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Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Poo Facts

Posted by Corbie Dillard

D3Publisher talks a little sh*t about their upcoming DS RPG.

D3Publisher has just sent over the newest bit of news on their upcoming DS release Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. It seems they felt the need to set the record straight on the Poo Facts and they've put together a few of the more important ones below for your reading pleasure.

Poo Facts:

  • Poo Snakes are made of piles of poo that have been infected with a parasite. These create a symbiotic being that is basically a sentient poo.
  • Poo Snakes have short tempers.
  • Poo Snakes love shiny things and rare minerals.
  • More powerful Poo Snakes can transform into Metallic Poo Snakes.
  • Poo Snakes often store items within their own bodies which they can release at will.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow will be available on the Nintendo DS, and is ESRB-rated “E10+.” For more information, please visit the D3Publisher website at

We'll keep you posted on any new developments with Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow and we'll have a full review shortly after the game's release.

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Wolfcoyote said:

I was going to criticize the title of the post...until I read the actual content. What the heck are the developers thinking? What humor does poop have in a game (other than Rare's Conker franchise)?



Wolfcoyote said:

@TwilightV: Dr. Slump? If I wasn't about to go to bed after a long day of work I would head straight to Google and Wikipedia. I guess I can withdraw my previous statement (for now), but toilet humor in a Blue Dragon series game?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Wolfcoyote: You DO know that the original Blue Dragon on Xbox 360 was chock full of Poo Snakes, right? They're pretty much the series' answer to Dragon Quest Slimes: Used for freaking EVERYTHING, with about a kazillion different forms (including TWO über-powerful optional bosses).



Arcanum said:

what made them choose the name poo? did some guy actually "poo" his pants and oula sh** snakes get incorperated into the game.....



WaveGhoul said:

Poo Snakes you say? love it! unique and totaly weird/unusual
Too bad I'm not a fan of RPG's. But I LOVE Dragon Ball Z(funimation dub)
regarding the art direction



The_Fox said:

Player has attacked Poo.
Poo takes 10 damage.
Poo attacks player.
Player takes 1 damage.
Player contracts Cholera!

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