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The Conduit 2 Revealed in May Nintendo Power

Posted by Anthony Dickens

SEGA back on-board to publish a second outing for Agent Ford

According to IGN and a few other places, High Voltage Software's Conduit sequel has an 8-page spread in upcoming May edition of Nintendo Power.

Official (confirmed) details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that SEGA is set to publish the title in the US and Europe. We've heard the online play will be enhanced, with far greater customisation of character and weapons whilst local multiplayer will have support for 2 or 4 player split-screen.

The Conduit didn't quite reach the potential High Voltage Software were hoping for in terms of sales, so perhaps a second title with more efficient development time will suit fans of the original as well as investors.

It's only a matter of time before High Voltage or SEGA formally announce The Conduit 2, and we'll post it right here when they do.


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Mqblank said:

I thought the first game was decent enough with some pretty good weapons but not much of a story. The last level was pretty exciting though.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Good to know that this one will include local multi-player; it's a feature that has been absent from a few FPS games. I still haven't played the first, so I don't know whether or not this is good news yet...



antdickens said:

@Metroid_Fan, agreed, whilst I'm sure most Xbox FPS people are interested in the online play, personally I'm only ever gonna play multiplayer with a few friends - the online world is just full of hardcore FPS nuts with lightning fast rail gun precision - I can't compete!



Sean_Aaron said:

I still want to replay the first one, but I'm definitely keen on a sequel; especially if it has a stronger storyline.



BulbasaurusRex said:

With local multiplayer confirmed, it just needs better level design (both campaign mode and multiplayer) and to fix the online glitches to fix the biggest problems players have with the first game. Correcting those issues while at least matching the quality of everything else from the first game will make this a must-buy game for me.



TKOWL said:

My friend loves the original; now with the split-screen, I think he'll be overjoyed.



JimLad said:

YES YES YES, this can only be good.
The Conduit laid the ground work perfectly with the game engine and controls, but lacked pretty much everything else.
All they have to do now is add some proper content and it should be awesome.
And 4 player splitscreen... HA-LLE-freaking-LU-JAH is the Wii finally going to get its 'Goldeneye'?

I am so glad they wern't deterred by the reviews and sales, because a second game has so much promise.



Kirk said:

Well there's a lot of stuff they need to change/improve but it's a game I'll be keeping my eyes on just to see what happens...



blackknight77 said:

Good news. I enjoyed the first game, so now I have higher expectations for a the sequel. Its nice to see the Wii get its own franchise.



astarisborn94 said:

I really cannot wait for this game, it's going to be great.

The Conduit was a solid game, let's hope the sequel is even better and releases in Japan.



MasterGraveheart said:

The first Conduit was a nice skeletel structure for games to come. Now that they've gotten feedback on what fans want to see in the future of the series, it'll be something to build upon and create something truly epic on the Wii. I'll admit, I'm still not an FPS-gamer, but the Conduit, I found, was very fun, so I think I'll enjoy it... I just wish I could find matches that stick. I'm sick of disconnects...



Machu said:

A sequel that needs to deliver on what the original promised.

Good news I guess, but to me at least, they have a lot to prove. The single player became soulless later on thanks to regenerative health (please HVS, go for health packs or half-life style recharge stations this time, NOT crappy Halo regeneration which removes a large amount of challenge) and uninspired level design (you can't just add more enemies and be done with it). The multiplayer should have been awesome and was, for a week, but then the wall spawn and haxor's took over, ruining the whole thing.

I'm not b1tching, I'm trying to be constructive, I really hope this game delivers the fps I was hoping the first would be.

Oh, and get rid of that dumb conspiracy story, so yawnsome, so very yawnsome.



motang said:

I really need to finish off the first one, I am stuck at one place where I get swarmed by enemies and I can't seem to go any further.

