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Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority

Posted by Trevor Chan

Reggie Fils-Aime talks about the life that the Wii has ahead of itself, and Nintendo's competitors

Nintendo representatives don't usually pay much attention to any smack talk that might come from their competitors, but in a recent interview with Kotaku, the President at Nintendo of America seems to have been doing a bit of trash talking himself! With the Playstation Move and Project Natal just over the horizon, what are Nintendo's views on the future of the Wii, and Sony and Microsoft's respective new directions?

Reiterating what he said in a recent interview with Forbes, Fils-Aime asserts that Nintendo aren't looking to replace the Wii with a successor yet. Even when the time does come, simply having a "Wii HD" is not going to be enough for the next generation in home consoles. Although no time-frame was given as to when we can expect this successor, Nintendo will know when it's time when developers like Shigeru Miyamoto and Satou Iwata have an idea that they can't fully express on the Wii. Clearly, Nintendo still feels that there's plenty more juice left in the old girl.

For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier... For us we need to provide a whole new compelling experience in our next generation.

With innovation cited as a "hallmark of Nintendo", the company will continue to tap into the mainstream market in order to get more and more consumers into the past-time that they previously had no interest in. Whatever the next console will be capable of technically, it will be in line with what the Wii and the DS offered us in terms of something new.

Speaking of the direction that competitors Sony and Microsoft have taken and are beginning to take, Fils-Aime had some choice words to describe his thoughts on their efforts.

I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing...

So with the next home console a while away, what's left with the Wii? Will we just see innovative games, or will there be more additional hardware peripherals to make the Wii even more versatile than it already is?


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Good comments. I am glad Nintendo haven't fall in the annoying game "journalists" traps they always set to them.



bro2dragons said:

"Innovation" seems to be the word he's been primed with these days. Just read earlier his recent interview with IGN.... he must have said "innovation" or "innovate" 20 times over the course of the chat.



TKOWL said:

Proof that there's still a lot of innovation to be had in the industry.



The_Fox said:

Yawn. Reggie verbally fellating Nintendo with no substance to his comments. Booooring!



y2josh said:

I dislike Reggie more and more with his nonanswers. I know he has a job to do, but c'mon give me a break.
EDIT: After reading the article this was originally from, he did answer the questions more thoroughly there, but still boring and same ole same ole. Agree with The Fox.



Nintendoftw said:

Im tired of people thinking the Wii can last. IT CANT. it's hardware is from the year 2004 AT BEST. it's 2010.. Even the 360 and PS3 are outdated. nintendo, if you dont make a next gen console soon, then you might as well be another SEGA. your ignoring ALL of your fans just to appeal to pathetic casual gamers. The Wii is a failure, and should be treated as such. Sales dont matter, the fans didnt like it, so it IS a failure. The DS on the other hand is a completely diffrent story.



Buster13 said:

I don't know why, but I couldn't help but chuckle at the picture of Fils-Aime in the article. It's just sort of funny to me.

Anyway, industry asks the same old broken record questions, Fils-Aime gives the same old broken record answers. Nothing really special.



moomoo said:

I like Reggie. Mainly because if I didn't he'd probably kill me. He's Nintendo's Chuck Norris. I wish they would make a game solely based on him.



brandonbwii said:

Nintendo WILL continue to innovate but still won't have features common to other platforms, leaving Nintendo followers still unsatisfied.



bro2dragons said:

@Nintendoftw: i've been a fan of Nintendo (and videogames in general) since the SNES when i was a kid... and personally, the Wii is my favorite console yet. don't speak for everybody just because you're upset with the system. it's no failure, nor has Ninty abandoned anybody. and sales may not be everything (one of my favorite games ever is Beyond Good and Evil... crappy sales) but they do show popularity. and when Nintendo keeps making solid games like Brawl and MKWii and SMGalaxy and Prime Trilogy and these games keep selling... i take that as a sign that Ninty doesn't need "cutting edge" tech. that's not what gaming is about. it's about fun, and as long as they produce that for me, it's not a failure. if Ninty's next console were the graphical equivalent of the NES, but i had fun with the games (as i do with NES games that already exist), then that console would not be a failure either. it would have fulfilled it's purpose (fun), and there's nothing more you can ask.



