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See the Latest myPostcards Video From Nnooo

Posted by Brad Long

Also relax to its incredibly serene music

Creative director of Nnooo Nic Watts dropped an e-mail into our laps just recently to let us know that he's made a new video for upcoming DSiWare app myPostcards. Take a look for yourself: the people in it are incredibly happy!

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We've still no information on an accurate release date or amount of points you'll be forking out for the app, but stay tuned for any more information as it becomes available. And of course, expect a review for it once it's released later this year!

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arielp said:

seems a camera enabled app (obvious) , with editing (jotting, add elements, etc), and send as postcard to others (email/fb)

hopefully a 200 app (an instant buy)



Oregano said:

Ooo looks nice, seems like the type of thing i'd never use(don't really go anywhere exciting) but it looks like a well made, interesting app.



Supermegaman said:

That dsi color scheme is trippy... never seen black and white before
sounds cool, but i would never use it. it should be free considering that nintendo could have implimented this from the start, but then they would make no money...



Percentful said:

I might buy this, just to support nnooo. Besides, it looks like it could be useful for vacations.



Bobpie said:

The dumb thing is, you can already do this with the frames in the Photo Menu! Bad move, Nnooo.



JakobG said:

I still think this is the worst company name ever.
Also, now I am afraid of random passengers asking me to photograph them and handing over a DSi.

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