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Order Your Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3

Posted by Trevor Chan

Comes in the best-looking box you have ever seen

It's one thing to own what is surely going to be one of the top games of 2010, but it's quite another to buy it in a limited edition bundle that comes with every peripheral you'll need to get the most out of the game. If you are not familiar with the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~), be sure to check out our first impressions when Luke Westaway headed down to the Monster Hunter University event in London last month.

When the game launches next month, you'll be able to buy the game in an Ultimate Hunter Pack that includes a copy of the game, a black Classic Controller Pro, and the Wii Speak if you preorder it on the GAME website. There's also a fourth mystery item that appears to be Lagicrus-related: a figurine perhaps? You can also preorder this at your local bricks and mortar GAME store, if you're still distrustful of the Internet for whatever reason.

At the recent Nintendo Media Summit, Capcom revealed further details on the highly anticipated action adventure game. North American gamers that preorder the game or the Classic Controller Pro bundle from GameStop will also get a playable demo and free Nintendo Points. The demo will be available from 8th March onwards across GameStop stores.

Thanks to reader Rhys Elliott for sending this one in.


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James said:

I really, really, really want this, even though I already have a Classic Controller and Wii Speak. I think really I just want the box. Oh, and the game, but mostly the box.



James said:

@OB This is a European bundle, but as far as I know Nintendo is yet to make a decision on the availability of the demo in Europe. I think you guys Stateside get 500 Points as well though, right?



ReZon said:

@Prosody - 500 points only if preordering through Gamestop (shudder).

@OB - Gamestop is supposed to give the demos out to anyone who wants it according to Capcom, but some stores have been giving them only to people who preorder.



AVahne said:

Europe gets stuff later but this generation they're getting all the good stuff



bro2dragons said:

Well, i spose it's only fair since we got the cool Prime Trilogy box... but still.... I HAVE JEALOUSY!



RowdyRodimus said:

I can get a few Demo discs, so (first come first served) email me at and we'll see how many I can get sent out if you can't get one. (one of my best friends is a Gamestop DM, I've let him know about how you guys have said that the employees have handled the demo distribution)



bro2dragons said:

@Zaphod: so.... because you don't get everything you want... you're going to say no to a free demo and 500 points? that'll teach 'em!



Supermegaman said:

too bad i already have wii speak... but im thinking im gonna have to preorder this now. free points and a demo? These people really know how to make you buy a game



nintendogamerftw said:

You lucky Europeans!
I'll be willing to trade MPT in the box for this one. I'll throw a kiddie toy from Burger King too.



Raylax said:

I don't have a CC Pro or Wii Speak. I'm tempted to get this. But I'll have to somehow fabricate £70 for it.



ToastyYogurt said:

That sounds AWESOME! Too bad I live in the NA... at least I'll be able to take up on that Gamestop deal If I decide to preorder this... I'll get a free demo before the game's released, a Classic Controller Pro, AND 5 bucks back in the form of Nintendo Points!



WolfRamHeart said:

I would love to get my hands on one of these! Too bad that it won't be coming to NA. Oh well, I'm getting the Classic Controller Pro bundle from GameStop with the 500 points so I'm not too sad.



Highlar said:


I know this one for a fact. A couple of days after the NA Summit, I went to Gamestop to ask about the demo discs. I was told by the employee that the demo discs ONLY come with a pre-order. The full pre-order (according to the employee) was the demo disc, $5 off the game, and a 500pt Wii card. I was planning on doing it anyway, so I put in a pre-order for the classic controller pro bundle, since I don't have one of those yet. Going to head out on Monday to pick up the demo and check this bad boy out (after my Wii gets back in the mail from repair, that is...supposed to be here on Monday sometime).



CheifThunder said:

The way i look @ it is you can make the chest out of cladding yourself,wii speak of ebay brand new is £10,£15 for classic controller ebay,£25 game ebay.
Total £50
save £19.99



edhe said:

Oh, when the boot is on the other foot...

I'm considering putting in a preorder, although I wonder whether to get the standard release and forego the wiispeak (which I probably won't use anyway.)

And is the Classic Controller Pro exclusive to this bundle or is a simpler bundle being made available (game + classic controller pro), or will I need to buy a classic pro seperately.

Do I really need to have a classic controller Pro - if the game was to work with the gamecube controller, I could save on batteries (like I can with Pokémon Rumble and Super Smash Bros. Brawl) - but this is unlikely...



Terra said:

That's just full of awesomeness

I already have Wii Speak and a Classic Controller (Albeit the original one) so even if I did have the money for this, I'm not sure whether I'd buy it. The Box looks really good



Amorous_Badger said:

I'm adding this link and I'm coming right back on payday this looks ACE. It'll make a great birthday present for myself.



Starwolf_UK said:

I guess it needs to be said. £70 works out at about $105-$112. Suddenly this looks nowhere near as attractive. Hopefully like Spirt Tracks the bundle will drop in price.

@Smileoscar. The God of War ultimate collection is a massive thumbs down for me for the fact the only way for a European to get European versions of the first two games is to buy a ridiculously priced limited edition (good job the PS3 is region HD). Figurines and that is fine for limited editions but it reeks of desperation that you have to restrict actual games to it.




I'm not going to get too embroiled in the hype for this particular game. Going to hold myself off from it until I read more about it from actual reviewers and players. Nice special ed box,; but no thanks.

I've already gone and got a classic controller pro from e bay for £12.49 as well. Played tats v caps using it as well............ I really like the controller!



James said:

Dazza didn't understand the game at all, and even with my hunting experience I found it difficult. Learning it with a few friends will be awesome; I just hope the demos haven't put more people off than they've enticed.



Stuffgamer1 said:

So the demos AREN'T supposed to be pre-order only...I didn't think that sounded right, seeing as there's a sign attached to the display of them that advertizes the 500 point card and $5 off final price deals. Speaking of which, I notice the latter portion of the reservation deal isn't getting much notice here, with only one previous post mentioning it at all. Not bad, I think.

For what it's worth, the mistake on the parts of GameStop employees is understandable. The demos probably didn't come with printed instructions to give them to whomever asked (GameStop sucks at giving employees correct directions), and most other game demos we get in actually ARE reservation bonuses. I called my store to let them know the real situation.

Having never played a single Monster Hunter game, I need to try the demo and see what the heck this stuff is. Hopefully, the story is in no way connected to previous PS2 and PSP games?



James said:

@stuffgamer1 As far as I know, there's no story connection to any previous Monster Hunters, although as some monsters reappear (Rathalos for example) it's possible they're set in the same timeline or world at least. There's naff-all plot to the PSP ones though so don't worry about being left behind



Amorous_Badger said:

Hmm...some relflection and some googling reveals that I could get all the kit in this box for around 50 quid if I shop around a bit.




Rerun said:

I love the box! In terms of Pre-Order Bonuses, EU is getting more than the US. Not to mention how much better the EU Club Nintendo is compared to the NA Club Nintendo. And EU got the BLACK Wii to boot. sigh



Vinsanity said:

That's not the best looking box I've ever seen - have you not seen the God of War III Pandora's Box Special Edition, Nintendo Life? That's the best box I've ever seen...

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