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Trailer: Metroid: Other M FMV Teaser

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo drip feed us with a new teaser trailer for Samus' next outing

We were kind of disappointed last week when Nintendo didn't give us a brand spanking new trailer for Metroid: Other M, last night they made up for it (slightly) by releasing a new FMV teaser trailer via the Official Nintendo Magazine website.

If you haven't already seen it, we've also been given it by Nintendo and have uploaded it to our YouTube account:

Keep your eyes pinned for more Samus news over the coming months.

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Golgo said:

Team Ninja first order of business: give Samus the obligatory/signature Team Ninja boob job. Good work.



maka said:

"Team Ninja first order of business: give Samus the obligatory/signature Team Ninja boob job. Good work."

Well, it's not like she was flat before, isn't it? There's not much difference with Samus Zero from SSB...



citizenerased said:

At least the camera doesn't focus on the boobs, nor did she get a skimpy outfit. I think it's fine the way it is. Cinematics are amazing - voice acting is okay.



Objection said:

Voice acting is only ok at this point. Hoping that this slow cutscene implies that we'll be getting lots of them that pace the story.



motang said:

So looking forward to this game! April to June will be awesome time for gaming on the Wii!



Crunc said:

I'd like some gameplay footage please. Also, I hope they don't fill the game with so many cut scenes that A) they have less space for gameplay then they needed and B) the cut scenes slow the game to a crawl.



primeris said:

" young, and naive"
I don't need Samus having some stereotypical girl-cum-warrior insecurity trip.
Wasn't she raised by magical bird people?
I need Samus hyperactively jumping and rolling around and blowing up giant brains.
Not regretfully looking out windows.



MrPinguy said:

What character development? She talks even if she talked since Super Metroid, and even more in Fusion? Samus isn't a mindless robot even with official mangas showing how she suffered with the Space Pirates and feelings like an normal human? Curvy figures even if she poses in bikini since the NES?

It's all ruined! I can see it in an 30s teaser!!!
That's it i'm going to boycott Other M!.... Buying the first Metroid in VC!

(It's Prime all over again.)



bro2dragons said:

looks great. i can't wait, the graphics are beautiful, and the voice acting is fantastic. so pumped.



leifystar said:

Samus standing by the big window is a replica of Padmé in Star Wars ROTS with the sunset and the skyscrapers from Coruscant looking at the Jedi temple in flames.
And that big building is a copy of the senate in Coruscant!!



Highlar said:

I was actually pretty intrigued by this teaser, for one particular reason: its told from the first person of Samus, but NOT the Samus in the clip. With the way she talks about how "I WAS young and naieve." it makes me think that this clip could be from an intro scene to the game, and Samus is the one telling the tale. Or, the whole story is going to be narrated by Samus from an "after the fact" standpoint. I don't think the wistful looking waif in this clip is exactly the Samus you'll be playing through the adventure, buts its more of Samus imagining how she was "back then" when she was "young and naive" and hadn't turned into the balls-to-the-wall space pirate bounty hunter that became. I am quite interested in learning more, as I'm always a sucker for a good story in a game.

Oh, and from above, I agree: This kind of makes me think of a Metroid RPG as well. Give it to Squenix. After all, SquareSoft did a pretty damn good job with Super Mario RPG.



MrPinguy said:

Yes, It is an flashback.
You play with Adult Samus, moments after Super Metroid.
It's was seen in the recent leaked footage and previews.

(And as said in the previews Adam is still alive, guess it's around the time of Other M, he died.)



grenworthshero said:

I don't know what you people are complaining or criticizing about; this looks AMAZING to me. I want this game SO BAD now!



Chunky_Droid said:

This trailer rocks, it looks like there's gonna be a lot more substance to the game this time around, with some sort of past story being intertwined.

Can't wait!



Highlar said:

Yeah, I had read that it takes place after Super Metroid. What I'm kind of curious about is just when this particular clip happens. What part of Samus time line is it from? I am really interested in seeing Nintendo finally flesh out Samus' story some more, her back story and her life from before she became the bounty hunter we all love to play as.



jonas said:

looks pretty cool, but it could have been a bit longer though,
and she was so young couldn`t they explained it a bit better,
but i,m really exited!!!



SuperDel said:

I'm a sucka for Nintendo franchises, so I am looking forward to this. As much as I enjoyed the Ninja Gaiden games they also really pissed me off. Let's hope Team Ninja handle Metroid with care.



bro2dragons said:

@jonas: it's a trailer. they don't need to explain it better. they want you to ask questions and get interested, not know the plot so that you don't have a reason to buy the game...



Chunky_Droid said:

I'd hazard a guess that it takes place after Super Metroid like already stated, and that we'll get pieces of flashback like this to tie in the story more completely



Highlar said:


Good call! I didn't even think about that. Contrary to what others have said on here, I like that they are going back and filling in her story. I think that can tie a player more emotionally to a character, be it in an RPG or an action game like Metroid. Its kind of like how you got a feel for Jack in MadWorld, from the story bits between missions.



Rerun said:

I think it's a departure from how we know Samus. For purists it seems wrong. In a way this is similar to Wolverine. His mysterious past was something we all acknowledge and when Marvel created an origin story for him, purists freaked. The Origin of Samus is a storyline that has to be explored. Prequels are a common theme when there is a lack of material to move the character forward. Books, movies, comics do it, why not games?



ReddLionz said:

Why can't a Nintendo game have an extensive story? I personally love games with deep storylines because it gets me more involved in the game, wanting me to play more.



Digiki said:

Whats with this girl, Metroid is all about killing things as a robot!!



Highlar said:


Ummm... You aren't a robot in the Metroid games. You are Samus Aran, the girl in the video clip, who wears her specially made Varia suit (basically a suit of upgradable power armor). This is what she looks like when the suit is off.



Deviant_Mugen said:

This looks gorgeous, and the voice acting definitely sounds superior to the one in the leaked trailer. I can't wait for this game...



MrPinguy said:

Bah, any real fan knows that Samus isn't an mindless robot.
Haven't all of you "fans" read the official Manga with her origins?
(Yes it is official, you see art and story of it, in Zero Mission and Fusion.)
There is a reason why Samus consider Ridley her nemesis.
And yes it wasn't pretty and gave her several physiologic problems.
Yes, under that suit there is a Human.



GC-161 said:


Indeed. There is a blatant influence of the Star Wars prequels in this trailer.

General Malkovich's office looks like Senator Palpatine's office in the prequels. Right down to the HUGE window facing a Coruscant-like skyline with flying vehicles and whatnot.


Reading the manga is not a requirement to be called a fan of this franchise. But it is to be called an Otaku.

I just play the games. And what they offer is all the canon I need. The rest is unnecessary fluff IMO.

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