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Nintendo Beaten to the Punch on Wii Football Controller

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

And the world is now a better place

What was once just a glimmer of Nintendo patent tomfoolery has all of a sudden turned itself into a real product, but not by the hands of The Big N. Seems somebody else has beaten them to it!

That someone is CTA Digital, who are also notably behind the Wii Bowling Ball controller and a skate/snowboard shell for the Balance Board, among many other peripherals for all platforms.

At least it's made of squishy foam material for when it's inevitably flung through someone's expensive television, and there's even room for MotionPlus. Future proof!

So, CTA, what else you got cooking? Dare we dream?

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Paper92 said: what do you do after you complete the pass? Don't you need the other controller to run?



Starkiller said:

I hate guys in advertisements who talk like the thing they're advertising is the best thing ever.



BlueFlameBat said:

You know the product in the picture and the one in the video are different, right? They're both from CTA Digital though.

Looks kind of weird, but I'm glad someone is having fun making controller accessories.



Chunky_Droid said:

I really don't wanna know what ulterior motives people would have for the inflatable horse attachment



bro2dragons said:

am i the only one who thinks this is awesome?!?!
cricket chirps...
i swear, when Zelda Wii comes out, i'm playing it with this thing!



b_willers said:

I want a new Mario Party, with a Wii remote inside a big fluffy dice controler which tells the game what number was rolled when thrown!



RevolverLink said:

I'm a passionate NFL fan to an unhealthy degree (Let's Go Buffalo!... sigh), but this is one of the most awesomely lame things I've seen in a good while!

Also, that faux pigskin looks a little too small for even my lady-like hands!



ToastyYogurt said:

Uh, don't you need a nunchuck to play football games? And if you just use the Wiimote DPad, it would be hard to move and go through the motions at the same time. In Wii Play's "Tanks!", I always go for using the nuchuck rather than the Wiimote to move because it's hard to point with something and push a button in different directions, especially when you have to point the thing in different places.

@lanafire: Wow, I didn't realize that the first time I watched this thing, but when you pointed it out I went back to that part and realized it DID sound like something for Bill and Ted's. PARTY ON, DUDES!



Egg_miester said:

ack american football what utter disgust i feel like the company behind tis madness should be skinned alive



MarkyVigoroth said:

RadioShadow-san: You probably already know this, but "Football" is Rugby in the United States (and I supposes that the same term is applied to "Soccer" in the United Kingdom).



AVahne said:

thought that Nintendo would be the one to make this...wait isn't this patented by Nintendo?
wonder who will make the horse riding peripheral, Nintendo or a 3rd party



JebbyDeringer said:

I know a's just a piece of plastic that attaches to the wiimote. These "accessories" are all going to go straight into the dump so stop making them.



Bobpie said:

RadioShadow-san: You probably already know this, but "Football" is Rugby in the United States (and I supposes that the same term is applied to "Soccer" in the United Kingdom).

American Football (Oval Ball) is different to Rugby (Oval Ball) which is different to Football/Soccer (Round Ball).



Token_Girl said:

^^Exactly. We call Rugby Rugby in the States too. It's just not as popular as in Australia and the UK. (though it's growing, who doesn't like a good bit of violence?)



StarDust4Ever said:

As some of you may recall, Ubisoft invented the racing wheel wayy before Nintendo ever released theirs, however the Nintendo version actually felt solid when you held it, whereas the original Ubisoft wheel was just a piece of junk. One big problem I see with this football design, is you can't hold it like a proper football AND access the buttons at the same time.

@21. b_willers: Actually, if the wiimote was placed inside of giant fuzzy dice to be rolled, this would make cheating extremely easy, as the player could "land" the die on whatever number they wanted.

@16. Chunky Droid: When I first saw the inflatable horse thingy, I laughed my butt off; it looked more like an adult novelty than it did an actual licensed game accessory. But, weirder stuff has come from Japan before.



odd69 said:

I'd rather see a Zelda master sword replica peripheral than a football, hell even a ocarina. You realize how many people would jump on that right? Nintendo should make things like that.



grenworthshero said:

That's DEFINITELY not a rugby ball. Rugby and football are completely different, and I'm with bro2dragons, this does look kind of cool. But I'm not going to waste my money on it.



Sprace_Bot said:

well, it looks to me like a quicky cash grab, it's not like you need it to play the game. well, make your choices wish for all you gamers that actually play sports games.



brandonbwii said:

I seem to remember an article I believe was on this very site where EA was creating a football trainer with the same shell. Is this true? Could someone possibly link me to the article if it was in fact on this site?

EDIT: The story is a rumor so far according to gonintendo, but, yeah there is supposedly an NFL Trainer in the works from EA. Complete with football shell.

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