Burning_Spear said:

@bro2deagons: Nice job. I've been with Nintendo since the NES, and I'm going to be sorry when the console is finally put to rest. Still looking forward to years of new games and experiences.



V8_Ninja said:

That's cool. As long as the next Nintendo console doesn't have an insane amount of shovel-ware for the first three years of it's life, I'll be cool with that.



XCWarrior said:

I'm so sick of Wii HD talk. Glad Nintendo doesn't do multiple SKUs of their consoles like the other two companies do. It hurts the consumers in the end - those loyalists that bought day 1 get an inferior system compared to those that waited. Makes no sense.



miketh2005 said:

@Nintendoftw: SEGA dreamcast didnt fail because it didn't listen to fans, it failed because it DID. it listened to fans TOO much, and it lost in sales. if you cared about nintendo and were a REAL fan, you would stick with nintendo like your best friend and understand where they are coming from. if you were a REAL fan you would be happy that they are getting so much sales so that they dont die and can continue making great games and even new IPs. Your selfish, is what you are. They provide great and fun games, and that's all they really need to do.



aaronsullivan said:

Well, I'm glad Nintendo is admitting that the Wii HD is coming this Fall. Didn't you read about it? It's called PS3 Move.

Let's see how it does without Nintendo making software for it.

Jesting aside, the whole Wii HD thing did make sense if you compare it to say Nintendo DSi, but this confidence from Nintendo is revealing. It sounds to me like Nintendo already has the game idea that is being limited by current hardware.

All speculation, of course, but this solid stance and reasoning from Reggie is probably coming from somewhere. It's not as if there is some precedent at Nintendo for waiting until a game needs a new hardware innovation to release a new console. It's a brand new philosophy based off the success of the Wii and to a lesser degree the DS -- (For anyone thinking N64, I'd argue the analog stick was reactionary when Nintendo was forced to go 3D by the Playstation.)

Also, could you really run a company that way? How many decades would they wait to release a new console before a game idea that was impossible with current hardware came up? "Yeah, I know it's 2039. Sorry, guys, we just haven't come up with something the Wii can't do."

No, I suspect Miyamoto or even more likely, Iwata -- anyone else notice the oddity of mentioning Iwato, the CEO, in this context? -- already have a great idea for a game that needs a significant paradigm shift and the plans are set in motion. In fact, the plans of Sony and Microsoft actually seem to give them some relief. They won't be beaten to the punch, apparently.

Also, if there is no big idea already sealing up the direction of the next console, would Reggie really set Nintendo up for failure this way? He's essentially saying that the next console HAS to be innovative. It's almost like suggesting that the Wii phenomenon will happen again.

So, some people say these interviews are boring and say nothing. I say it shows that Nintendo already has it's next big thing planned or Reggie is incredibly ballsy.

I'm crazy curious what they might have in store.



@Nintendoftw - Congrats, you won the most dellusional gamer ever in this site.

And what kind of answers did you people wanted reggie to said?! The idiotic journalists keep asking the same idiotic answer and he just replies the way those morons deserve. Why on earth if the wii is the most succesful console from Nintendo they most release a HD one when is obvious that th markey is not mad about it yet? Use the logic!



Stuffgamer1 said:

It's funny (or is it sad?) how few people realize and/or care about the technical limitations of the Wii. You just KNOW there's a lot of people going out and getting fancy HDTV's, and then hooking up their Wii's to them. If the TV's are fancy ENOUGH, the Wii will still look awesome and it won't really matter (see: my friends with their massive HDTV running Wii through composite, where it looks better than through component on my smaller, cheaper HDTV). But sooner or later, people will catch on to the fact that PS3 just looks so much nicer, and doesn't even really cost all that much more than a Wii!

Bascially, if Nintendo isn't careful, Move just might be a surprise runaway success and steal their thunder. PS3, the "total package" entertainment device. Even casual gamers will want Blu-Ray players, and will probably see great value in having one included with their high-quality game machine. The only trick is convincing them that the gameplay experience can live up to what Nintendo does.



Hawker said:

pretty much everyone that wants a WiiHD only want pretty graphics to look at & really don't seem to care at all if the game is fun or not, which is the single most important factor in a game. Lot of games that these graphic lovers think are awesome I frankly find to be just pretty pictures hidding the fact that the game itself is just not good.