It should be noted that FPS are my worst enemy.



paul_square said:

This is excellent news. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and was worried that they wouldn't follow up with a sequel due to the mixed reviews and sales. It actually took me a while to get through the single player mode, and I may be in the minority, but I found the storyline to be entertaining. I also probably would've never beaten the game without the regenerating suit... so I wouldn't mind if they brought that back either.



Varoennauraa said:

-Recharging shields are boring
-Respawning s*** is boringer(x)
-Guns that don't kill are the boringest

Please make Time Splittersy game mode and weapon set customization. In fact it is a MUST!!! Its easy, quick and cheap to do, put it there already. The first Conduit didn't need anything else to be good game really. It was annoyingly close to be good.

(x)although to include a reason and means to stop respawning can have its good sides in places.

Make the co-op properly, no hasty "survive together as many seconds as possible in vicinity of 1000 nests" -mode. Either co-op for the real game, or somewhat smaller side story to be played in co-op.



Percentful said:

And people say HVS are stupid.
I'm excited for this. I liked the first conduit, and I had lots of fun online, despite the hackers. The campaign was meh. I was never really interested in it, I wanted multiplayer and online. Hopefully this will do what the Conduit 1 was supposed to.



Yanagi said:

I'm just going to mirror others in saying that I liked the first one and am looking forward to the second game being an even better experience.



Ian_Daemon said:

Yes! The Conduit is a great FPS. If HVS improves on it, The Conduit 2 will be stellar. Online AND local multiplayer? Yes please!



vakama94 said:

well im gonna play the first yet, but if i like the first then a second one wouldn´t be bad



4-player mode makes me interested in this game. I hope it delivers.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh damn... I was hoping the 'exclusive' Wii game reveal in the May issue of Nintendo Power was going to be 'Mario Party 9'. I think with a few upgrades that the Mario Party franchise could easily be brought back up to speed and I loved the motion controlled mini games.

As for The Conduit I never picked it up - too busy with Metroid Prime Trilogy for another FPS! Hehe



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

yes i hope we can here something soon and i hope that they release it in a good enough time
its a buy for me no questions asked



GamingAddict said:

With the splitscreen they should add bots and a map editor so you can play it by yourself if you want. Now that would be cool to me anyways.



Marvelousmoo said:

Im not getting this unless it has four player splitscreen. I am tired of all this online play. My friends and I have to stick to playing old gamecube games like Timesplitters, because the Wii doesn't have any split screen games.



Nightsky071 said:

YES! The 2-4 player support is great! Just what I wanted.

Man! I'm tired of people doggin the Conduit. You gotta think. Its the "VERY FIRST GAME", its not gonna have everything you want. if it did then they wouldn't have much to improve the game on. And frankly I like the Sheild regeneration thing. It saves my life sometimes, and the weapons do kill. you just probably suck at using them.

My only problems with this game is the fact that people can launch 3 million rockets at me! F***ing Hackers! Thats just really annoying, they need to give us the option to kick these players



Machu said:

Dude, they were making games for 10 years prior to The Conduit.

I know some liked the recharge business, but for me it detracts from the fps experience. The 'circle-strafe' dies, and is replaced with the 'shoot, hide, shoot, hide'. Why do you think Halo attracted so many new fans... because it was easier!!!

Each to their own I guess, but...



Deviant_Mugen said:

@Ant: Agreed, if you're going to play a multi-player game, nothing beats doing so with friends who are in the same room. Plus, I tend to be a bit of a sore loser, so being trashed-talked by some jerk on the other side of the country (or world) who you can't slug in the arm or the like definitely wouldn't help the situation...

Good to know that HVS learned that local multi-player is an absolute must on the Wii; leave the online-only thing to the HD twins...

@Machu: Agreed about the rechargeable energy; they should leave that a halo staple and stick to health/energy packs. This is one of my main concerns regarding Other M: the waggle-'til-your-energy's-full mechanic...



RyuZebian said:

I didn't like the first game very much... Singel player was meh and online play was annoying... Headshots should be instant kill and that's that!

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