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AiRace Jets In on April 12th

Posted by James Newton

Aerial racer is go go go for launch

There's not enough plane racers on any format: we know this, you know this. Thankfully the void will be shrinking by one on Monday, as QubicGames is set to release AiRace in the US DSi Shop.

Along with the launch announcement comes some new screenshots and a trailer, which you can check out underneath. Time to get those props going for Monday, North American DSiWare fans.

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KrazyKain said:

well considering how well air race tunnel controls... I can't wait to get this

I am a teeny bit worried that it might be hard to see where you need to go tho.



Xkhaoz said:

@KDR_11k No, AiRace Tunnel is a part of this game, Tunnel is in this game, with other ones. Tunnel was probably to drum up anticipation.



ToastyYogurt said:

If this has WiFi, I'll probably get it. If it has download play multiplayer, I will DEFINITELY get it!



Zsxdflip said:

wow, im been waiting for this for so long! and i know itl be great, cause airrace tunnel was awesome!



Blue_Cat said:

I'm hoping for a review soon. I don't have a good racing game (lost mario kart :l) and I'm going on vacation next week.




Tunnel was decent, but I can' say I'm too chuffed with a sequel that is fundamentally the same bar a few extra features.



Token_Girl said:

Is tunnel really included in this game? That makes me sad. If this was good, I wish I could have just bought this instead. I don't want to spend 500 points if I already 200 points worth of that game's content. It would be awesome if you could "upgrade" and just pay the difference, but knowing how nonfunctional Ninty's online shop is, it won't happen. Stop dissing Apple, Ninty and learn a thing or two from them.



Ovi said:

looks nice but not sure if it has long enough playability time....

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