With games like Zelda TP, SMG, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Fire Emblem RD, NSBW, MKW, Brawl, Murimasa, & about another 20+ games that I just can't think of at the moment that I have or want to get (just on games that are out now, I'm not even talking about Metroid other M, SMG2, Zelda Wii, ect) I've gotten more for my money on the Wii then on the so called "hardcore gamer's" consoles.



The_Fox said:

Except that the PS Move has shown nothing good in the way of games. And the PS3 makes for a pretty sub par Blu-Ray player.



@stuffgamer: if you really think that the expanded audience (which is like 80% of the wii userbase) will buy a PS3 just because its cheaper, it has a waggle thing, pretty graphics and blu ray...then is obvious you don't have any idea, like sony, of what it really is the Expanded audience.



DJ_Triforce said:

Don't get me wrong. I love the Wii. I love Wii games. I've been playing Nintendo since the beginning... but they need to step up their game (no pun intended). Seriously, the PS3's motion sensor looks to be a very strong competitor for Nintendo... I don't think Nintendo is ready to admit it yet though... Hopefully, they have something more to offer this coming E3...



jangonov said:

@thefox, actually the PS3 is one of the best blu-ray players on the market, since it has every feature the others do (and more than some, such as being able to connect to BD-Live via wifi) and the picture is able to output in full 1080p. So how is it sub-par?



RyuZebian said:

Judging from the time between the Gamecube and Wii release, the release should be spring 2011. But considering how the Wii's hardware was pretty out-dated from the start, it could very likely happen earlier. But later? Oh no, then Nintendo has grown totally mad... Or it's rulers at least.



Machu said:

The Interview with IGN was my favourite.

Reggie musta thought it was his birthday when he caught sight of the Move. I'm with him, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the show. I have faith in Nintendo and am tired of hearing from people who are sick of the Wii, most of them don't even own one and if they do they don't buy any of the games, as they like to tell themselves there are none. We have a bunch of graphic whores telling us that Nintendo don't know what they're doing, meanwhile S&M fall over themselves to botch some motion control into their consoles. It's hilarious!

I'd rather have full access to VC than the entire PS360 library. Innovation is dead on those consoles, where they are attempting to innovate, is in the exact same area Nintendo did over 3 yrs ago.

Just to make myself clear, the Move looks like a badly thought out joke and according to early play tests, it is. Sony tried soo hard to think of something to get in on the casual market, but they couldn't. Instead they announce what is, in effect, a 3rd party wii-mote.

[Reggie laughs]



RowdyRodimus said:

Nintendoftw, so how is the Wii a failure? 70+million consoles sold with a net of 6+ dollars per unit, not to mention the millions of extra controllers, Wii Speak, steering wheels and points cards sold oh and the many multi million seller games they have for it. Man if that is a failure in your mind I can't fathom what a success would be.
Would it be a success if it was played more by the Brocore fans who live and die by Madden or the latest Call of Duty game? Or would it take IGN or Seanbaby saying it is?
Your argument of they didn't listen to us holds no water and do you know why? Who is to define who "us" is? I used that same argument about Kid Icarus, the difference is, I stated that Nintendo didn't listen to us before, and I identified "us" as people who have wanted a new version for 20+ years. Blanket statements do not win debates.
Everyone who has read your diatribe is now a bit dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.



Percentful said:

@nintendoftw I see you decided to join Nlife. Just a tip: it's a smarter bunch overall here than it is over at DSihub , so you'd better think out your comments a little but more.
Regarding Reggie, I really don't care if they release a new system. I'll start caring once I've bought the 60+ games I want to get.



Mange said:

So when do we see some interview with NintendoLife asking the questions.



JimLad said:

The Wii is more powerful than the first Xbox, a console that I think is perfectly capable of running smooth looking 3D games.
Anything beyond this mark in my opinion is FLUFF, cosmetic distractions where time could have been spent adding more play time or improving the interface.

I'm suprised there are still people who think there is room for improvement on the graphics front. Where do you honestly think 360/PS3 could go from here if they wern't moving into motion control?

The only reason Wii would need to match the competitors power is for more third party support, which I believe is the wrong reason.
The only reason the competitors are closing the price gap is because they are selling consoles at a LOSS. Same as they did last gen, it's practically cheating when if they were soley a video games company they would be bankrupt by now.

