and the game from April 25th

You've hopefully already bought Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Nintendo's superb portable RPG, but if you were waiting until it was hard-bundled with a white DSi to take the plunge then do we have news for you.

Starting on April 25th, gamers in North America will able to pick up a white DSi and Bowser's Inside Story for $169.99. Sadly it doesn't appear to be a limited edition console itself – that may have been too powerful for human brains to comprehend – but any hardware setup to convince more people to get into Bowser has to be a good thing.

Keep your eye out for this bundle in a dozen days' time.

Nintendo Celebrates Spring with White Nintendo DSi Bundle

This season, Nintendo is set to offer consumers a fresh new way to experience the top-selling Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held game systems. Starting April 25, white versions of the Nintendo DSi™ system will be sold at select U.S. retailers, while supplies last. Each white system will be bundled with a copy of the wildly imaginative Mario & Luigi™: Bowser’s Inside Story game.

The white Nintendo DSi packs the same remarkable features as its blue, black and pink counterparts, including dual screens, two built-in cameras, and fun photo- and sound-manipulation tools. Users with broadband Internet access can also browse the Web using the free Nintendo DSi Browser application and download new games on the go via the Nintendo DSi™ Shop.

The white Nintendo DSi comes bundled with Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, an outrageous adventure in which Mario™ and Luigi™ must solve puzzles and complete quirky challenges as they wiggle their way through Bowser’s body.

To help ensure that affordable fun is in full bloom this spring, the white Nintendo DSi bundle will be available at a suggested retail price of $169.99.

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MrWout said:

great news but unfortunately I've already got a DSi and the game :s but I guess this might help quite some people make the jump from Lite to i.



Percentful said:

Huzzah. I could've gotten a better color DSi, and I would have saved $35, and all I had to do was wait 10 extra months.



Aviator said:

If I didnt have BIS, and a new handheld wasnt announced, Id get this.



Token_Girl said:

Dang, that's a great deal. You're basically getting the game for free.

If you don't have a DS, snap this up!



pixelman said:

Woah. If I didn't already have BiS I'd be sorely tempted to pick one of those up.



Radbot42 said:

wait that is the exact same color of my dsi, and hey that is one of the first games i got for it....



zezhyrule said:

110% wrote:

Huzzah. I could've gotten a better color DSi, and I would have saved $35, and all I had to do was wait 10 extra months.




motang said:

Pretty cool, and an awesome game! If I didn't have both already then I would be getting myself this bundle.



Crunc said:

I think we're going to see a lot of bundles from here until the 3DS comes out. I can only presume that DS/DSi sales are going to take a dive and that they didn't really want the 3DS news to get out so early. This is a pretty weak effort, though, given that it's not a unique design DSi. Just a DSi and game bundle. Pretty lame.



Toon_Link said:

They could have at least put that picture of Bower commanding the Goombas on it.

EDIT: Or they could have made it red, and it could have come with a sleeve that had Bowser horns coming out of the sides at the top. Oh yeah, that would be cool.



zeonox said:

I'm against a special-console, personally. Those always seem to sustain damage faster than the normal ones. Also, I'm sad it doesn't come with a XL option. Understandable, though. I'm only NOW playing M&L:PiT on my original DS, so it might be a great time to upgrade for me after all!



TKOWL said:

Great combo. Hope it increases the sales, because I love this game.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's great that Bowser got his own story, w00t! But I paid 169.99 for my DSi black and 34.95 for Bowser's...

When do I get my $35 refund???

w00t! Great idea Nintendo, way to sell more handhelds!



Sabrewing said:

Oh, god, if it had been a Bowser-themed DSi, I would have bought this just on principle, even though I already have M&L:BIS and a DSi XL.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Awesome bundle for those who don't already own a DS(i)...

They couldn't have picked a better game to entice potential customers with, kudos, Nintendo...



Fuzzy said:

Still need to get both. But I think just getting the game will do.



NintendoWorld1 said:

A great release for North America!

I'm just hoping that Nintendo announces a VC for the DS, I am so close in buying a DSi XL but I still need an excause to buy one...

(as I have two DS lites)

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