Conclusion: Regardless of your feelings on the Wii, it is far from a failure because it is leading the way in the evolution of video games. Just like the NES did, and the SNES, and the N64. Consoles where the interface was copied in some way shortly after by rival companies.



TingLz said:

I kinda agree with Reggie. HD by itself is not enough of an addition at this point for the next console. I'd honestly rather see a whole new console with some new ideas installed into it, but that doesn't necessarily rule out HD as one of the additions



CheifThunder said:

Em,translate what he says is,they are building up there non casual gamers over core gamers.
Nintendo are clearly worried about PS move,Natal... recently nick named him wishy,washy,because everything he says is wishy,washy.




Maybe but he wasn't "wishy washy" when announcing the wii and ds way back. Also, the fact your quoting ign doesn't lend any credence to your "arguement". You might as quote a comic book, tabloid rag!

Its obvious Nintendo will be looking toward innovation, we didn't need Reggie to tell us that. But his quotes on here sound interesting and spot on anyway!

OMG Sony are desperate, and its showing in their latest desperate "move". Honestly, I don't see good things with the company, all the markets tv, music, video games etc are being dominated by rival companies and they're getting no where near there targets apparantly. They've let the ball slip really, really badly



The_Fox said:

The PS3 is fairly slow as a Blu-Ray player and is total crap at BDRE. No doubt better than the PS2 was as a DVD player, but still.



TingLz said:

The PS3 actually has a mediocre blu-ray player compared to the other models



Boshar said:

The PS3 with move looks like a Wii with HD graphics. Its games seem to play like the 1st releases we had on the Wii or worst.

It took a while before there was a 'good' FPS control scheme on the Wii. Op PS3 most titles will still primarily be made for dual shock controllers with the Move as an option. Move is to expensive for the casual market (auround $100 for 1 controller!) where local multiplayer is king.

Natal has its own set of problems. They still have to show games without significant input lag and the Natal controller can't be used for shooters.

Yes HD graphics are nice to have. I would like them too but if the choice is between good games and graphics I choose good games!



Pegasus said:

Innovate how? Another awkward way to play games? I don't even want to bother thinking about the idiocy of the vitality sensor. I actually didn't buy my Wii because of its motion controls, but because it was the most affordable console at the time. Having been made by Nintendo did help a bit, too. I've yet to be won over by any gimmicky control scheme, so I very much see Sony's Move and MS's Natal going down the very same road.

At the same time, I find it funny that Nintendo sparsely uses what is its own marketing gimmick in its own games. A good thing, too. Though the pointer ability can work wonders for a game.

I wouldn't mind an HD upgrade for Wii. If people can upscale Wii games well on a PC I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility when it would come to a Wii successor with more proper and efficient code. Right now my games have a tendency to look a bit rough on my new HDTV. Surprisingly, all VC games look pretty great, especially the N64 ones that have received a slight graphical enhancement when Nintendo brought them over. That's not to say the games are any less fun, though. Once I do get into a game I may not notice as much.

Let's not forget that an HD upgrade wouldn't just simply mean better graphics. It would also afford the console more actual processing power so it could do more things than before. That's one thing that is most notable about the Wii's competitors, and it really shows how limited the Wii is in what can be done in the games it has.

As for the DS, it can stay just the way it is.



mnementh said:

I think it's embarrassing to be a Sony fanboy after this ripoff. But I really think that Nintendo should sue over the not-nunchuk attachment. That's really embarrassing. In the long run it means no 3rd party wii exclusives, and it's kind of sad, but maybe also Wii will get some nice 3rd party efforts that would be made for the PS3 'move'.



GC-161 said:

People, people... Does anybody here seriously think Reggie is going to admit that Nintendo's R&D is working on the Wii's successor?

The moment he does that, Reggie knows that support for the current version of the Wii will drop to Dreamcast levels around the time the PS2 was first announced. The fact that Ninty's competitors are working hard to replace the Wii with something similar (but pricey) makes it even more difficult for Reggie and Nintendo to discuss anything about the Wii's successor.

Now, lets remember that Nintendo has stated in the past that they (R&D) start working on the next console as soon as their current console goes gold and hits the market. Work on the GCN started as soon as the N64 was released. Work on the Wii started as merely an add-on for the GCN but it soon developed into the Wii.

Late last year Nintendo was in not-so-secret talks with IBM and Intel. IBM is pretty confident they can produce the chips Nintendo needs for their next console. And Intel wants to convince Ninty to use their technology in said device. Stuff is already going on. But Reggie will not admit that it is.

However, if the Move and Natal catch on later this year, Nintendo will have no choice but to reveal the Wii successor at the Spaceworld event held in Japan.



Slapshot said:

@TheFox... actually YES Sony has dropped games coming out for the Move this past week at GDC, and they also reported that 36 Third Party Developers are now in full support of the device and are currently in development of games. Remember all these front page articles about Nintendo loosing third party support.... guess where they went, to the Move for what fans are screaming for WiiHD and Sony is givig it to fans, not Nintendo!


Another thing dropped at GDC this past week is that Playstation Move as less than 1 frame latency. Its actually faster than a 1:1 Ratio and highly more accurate to the WiiMote even with Motion Plus. Sony astounded people with what the Move could do last week at GDC and even gamers like myself who hate Motion Controls are starting to think this device might be worth buying.

Also the Playstation Move will be less than $100 USD will come with the Playstation EyeToy, Move and Game!

This link has a good bit more of Reggies comments, and its pretty dang obvious that he knows that Nintendo has been outdone with the Move and its time to Inovate into another area.




Not all those 3rd parties have dropped support for the wii though

You're quoting ign and a playstation site and have an avatar of ratchet....but I respect your opinion n all that (yawn)



Slapshot said:

@Legend Marioid.... obviously your a newer to the site, Ive been a member here for a LONG time lol. Im a big Nintendo Fan as well, but like a lot of the gamers on here, I own multiple systems.



Slapshot said:

@bro... lol yeah got me by a few days, First time Ive seen him before lol.

Anyways, I didnt post links for proof are as a insult, I just put it there for info on the Playstation Move as an earlier comments showed that some here havent seen the recent things on it. I could care less about console wars and who is the best company.



TingLz said:

@slapshot: Just because all those developers support the Move doesn't mean it will be successful. I can see a couple of things wrong with the Move already



Percentful said:

@slapshot I won't say Nintendo's been outdone until the sales charts start rolling in. Fans are screaming for Wii HD, not PS3 move, and I'm not too sure that Sony's fanbase is going to like this.



GC-161 said:

"Also the Playstation Move will be less than $100 USD will come with the Playstation EyeToy, Move and Game!"

^^^^ Pfft! No dewd, it's like this. Sony HOPES that they sell that bundle at that price. It's not set in stone YET. And it will not be sold for LESS. And the game? A cheap Wii Sports rip-off, right? Right?

Besides, the ones Sony is trying to cater to aren't the ones who already own a PS3. But the ones that are currently flocking to the Wii or that have yet to jump into the gaming thing. Core gamers for the most part (on the PS3) don't give a rats arse about motion controls. I've seen the polls at PSX sites. They don't care for it. Sony knows it and they're going after NEW customers who do not own a PS3. And these ppl pretty much have two choices (or three if Natal manages to come out of it's beta stage):

1. Buy a Wii for $199 with Wii Sports included (however, I expect Nintendo to drop the price of the Wii obviously BECAUSE of the Move and Natal being their direct competition. You can't expect Ninty to sit on their hands while the others try to take their user base. So the Wii could be priced at $149 in the Holidays).

2. Buy a PS3 for $299 + $100 (That's $400.00 bucks + taxes!) for the whole Move package necessary to play the games as they should be played.

Yep... we can expect yet another Wii dominated holiday season in 2010.



y2josh said:

@Satori: Unless PS3 packages the Move and all of it's parts in with the PS3 for 300$, which would be the point of the thing anyways (selling more PS3s). I'd say Microsoft will do the same with natal. Take a small loss for a smaller gain that adds up to people owning your system and buying games for your system.



Slapshot said:

@SatoriSatya... hey, apparently you know everything. I paid $499 for both of my PS3s and I dropped what was it $249 for my Wii. Who cares about the money? I dont at all. Im going to pay whatever, if its something I want to play, and as I said in my prior post, YOU are definately NOT one of the ones I was posting it for. I merely put the links there for info on the Move!

Another thing if its going to be crap, and nobody wants it then why would Microsoft head of Europe Peter Molyneux said he would "love to get his hands on and play around with" as a designer. Even he states that its very apparent that it is catered to the Core and not the Casul and Sony has stated many times that is their aim.

PS3 does have a massive casual fanbase as well, as seen with the very sucessful Singstar and Buzz games, so of course Sony will aim to Casual gamers as well. This is no suprise to anyone either.



GC-161 said:

"Unless PS3 packages the Move and all of it's parts in with the PS3 for 300$, which would be the point of the thing anyways (selling more PS3s). I'd say Microsoft will do the same with natal. Take a small loss for a smaller gain that adds up to people owning your system and buying games for your system"

^^^^ The PS3 will have need of yet another price drop if they wanna sell the whole Move package for that amount ($300). No question about it.

MS is known for taking huge loses not small ones. They have been in the red since the first xbox (BBC reported they suffered BILLIONS in loses). Last year they had 31 million dlls in loses. They have deep pockets and I guess they can continue to throw money into the money pit just to continue being second or first.

Imagine if both Sony and MS were only a videogame company as Nintendo is. If they suffered such loses they would've been gone.

Nintendo can't afford to be like them. If they did, it would've been over for them back in 2006.


"hey, apparently you know everything. I paid $499 for both of my PS3s and I dropped what was it $249 for my Wii. Who cares about the money? I dont at all"

^^^^ Who cares about the money? Sheesh! How can you be from the US and actually say that? Considering we're in a freakin' recession?

The only folk that talk like you either live with their mothers and have an allowance, sell crack on a corner or have zero responsibilities in their household (don't pay bills, don't have to feed their kids, etc).

Get real. Most people already have spoken with their wallets... and that's why the Wii is on top. Because it's cheaper. Not because it's more expensive.



Percentful said:

slapshot82 wrote:

Who cares about the money?

That has got to be the worst argument I've seen yet.
I think most people's wallets will agree with me...



Slapshot said:

@Satori... actually where i live in the US the recesion has done very little to us at all and buisness are going up everywhere still. People have flocked to our cities down here for the last year, and cant believe that we arent hurt by the recesion. AND I dont sell crack and its called I work and make really good money as well as my wife. Two full incomes makes for a lot of extra money, but honestly its not hard to put back a little here and there and save up a few hundred bucks.

I do know that Sony reported nearly a Billion Dollars in profit this past year with just its Playstation franchise, so its not loosing money as the internet rumors fly. They only loose around $40 USD per console but the software makes the money back plus a lot more.

I also never said that Nintendo wouldnt be on top this year or for here on out. A cheaper console is going to sell more, I know several households myself that have more than one Wii in them. You get what you pay for though. You spend the more money on a HD system you get the better online integration etc, you know all this, Im not going into details.

All in all, the Playstation Move has been showcasing a impressive piece of Technology, that even Reggie seems somewhat impressed with. Yeah it was Nintendo sidea from the get go, and now a HD compatible version is on the horizon that may or might not be better, as a gamer Im watching it to see! Loyalty to a company in the current gaming world just leaves you missing out on great games!



GC-161 said:

"actually where i live in the US the recesion has done very little to us at all and buisness are going up everywhere still. People have flocked to our cities down here for the last year, and cant believe that we arent hurt by the recesion"

^^^ Oh really? Where do you live?

Disneyland is not a city and neither is Lego Land.

The way you talk, you seem to be one of those guys from Nigeria trying to convince me that Africa has a ton of princesses waiting to give me a check worth 1000000000000000000000 dlls. I just don't buy it. Sorry.

And yes, I too work. But like most ppl out here in the US I have other priorities. Before I spend a single dime on a console or game I first make sure everything else that really matters in my life is taken care of. Bills, food, school and other important expenses. The way you talk... man, it's like you don't have a care in the world. I mean, who's your daddy? Scrooge McDuck?

And the Move has had a hard time impressing Sonyers (read the polls). And the first impressions coming from editors that have actually tried Move are mostly lukewarm or downright negative.

And Reggie is not going to be impressed by something that is merely doing what the Wii already has been doing since 2006. Not while he laughs all the way to the bank with giant bags of money.



The_Fox said:

What I said was that Sony has shown nothing in the way of good games for the Move, and I stand by that. Companies claiming support doesn't mean a lot. Time will tell, but for now it seems all pretty underwhelming.

P.S: bragging about doing well during the recession while others are losing their jobs, savings and homes is a bit of a duck move. I understand what you were responding about, but it was still in poor taste.



bro2dragons said:

@Satori and slapshot: chill guys. no need to go attacking each other or whatever the heck you guys are doing. debating is fine. i love it myself. who doesn't like making a point? but comments like the Nigeria one there, Satori are unnecesary. let's keep this from getting personal, lest NL no longer differ from IGN or GameSpot or GameTrailers or whatever other video game forum out there on the web with little senseless and immature bickering and name-calling. Thank you.



mnementh said:

@SatoriSatya - it doesn't matter if Nintendo's main focus is on gaming and Sony and Microsoft do a bunch of other things. No company can take huge losses over time. If PS3 is a failure then that gaming subsidiary will go bankrupt, and no other corporate entity of Sony will bail it out - why would they? Nintendo is a huge company, it's the 3rd most valuable company in Japan in terms of capitalization (MORE than Sony by quite a bit actually).



mnementh said:

At the end of the day, Sony's 'move' into the motion controller market = disgusting rip-off. I really wouldn't mind if Natal becomes such a huge success that it leaves the Wii trailing behind, but I hope so much to see Sony fail now.. this really pissed me off.

I do see the move failing thankfully. Contrary to some comments above, it looks like the Move is much less accurate than the wiimote. Obviously WM+ is better there's no question about that. The Move has serious lag, the pointer is slow and doesn't work correctly (this is due to the inferior spatial resolution of having the pseye camera - which is very dated btw). you can read all that in IGN and in other reports. Not to mention the design sucks, the buttons that weren't ripped off suck.. Looks like an epic fail.



Slapshot said:

@mnementh...Here is IGNs article about Move, Wii and Natal and its the exact opposite everything you just said!

@TheFox.... sorry if I came off as braging, but I in no way was. Me and my wife both have both worked extremely hard to get to where we are tody. She now has a Masters Degree and is currently halfway though her Doctorates in Special Education. I have a very good trade and currently back in school and working as well. I live in Southern Alabama and here there are signs of the recession but they are few. Honestly I as well as many others here forget we are in one. Just tonight I went to grab a bite to eat and another Burger King, Arbys and Dairy Queen are going up now in my hometown. I do apolagize if I offended you or anyone else.

@Satori.... I of course would never put gaming before my family dude come on. Damn man, seriously all this because I put some info on the Move on here!



The_Fox said:

Don't worry about it.
It's just that the area where I live has been hit hard with the recession, and I probably just read too much into what you said.



Slapshot said:

@TheFox... dude, I hate to hear that. Seriously man my prayers go out to you man. All truth man, I grew up really with basically very little myself. I started working right when I turned 15 and have never stopped. Ive worked for everything Ive ever owned so that being called a crack dealer kind ticked me off. It took a lot of hard, and sometimes upwards of 20+ hr days working to get to where I am. Easy to forget its the internet here when you make so many friends on the forums lol.



Snoopy said:

the wii is great. but they are stuck in the clouds because they are sitting on the money they have made off the wii. i am sure they will stretch out the wii for a few more years. but i dont get how they think Hd gaming and online gaming are not what we want. doesnt xboxlive have like a million paying members?



mnementh said:

@slapshot82 - nope. it's exactly what i said. they're bashing it. did you read it?? they said exactly what i said. see forum topic too. look at sentences like "Most of the stuff played like first-generation Wii efforts from third-parties." move sucks. really badly. and earlier technical comparisons confirmed that the pointer is really slow because of spatial resolution problem. sorry mate.



mnementh said:

here you go:
"Obviously, I'm not making games and I'm sure some software creators will note that with the roll of the eyes and claim that it's all too easy for me to bitch and moan from the backseat, or the sidelines, as it were. But playing the armchair role for a minute, it seems an unavoidable conclusion to me that Sony should have at least examined the very best genre-leaders on Nintendo's platform and then duplicated if not surpassed them with its own Move-controlled experiences. For instance, Medal of Honor, The Conduit and Red Steel 2 offer fantastic controls for first-person shooters. Anything less than these will be considered substandard by the informed masses -- at least those with knowledge of Wii's library. Unfortunately, Move doesn't yet compete. The company's shooter feels laggy and unresponsive as I attempt to gun down robotic targets. The boxing game is not one-to-one, but gestural-based, and slow. Nearly everything feels redone, but somehow half-baked. "



mnementh said:

so Move:

doesn't compete
gestural only
not 1:1
redone and half-baked




GC-161 said:


"I of course would never put gaming before my family dude come on. Damn man, seriously all this because I put some info on the Move on here!"

^^^^ No it's because of what you said in regards that money was not an issue to those living in that fake wonderland you mentioned in one of your posts. That's why I responded the way I did. About the fact that money IS an issue to most people.

And that's going to be the main factor behind the success or failure of the MOVE. It the add-on or bundle is cheap as dirt, it will fly off the shelves. However, if Sony gives customer the old "get a second job, you lazy bast3rds" as they did when the $600 PS3 was first introduced, then it will fail. Because money is an issue to most people.


Yeah but Nintendo has been wiser in terms of doing everything possible to stay out of the red. That's the difference between what Ninty does and what the other guys are doing.

Sony going bankrupt? If it happens it will be thanks to MS. If MS wasn't on the scene, Sony wouldn't need to spend as much cash trying to win over the core gamers that are on the MS camp or trying to buy exclusives to keep their user base intact and in line.

Now with the Move, they're branching out to reach casual gamers. At the same time MS is doing it with Natal. So they will have to fight off MS on two different fronts. Including having to prevent Nintendo from keeping a big chunk of the casual crowd faithfully at their side. It looks like an uphill fight for Sony, alright.



Crunc said:

The big problem with PS3 Move (and Xbox 360 Natal) is that it didn't come in the box from the beginning. They already have a smaller market share, and now they are splintering to an even smaller market. Developers aren't going to get much bang for the buck by developing Move or Natal games because there just won't be that many people with the motion hardware. They can change that situation over time if they aren't foolish and include Move/Natal in the box with every console purchased from day 1, and don't offer versions without it any more, but still it will take time. It's like starting over again from day one.



M00se said:

the move is more accurate than the wii remote and natal. although both psmove and natal will fail, just wanted to point it out.



GC-161 said:

"...the move is more accurate than the wii remote and natal"

Not yet. Still some work to be done...

From PS3-IGN:

""(The Playstation Move) it's a pre-alpha build and only about 20 percent completed – but what I saw today didn't impress me. Although the folks demoing (Motion Fighter) were saying that you needed to throw real punches and not just pump your fists wildly, that wasn't what I found when I picked up the wands today."

"When I first started playing (Motion Fighter), I dropped my hands to my side to see if the shirtless man would, and he didn't. When I put the biker in the headlock and started punching with my left wand, maybe every third punch was registering as an elbow strike on the screen. It definitely wasn't one-for-one, and it was a bit maddening."

" it stands, every person I saw play the game devolved into the same frantic swinging I equate with Wii Boxing".




@ Slapshot....fair enough mate, but many gamers don't have multiple systems too. Ign aren't a reputeable site when it comes to the Wii



Slapshot said:

@Legend... yeah man and that is why Ive been here for right at a year now reguraly. Ive been a Nintendo gamers since I was the launch day of the NES and always will be, though I do prefer my Nintendo gaming in the portable fashion mostly. Wii has and is a massive success that is no doubt, but Im glad to see it finally get some competition. Specifications can be argued all day and night but nobody here has laid a hand or eye on Move or Natal, both of them may end up being great and Im hoping it will push Nintendo to keep on bringing great games to the Wii, as this year is looking to be the best year for the Wii with releases since launch. No, Im not a Sony fanboy, though the PS3 is my first choice in Home Console Gaming, I enjoy both sides of every conversation, and have killed hours on links on user comments on other sites. Obviously I wont make the same mistake here again.




If Nintendo is pushed by the competition, that'd be a good thing yes.

Also, Sony games are generally hugely over-priced compared to wii games aren't they? I'm talking about on-line prices and that?

Anyway, I used to be a "dual" gamer of both Sony and Nintendo systems but I must say Sony leached the interest out of gaming completely with the release of their PS3 console. I had no interest in their generally isolationist games library. It was actually disillusioning when you looked at the xbox too.

However, Nintendo Wii and DS came along to fill a deep void in my entertainment life and boy have they been great for me. I still have my PS2 though and a few games left over. I actually have more PS2 games left than GBA and GC games after numerous culs!

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